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Prompt 1 and 41 with Harry Potter?? If I'm im bothering you, then ignore it and I apologise 😖

please Send in more requests I love writing them. Warnings:smut


1. "You're so cute when you're trying not to blush.” 41. "My cock is yours for the taking."


I sat beside Hermione as we listened to Harry ramble on about god knows what, if you couldn’t tell I wasn’t listening, I was to busy staring at him to even notice what he was saying. He is so beautiful, his brown hair and gorgeous eyes, so what I have a crush on him big deal. “What do you think Y/N” he asked looking at me. “ I don’t know...” “you weren’t paying attention were you” Ron said and I shrugged feeling slightly guilty. “What’s going through your head Y/N” Harry asked and I shrugged. “Nothing important” they all nodded and Harry gave me a skeptical look but I just gave him a smile.

Time skip

I sat in the common room reading a book when Ron and Harry walked in. “What if-” Ron was cut off my Harry elbowing him and they both smiled at me and I put my book down. “What’s up” I asked and Ron walked off and Harry came and sat beside me. “H...hey” he said sounding nervous, “hey” I said back with a giggle. “Can you give me some advice about girls” he asked and my heart dropped. “Um yeah...w...what do you want to know” I asked sadly. “How do you ask a girl out” “well you tell her how you feel and ask her it doesn’t have to be much.” He nodded and looked back at me. “Y/N” “yeah Harry” he took a deep breath and sat back. “I love you, like in love with you” he said and I gasped, “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said anything I...” “Harry waite” I grabbed his hand. “I love you too” I said softly and he sat back down. “You do” “yeah.” He cupped my cheeks and brought his lips to mine in a passionate kiss. It was slow and soft as our lips melted together it got rough. My hands in his brown hair as longing for each other filled the kiss. He licked my bottom lip and I opened my mouth allowing his tongue in my mouth and it explored every inch of my mouth. His hands fell to my waist and he pulled me closer to him and I straddled his waist. His hands trailed under my shirt and I pulled back lifting it over my head and throwing it to the side. He looked at me and my cheeks reddened and he chuckled , “your cute when you blush” he said and kissed me again. The kiss continued and we eventually were both bare against each other. He hovered above me and slipped his hand between my legs. “Are you sure” he asked and I nodded “well then, My cock is yours for the taking.” He slipped in and held still to let me adjust. I nodded and he thrusted his hips. I let out a moan at the contact causing him to speed up. He hit a spot and I cried out, “found it” he whispered in my ear and kissed my cheek. He hit it over and over and I felt a knot form in my stomach. “Harry I’m...” “cum on my cock baby” he said and I came undone, he pulled out and came on my stomach and collapsed net to me. He waved his wand cleaning up the mess and putting out clothes back on, he then apperated us to his bedroom where we fell asleep in one another’s arms.

This is SOOO good ❤❤❤ A nice short little story (9k words) wherein Bilbo is hopelessly in love with Thorin but convinced the king has fallen in love with his far handsomer and more talented cousin.

(But, of course, he hasn’t.)

Today, I Saw The Whole World, And It Was Right In Front Of Me - C.H.

Inspired by @ammwritings​ custom moodboard

A/N: So, I was inspired by Anne’s moodboard that she made for me about getting stoned with Calum and listening to records, so I thought I would write a fic about it. As always, let me know what you think and send requests if you have any! I’ll be finishing ships tonight. xx Genre: angst / fluff / smut Type: blurb / imagine / series Warning: heavy mentions of drug use (smoking weed), some sexual content (not sex, but very close) Word Count: 6k (I got so unbelievably carried away. I wish I could say I was sorry. But I’m not.) Taglist: @gigglyirwin@loveroflrh@ammwritings@calumscalmPlaylist: Weed Music

Red eyes watch as she throws her head back, laughing at some meaningless joke thrown around the room. Her laugh echoes with others, bouncing off the painted white walls surrounding them. Her head swims back around when someone elbows her gently and hands her the joint. She smiles, bringing it to her lips and inhaling hard. She feels the toke sit in her mouth before filling her lungs with another breath. She holds it, gently opening her mouth and allowing the smoke to spill out of her mouth. She sits, shivering slightly, focusing on the joint and sparing a glance around the room.

Her friends sit, smiling amongst their newly formed conversations. She watches languidly, lazily repeating her motions a few more times before passing it to the person on her right. She feels her body begin to melt into the sofa underneath her, slowly relaxing. She can feel the way her muscles welcome the plush couch, the black, soft fabric brushing against her bare thighs and warming up her body even farther. Her mind eases into its far corner, letting the high slowly crawl its way into her system.

She hears the end of a conversation before starting a new one with Crystal, sitting to her left. She smiles and asks about her day, listening to the accent drip around her slowly. She watches as her friend talks with her hands, her thick American accent capturing her attention. She listens to the pronunciations and lilts in her tone. She sits and listens and listens.

The anxiety that had made a home in her shoulders slowly rests, her neck tilting to the right and letting out a satisfying crack. She repeats thoughtlessly with the other side, feeling the way that her body is responding to her high. Her toes begin to tingle lightly whilst the warmth bubbling in her chest spreads through her bloodstream, occupying the tips of her fingers and her lower tummy. She still concentrates on her friend, responding only when needed.

She hears the start of a song, another one of her friends, Ashton, connecting his phone to her Bluetooth speaker that had fallen silent a few moments before, letting the song play out. Her focus turns to the music when her friend receives another joint and stops talking. She can feel her head tilting back against the cushion behind her head, resting as her blood pumps at its own pace. She soaks it in.

Her eyes switch between the people in front of her, observing mannerisms in the way they sit and express themselves that she was always aware of when sober, but particularly aware of as she sits high.

“You okay over there?” Ashton asks her and she chuckles at his question.

“I’m fine,” her voice is smooth, low and raspy from the smoke that had been brushing her airways a few moments before then. The friend on her left passes her the joint and she smiles at her with thanks, “Do you guys know how much I smoke?”



(Thin White Lies) - C.H.

A/N: So, this is some therapeutic writing for me. This started as a blurb, and here we are, 1,500 words later. Enjoy. Send in requests if you’d like to or ask for a part two. xx Genre: angst / fluff / smut Type: blurb / imagine / series Warnings: a brief mention of abuse, talk of weed/smoking

He watches with tender eyes as she tucks the edge of paper closest to her around the roach. Her fingers work smoothly, quickly, even with the first joint hanging from her lips. She inhales without using her hands to steady the spliff, blowing the smoke out of her nose and keeping her lips firmly wrapped around the roach. The smell of weed lingers in her senses, tickling her cheeks as the smoke cascades down her face.

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Into The Dark (+^*!)

Full-time college student, Seraphina Sallow, works as a receptionist for world-famous tattoo artist, Calum Hood. Their friendship blossomed when she wrote an article about his tattoo parlour, Fallen Angel Tattoos, for a journalism project at school. Since then, she’s been working as a receptionist at his parlour to put herself through school. As college tuition increases and her social security checks get smaller, she’s beginning to struggle to keep up with her payments. And then, a fallen angel shows up in the parlour, offering her the solution to all of her problems. But, at what cost?

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