*Unbizarres your Jojo’s adventures*  There you go! Cursed screenshot edits, in continuation of these previous ones.

  • Rohan “Overly formal engineer” Kishibe
  • Okuyasu “Secondary class clown” Nijimura
  • Jotaro “I gave up on fashion when I started my thesis and my depression” Kujo

April 1, 2021 - Supernatural trends after destiel goes canon again as the leaked 15x20 script reveals a deancas kiss scene.*

*(Sorry, I was joking because it's April fools and I'm that unfunny).

The real reason for Supernatural trending is much less heart-attack-inducing, however some might disagree seeing their notes today. It's mainly caused by yesterday's events - Jensen's new role as Batman, the leaked scripts (and their authenticity still being questioned), and Misha's tweets. In addition, part of the fandom had decided to bring back the Mishapocalypse on Tumblr using yet another picture of Misha Collins. Fans have mixed feelings about it. The evolution of the pictures is as shown below, starting from the original picture used in 2013, then 2020, and now.

A few hours ago Misha replied to a Tweet referring to Mishapocalypse, now deleted [x]. It showed the picture used in 2013 and a screenshot of a Tumblr post saying that Misha hates that photo and asking people not to use it.

If you're planning on celebrating the event - have fun! If you're already dreading it - stay strong!