hey so i got an inner lip tattoo today and here's how the experience went: it didn't hurt me at all! one of least painful tattoos i got to be honest, although it was kinda uncomfortable because i had to hold my lip all the time and my hands were slipping because of saliva lmao i paid 35$ plus tip, so i hope it's gonna hold up a lond time. my tattoo artist's inner lip tattoo is almost a year old and hasn't haded almost at all so i think it's gonna be okay at least for some time. my lip was kinda swollen afterwards, but it's because my lips are kinda big so it's more noticeable. it's really dry tho, because i always chew and bite on my lip so it's always moist and now i can't do it so it feels super dry. inner lip tattoos heal very quickly so no special care for them is required, only brushing my teeth with kids' toothpaste. i was scared about eating/drinking/smoking/brushing my teeth after that but my tattoo artist said that it's chill, "it's gonna be healed like... by tomorrow. go eat something because tattoos are stressful" (so i did and i thought it was gonna hurt but it didn't so yasss, win) it's been 6 hours since i got the tattoo and i brushed my teeth without any pain, ate dinner and my lip is not swollen anymore. (why haven't i gotten that earlier. this is such a great tattoo spot)