I joined a thing!

Hey there! I've joined the writers for Not Too Young To - a non-partisan not for profit aimed at increasing youth engagement and participations with politics! Give their instagram a follow so you can learn bite sized chunks about politics and hey, maybe it'll inspire you to run yourself. You're not too young to do so (assuming you're 18 - which is very young compared to most politicians).

Image ID: me, in sunglasses, looking hella rad while there’s a quote next to me that says “I didn’t become interested in politics until my 20s - even though I’d already voted. Then I started to learn more about politics and realised just how important it was to get involved, but also saw that just understanding how the entire system works is a challenge in itself. That’s why I want to contribute.”

Then a further caption:

“David is one of our amazing political writers, based in WA! Other than contributing to NTYT, David also runs an incredible Youtube channel called AusPol Explained which can help you make sense of the mechanics of politics.”