Happy Full Pink 🌸 Supermoon in Scorpio ✨♏

🌕 I release all obstacles, blockages, and negative attachments that are standing in the way of my true soul's path.

🌕 I release anybody and anything that no longer serves my highest good.

🌕 I release doubt.

🌕 I release fear.

🌕 I release insecurity and anxiety.

🌕 I release all toxic cycles in my relationships.

🌕 I release all false and limiting beliefs.


I always felt like nothing I ever did was what I could do. I wasn't lucky enough to be born in liberation or freeing circumstances. Choice was never in my vocabulary. And I could be angry at the world and my existence. I was. For a long time. But Ive come to understand that people who walk this earth come and go just like seasons do. And then I thought maybe it just isn't my season. Maybe I was made to feel rain. And centuries from now, I might feel the sun and make a memory of pain.



Much of what I've known in life has been misfortune.

I feel broken.

Like not a single thing mattered because I didn't have much to write on paper. It's an empty windowpane with no reflectors.

Behind closed closets, sometimes I hear the breeze sing. I feel an angel's touch reverberate off my skin and I am enraptured with the valley of kings.

But. All that matters, all anyone cares for, are the outlines.

The outlines will cost you but you can survive if you draw them well. If you put all your focus on em. I came to know that it doesn't matter if you breathe beauty and paint peace if you're not a con artist.

Maybe I was too modest.

All my ghosts are infidels, stealing sight and kissing faces. They gloat on my chipped walls and sneer at me, resurrecting the dormant fears, sleeping in my belly...a murdered sea.


The sun sets the sky on fire

As I drive down these ghost roads

And dead beat towns with beat souls

Attachment grows like cooled puddles of wax

And the distance...echoes a sombre depth

It wafts green smoke that smells of decay

Gliding across floorboards and seeping

Beneath your bedroom door

And then you're alone

and hear your heartbeat...sound

Maybe for the first time

And...you wish it never did

You wish it never did


An intuitive seduction,

like an erotic obsession

drenches into the pores of my Being,

sinking with imagined tastes and

illusive, indulgent touch that

makes the hair on my neck perk up.

Somewhere in a deep sea of green

between pine prisms and redwood portals,

the moonlight chases shadows

of pleading angels and

an arsenal of howling corpses,

risen from Virgil's inferno.

Transparent as they are,

their lunacy drifts inside this body,

their screams deafen our supremacy.

And here I stand, inhaling their

movement in stillness, vibrating

constant flux, unseen and living.


Erratic upheaval lingers in a cosmic brew

There's black sketches in my mind lost to you


They pillaged for years and hadn't known

That they fought themselves in lands unknown


Vexed, my feelings crash lightning on this draconian tower

A star peeks at me, the "other," and my unrecognized power


My father met me in a field of corn;

A blue orb glowing, silver lined halo,

protecting me from harm, in the harvest frost.

I sang a melody from the Isle of Innisfree

to the silence...to the lonely souls who passed

and felt all ears listening, with no one around.

Alone with my voice and the cold haze of the sun,

the ocean in my womb stirred,

rising salt beneath glass eyes...

and.. I heard my angels crying, 'I love you'

In a futile attempt,

my fingertips swipe borders between eternity,

the air where your soul graced,

as distant as unknown galaxies and stars.