Chef (part 3)

a/n:  (it’s been 84 years.gif)  thanks for all the continued support on this fic, it’s so much fun for me to write.

Brittany falls against her chair back, chewing the last bite of the duck and drops her chopsticks like she’s dropping a microphone.  She closes her eyes to savor the last of the savory and citrusy flavors before finally swallowing and rubbing contentedly at her stomach.

“Rachel, don’t let this go to your head or anything, but this was the best god damn dinner you’ve ever dragged me to.  And if you ever need someone to blab to, not that I’ll pay attention, but I volunteer every single damn time if it means we can come eat here.”

Rachel looks so smug and happy bobbing up and down in her chair that she may be in danger of toppling right off.  She rummages drunkenly through a gold star-studded clutch and pulls out her phone, thrusting it under Brittany’s chin.  “Can you repeat what you just said?  I’m going to need that on record.”

Brittany rolls her eyes and chuckles while shoving her hand away.

“I feel like I’m in Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz,” remarks Kurt, still slack-jawed and awestruck.  “Like every meal I’ve had my entire life has been in black and white and then bam, one bite of this food and everything is in vibrant and screaming technicolor.”

“I’m afraid every meal we ever have again will pale in comparison,” adds Blaine, as all four of them turn in synchrony to stare into the kitchen.

“I think a lot will pale in comparison,” Brittany mutters as her gaze falls once again on Chef Santana Lopez who is closely inspecting a dish ready for service.  Santana brushes a stark white napkin along the corner of the plate to wipe an errant sauce or fingerprint before nodding and grabbing the plate herself, bypassing the waitstaff at her beck and call her and brushing them off with a wave of her hand.

Brittany follows her path around the sushi bar and out onto the restaurant floor, her stomach swooping when Santana turns once again in their direction and her eyes immediately find Brittany.  A wide and beautiful dimpled smile blooms across her face and Brittany’s breath hitches.  She is so gorgeous.