Day 4 of my productivity streak 

Monday, 15 March

Current time: 10:17 am

Today I set a goal to get as far as possible with my school backlog, because I only registered in March. 

My classes are Pure Math, English Home Language, Afrikaans First Additional Language, Computer tech, Engineering design and Graphics, Business studies and Life Orientation (compulsory). 

I’ve only been able to do Afrikaans, but I wasn’t able to catch up all the way. 

Using the pomodoro technique, and guys. It really works. 

In my 5 minute breaks I stretch and drink some water and walk around the garden to get some fresh air. Also staying hydrated. I did some yoga this morning and then I will again before bed.

I’m starting a detox today. My sugar intake has become really unhealthy. So I’m gonna buy a chai detox tea. I’ll post a picture of the tea I managed to get. Any other cheap recommendations?

Currently listening to: sunsetdreams’ lofi indie rock playlist on YouTube

Current mood: I want to, I can, I will. 

Current time: 10: 25 am

music, music, music!

hey yall,

above is my ‘tumblr’ playlist that i listen to reminisce about the good ole days. 

anywho, please check out my other playlists if you’re into the 2014 indie/alt, bedroom pop, & more!

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I MADE A MUSIC ALBUM! My band GOANA finally dropped it’s first (and sadly last) album! I’m very proud of what we made. It’s been quite the uphill battle since April of 2019, but we finally did it! [I’m on Vocals, btw] So if you’re a fan of handcrafte progrock and Indierock with some slight metal influences and like albums whose tones range from danceable to intense, I’d appreciate it if you’d take the time to check it out Cheers! Listen/purchase: Siberian Elephants by GOANA