Hi Madeleine, nice to meet you! We make chilled indie music and write songs inspired by books. People tell us they like to write/study/relax to our music and I was wondering if you would like to check out some of our songs? It would be cool to know what you think! Hope you're having a good day :) Cheers, Ben


Hi Ben! Thanks for reaching out. I love supporting smaller artists, especially as an aspiring musician myself! I checked out your band and I love your sound and vibe. Your music reminds me of summer afternoons spent in the park with friends. It’s so chilled and relaxing. I really like your song The Ignorant, The Cretin and The Drone! I really look forward to watching your band grow. I hope you’re having a fabulous day! x

Julien Baker // Sprained Ankle 

Wish I could write songs about anything other than death But I can't go to bed without drawing the red, shaving off breaths; Each one so heavy, each one so cumbersome Each one a lead weight hanging between my lungs Spilling my guts, sweat on a microphone, breaking my voice Whenever I'm alone with you, can't talk but "Isn't this weather nice? Are you okay?" Should I go somewhere else and hide my face? A sprinter learning to wait A marathon runner, my ankles are sprained A marathon runner, my ankles are sprained