Thank you to everyone who’s been sending me love, I have suspected appendicitis so this is my current home for the holidays.. going to do everything I can to convince the doctor to send me home today.. I miss my dog and I miss my bed.

So just a heads up tomorrow we’re supposed to be doing riddles again for the advent calendar and I’m going to try my best to do it but I also have two flights tomorrow so y’know, be patient

On a related note, calling all new yorkers! So I’ve got a long layover in NYC tomorrow and as I’m very aware the first snowfall of the season is due in the city tomorrow (typical) so I have a few questions for you:

  • anyone know the chances it’s going to mess with my flight? when it snows in the uk loads of flights tend to get cancelled so if you think that might happen let me know so I can mentally prepare myself
  • also is it likely to mess up the subway? I’m going to be getting the E into manhattan from JFK and it’s not due to be down for maintenance or anything but again, at home when it snows trains tend to get cancelled and I don’t want to venture into manhattan only to be unable to get back and miss my flight
  • any recommendations for where to go in the snow? I’ll only have about 3 hours to wander round so I was thinking central park but any other suggestions would be fab