HI ALL I am going to be on Team Kanaya<>Karkat for HSWC 2014 with my friend the esteemed tumblr user lausagi! If you are unsure what team to join, or you love Karkat and Kanaya and want to see them fuck some shIT UP, I would strongly encourage you to join us!!! >8) i have ideas and enthusiasm and it's gonna be awesome.

sign ups are open and continue until May! we should have a skype group soon, send one of us an ask if you want to join. I participated in HSWC last year and had an absolute blast, and also have a good idea of how the event will go. So if you've got any questions, please feel free to ask me!

The announcement tumblr where you can learn about the event or contact the mods is http://hswc-announce.tumblr.com/, and they've got info on the competition and links to the rules and whatnot on dreamwidth.

If you're interested in HSWC but would like to be on a different team, check out the hswc-team-ads tumblr too! there are some great teams that are looking for members over there.

Happy HSWC, everyone!!

Join Team Cronus<3Kankri

Hi shippers!! Team Cronus<3Kankri has six members so far, but it would be super awesome fun times if we had the full 13! So I'm Making this promotional post!

Reasons why you should join this team!

- They're perfect for each other in more ways than one!

-They're both the loneliest of the dancestors out there. They can comfort each other and keep each other company. They don't need the haters!

-Kankri's super high-strung and kind of (really) a prick. Cronus is really loose and go with the flow. THEY COULD BALANCE EACH OTHER OUT!

-Cronus can show Kankri how to lighten up and live a little while Kankri can teach him to focus, be courteous, and more conscientious of his words on people.

-It can be either really sweet or really tragic. I mean, think about it. Cronus has his otherkin complex and Kankri could be really sensitive about it. SAD-CUDDLES ENSUE! Or it could be all about Cronus teaching Kankri how social interaction works with dating and all that.

-50stuck anyone?? Cronus IS your quintessential greaser.

-It could also be really messed up, if you're into that. Look no further than Gaysuk's tumblr for that angle to it.

-According to this one astrology website I looked up, Cancers and Aquariuses work really well with one another and have really hot sex.

In short, this is a really awesome ship that is multifaceted and just makes your heart swell while simultaneously pulling at your heartstrings. Lets make this team great! So join Team Cronus<3Kankri!!


Do you love Homestuck? Do you want to support your fandom? Do you think you'll have free time summer 2015? Do you have experience in any sort of leadership position (either online/in a fandom or offline)?

If the answer to these questions was “Yes!”, then we’d love to have you on the HSWC 2015 mod team! 

We know it's a bit early, but without mods we won't be able to run the HSWC in 2015. We're thinking of implementing a lot of changes and we'd like to start talking to new mods early to get their input and ideas. We have a lot of infrastructure in place that will help you do your job, and it's actually a pretty fun event to run. We need you!

HSWC Mods are most directly responsible for tabulating their liaison teams’ round points, as well as staying in touch with their teams when they need help.  More generally, all the mods also work together to keep an eye on things, help establish HSWC rules and protocol, and sort out misunderstandings.  The workload is generally about two-four hours a week.

If you’re interested, please click the “Read More” to learn how to apply!