Cas appearing out of nowhere and hugging Dean, nosing at his ear before kissing his neck and then he just leaves the room again, letting Dean do whatever he was doing and leaving a smiling and extra happy Dean behind.

I just really want Geralt to be extremely soft with Jaskier, but very much in a Geralt way, and Jaskier has no idea because he doesn’t know what Geralt is like with people when Jaskier isn’t there! He assumes every story is massively exaggerated! Like oooh that witcher, he’s a fearsome force of nature, he’s got a good heart but he’s still so terrifying, oooh, and then one day some reckless kid comes up to him like Mr Bard, Mr Bard, how did you manage to tame a witcher??

Jaskier, who is sat in Geralt’s lap, wearing his shirt and playing with his hair and yet somehow completely oblivious: what do you mean, he yelled at me scarcely three days ago?

Geralt, who is surprisingly not completely oblivious: because you weren’t looking where you were going and nearly walked off a cliff