Anonymous asked:

How would ROs react if they would be in a not too serious argument and the MC would suddenly start singing some bad old popular song and replace some lyrics to fit the argument?

Imagining this scenario in general is hilarious, haha, thank you for the ask!

Eddie: They bite their lip, trying to hold back their smile, but it doesn't last long and they burst into laughter. "You goof... I love you." They already forgot what you were arguing about the moment you started singing.

Gil: He grins before singing back, dueting you passionately and with dramatic flair, changing the lyrics as he goes to counter your argument.

Ernestine: Oh it's on. She also sings back, but make no mistake - this is a competition, not just a fun and silly duet. As she sings back with the most terribly-written lyrics you've ever heard, she throws in complex runs and high notes, flexing her vocal ability. If you matched her energy, she'd love it, even if your singing sucked.

Otto: She watches you with an amused smile, waiting until you finish to applaud. She even throws a 'Woo!' in there for good measure. She could then end you and win the argument with one concise statement. Well, she could, but... that was cute so you win this time.

Lemon Sorbet: You already know he would find this endearing. As you sing, he'd go into a slight daze for a moment, just admiring how lovely you are. Then, if you usually like hugs, he'd just embrace you right then and there in the middle of your song, more than happy to be ending the argument.