random dump #1 (long post)

this is just a random idea that came to my mind when i was about to go to bed eue;;

in this little.. plot , mikaela and shinya are related. mika is a vampire while shinya is purely human. the squads doesnt know that they are related and shinya actually harbors feeling towards guren who is obviously oblivious to the males feeling as he was madly and deeply in love with mahiru (ALIVE mahiru) :D this, of course made shinya sad but he still keeps on that smile on his face as if nothing happen

things happen and shinya came back with two little holes at the side of his neck and mika immediately notices the differences in shinya’s behaviour & immediately he brought shinya somewhere private to talk about it. shinya explained that he was bitten during a lone mission to kill vampires when he was caught off guard and was bitten by a noble vampire (in my case i prefer he was bitten by sexy crowley /coughs)

mika being the cute cinnamon roll he is, offered his blood to shinya (oh i like shinya to be mika’s little bro lol XD) but shinya refuse, saying that he will be fine this way. now that shinya being half vampy half human, mika is able to read shinyas real thought and its nothing but sadness and unrequited love towards a certain someone.

things happen bla bla bla until one night shinya couldnt take it anymore when he heard his ex-fiancee and guren are going to get married for reals. and thats when crowley came in ^^; crowley steals crying shinya away from the squad and before mika could stop crowley from taking shinya, crowley would ask something along the lines of , “do you still want to stay here ? where no one need you anymore? where your love wont be returned like how you hope it would be? or..” a smirk came from crowley and he whispers softly into shinya’s ear, “would you like to stay with me and be my cute little obedient pet?”

shinya would look at guren with his sad blue eyes and it hurts that he got no chance to be with him and with a shaky voice he answered, “take me away. i dont belong here anyway.. im just an adoptee..”

and bam i want angst to happen somewhere here XD

then again its just my idea and i havent read the manga and watch the anime for quite a long time ;-; so , sorry for the ooc-ness in the chara ;-; ♥