If you are thinking about going vegan (or if you’re wondering “how can being vegan be healthy for you?”), you really should watch this. Bonny recently uploaded this very informative video with tons of information linked, so you can do your own research! I love that it’s to the point and quite short.

ngl if you’re buying apple products in the year of our lord 2021 then i will laugh because apple are legit shit and you can pick up something better for far cheaper and it won’t break in a year

i had my old PC for 10 years and it can still run and play games even tho it’s massively broken and is ancient in computer ages

my new PC is so much cheaper than the shit apple poops out and it has USB slots

stop buying apple, hun, buy something better and cheaper and then slap an apple sticker on it, i recommend an apple with a worm coming out

sign my change.org petition to officially change the british accent to sound like keanu reeves in dracula (1992)