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Clothes: Build a Basic Wardrobe

Job interviews, errands, and family events are just some examples of times you may have to make an effort on what you wear. There’s a ton of resources on this everywhere on the internet, but here’s my take on it (every wardrobe looks different, this is one that can be built off of or changed to your liking). T-shirts, jeans, sweaters, jackets are all examples of basics/staples of your wardrobe. T-shirts should generally be neutral tones such as white, black, grey, or navy blue. I like boxy fit t-shirts just because they are more fun to layer and style, but shop whatever fit you like (but maybe avoid baggy fits). For interviews, buy one or two regular fit long sleeve button ups in a white color.

Try shopping for jeans in a dark wash or in a black color. No one will be able to tell you wear the same jeans everyday if they are dark and don’t have a lot of details. I recommend the athletic fit jeans because they provide a lot of room around your butt and crotch while tapering down your calf and ankle for that “slim” or “skinny” vibe. (Do yourself a favor and purchase a pair of sweat pants, joggers, or comfy shorts for around the house, and also a pair of dark chinos or dress pants for interviews.)

Sweaters are nice because you can get them in a baggier fit and they still look nice. Try sticking to grey and navy blue shades, and avoid patterns. Your outerwear right now might look like a hodgepodge of thick sweatshirts and various jackets or felt coats thrifted or gifted to you over the years. At least that’s what mine looked like straight of high school. When shopping for a coat you want to spend a good amount of money and look for versatility. Is it water, weather, and cold proof? Jackets look great in black, browns, and navy blue. (noticing a pattern yet?) Lastly I’ll talk about shoes and accessories. Own one pair of sneakers, black shoes, and boots. Sneakers are good for errands and everyday wear. Black shoes are good to style with any outfit. Boots are nice to style and, if you buy ones functional for terrain, good for hiking. Accessories can be a challenge (at least for me) but my try and trues are my plain brown belt, my plain silver watch, and my black cross body bag. I realize this wardrobe guide is very “blue, black, brown, white” but that’s honestly what makes a good foundation for a timeless wardrobe. From that you can add in patterned pieces, like stripes, or statement colors like pink, or orange. Also depending on your climate you might not need a jacket, or if you aren’t a bag guy you might just invest in a bigger wallet. I hope this small guide helps you prepare for your day to day life. 


[Art by Me] Smaller post today and it’s about laundry. There will come a time when you want to get rid of some of your clothes and elevate your style. Do yourself a favor and keep one old pair of underwear, socks, pants, shirt, and a hoodie. Hide these and never wear them, but keep them! One day laundry day will come late and it’s gonna be real awkward signing for your mail in pajama booty shorts and a crop top... (It was for me anyways..)


Tips for New Adults Part 2 | Part 1

  • It’s okay to use public transport your whole life. You’re not less of an adult because you don’t have a license
  • Invest in a vacuum sealer, you’ll waste less food and be able to buy more things in bulk
  • You’ll feel like you’re constantly doing laundry. Trust me on this, fold and put away after every load. You thought you were feeling low now, wait until you have a months worth of floordrobe and can’t find any clean underwear
  • Buy. Original. Art. Don’t spend eighty bucks on that mass produced Ikea print, spend seventy bucks at a local art market and the other ten at Ikea getting a frame
  • You don’t need to clean your windows nobody gives a shit if they’re dirty. Do it once a year and leave it at that.
  • The best way to make your whole house feel clean quickly is to give it a vacuum. Oh, and invest in a good vacuum with a power head (rotating brush), particularly if you have a dust allergy. There are heaps of good brands for low prices, don’t let the brand names get you!
  • Before you bust out your seasonal blankets and bedding, wash them first. Those things are dusty AF after six months under your bed
  • Wash your pillows at least twice a year, your face is on them for eight hours a day those things get naaasty
  • Vented dryers are better than using drying racks. When you dry something on a drying rack all that moisture goes into the air in your home and contributes to condensation. It also makes your home harder to heat. You’re better spending 50c on a load of drying than taking up half your living room with a drying rack and getting sick all the time.
  • If your home is damp and you’re not in a position to rectify the problem or to move, then get a cheap dehumidifier. It will change your life.
  • Please, please PLEASE air your house out at least once a week unless its completely unbearable to do so. Open all the windows and doors and let the air through
  • Tell your neighbours if you’re having a party. Invite them if it’s appropriate. They’re less likely to call noise control on you and there’s nothing worse than petty neighbourhood disputes that make you feel like you can’t play music at 2 in the afternoon
  • Buy some basic hand and power tools - Hammer, screwdriver set + ratchet screwdriver, impact driver, powerdrill, and a hand saw you never know when you’ll need them, and lending them to people is a great way to gain a favour
  • You only need two pots - a skillet deep enough to double as a simmering pan, and a big (and I mean BIG) pot to cook things like pasta and stocks in. Don’t fuck about with those five pan sets, you’ll only ever use one or two of them. Spend the same amount of money on two good pans that you’ll actually use
  • Food tastes better with good cutlery. Go to the thrift stores and buy some nice silverware
  • If you live with other people, you all have to do your fair share of the household chores, even if you work more than the others. Don’t be surprised if your flatmates resent you after six months of not cleaning the bathroom.
  • Wash your sheets once a week, once a fortnight at the bare minimum.
  • In the winter, close your curtains as soon as the sun goes down. This will help trap the heat inside for a bit longer
  • Unless you’re actively doing something, overhead lighting sucks. Get some good lamps and soak up that ambiance. While you’re at it, switch to LEDs for all your lighting. If you’re on a budget replace one a week until you’ve done your whole home

This is the Truth. Investing in your kitchen and master bath and/or main bathroom will help you add value to your home and will provide the best resale value.

How to Decide If a Roof Restoration Is Right for Your Home
Replacing or restoring your roof is something every homeowner has to do from time to time. If you decide to do it too early, though, you could be spending money you don't have in replacing a roof that still has some life left in it. Here are four of the best ways to decide if a new roof is the
How to Decide If a Roof Restoration Is Right for Your Home
Replacing or restoring your roof is something every homeowner has to do from time to time. If you decide to do it too early, though, you could be spending money you don't have in replacing a roof that still has some life left in it. Here are four of the best ways to decide if a new roof is the

Baking Soda Benefits for Health and Household — Blessings by Me

Baking soda is not just for cooking! It also has a ton of benefits for both health and household. Read on to learn about the many baking soda benefits. 15 more words via Baking Soda Benefits for Health and Household — Blessings by Me   Michelle of “Blessings By Me” blog is a long time follower of my blog, and this is one of her most popular posts. Well worth a visit. Good luck with your blog Michelle Cheers Don


"Makes many wood based pieces of Ikea furniture ROCK SOLID. Trofast (kids wood storage with sliding plastic trays) for instances becomes solid enough to destroy walls and floors with. Billy actually becomes something that you can move around a few times (mine have moved 3 times and are still very very strong - compare to Billy horror stories out there). Beware of complex pieces though, as once set, it doesn't forgive. I backed off of gluing my child's changing table. Good idea because at some point I had to back out 7-8 steps and glue would have killed it."


How To Prevent Home Repair Scams and Disputes

Spring is prime time for home repairs – and that makes it prime time   for outright scams or frustrating disputes. You can take action to avoid  both problems. Home repair scams by traveling con-artists work like this: Con-artists stop at your door, give you a hard sell, and   offer sensational low prices. It might be for roofing or painting, tree-trimming,  or asphalting your driveway with material supposedly “left over” from a  job nearby. The con-artists insist that you pay in advance – but they  do little or no work and never return. Remember, legitimate contractors  very rarely solicit door-to-door. Be skeptical. The main rules are to  check out a contractor, and never pay large sums in advance to a  contractor you don’t know. Help older neighbors who might be pressured  or intimidated into paying traveling con-artists. A few  ‘bad-apple’ local contractors also take large advance payments but fail  to do the work, or do just part of a job or very shoddy work. This is  hard to prove as fraud, but it’s costly and frustrating. Follow these  tips to protect yourself when you hire a contractor: Beware of  high-pressure sales tactics such as “today-only” discounts, offers to  use your home as a “display home” for replacement siding or windows, and  “lifetime warranty” offers that only last for the life of the company.  Always get several written estimates – shop around for the best deal  before making such a large investment. Check out a contractor  before you sign a contract or pay any money. Request local references –  and check them out. Contact the Attorney General’s Office to see if it  has complaints or contact the Better Business Bureau. You can also  contact your county clerk of court and ask how to check if a contractor  has been sued by unsatisfied customers.


How To Prepare Your Home For Spring Time

With spring just a month away, it’s time to prepare our home for the warm wind, high pollen count, pet hair shedding, and possible rain and storm that comes with the season.

Spring is also the season for “spring cleaning” when many give their home a deep clean after the cold winter season. The transition from winter to spring can often be overwhelming, with lots of preparations to be undertaken before the spring season fully rolls in. To help you smoothly transition your home for the spring season, here are some things small tasks you can start doing now.

Declutter your home

As spring time approaches, now is a good time to start decluttering.  Even if you regularly clean your home, there are bound to be things you accumulated from last year that you might decide to discard now. It could be an old make-up that you bought but didn’t enjoy using or a pillow that’s been torn apart by your pet.

Decluttering will help make more space in your home for new things to come this year. Some studies also show that decluttering will help you concentrate and focus better. In addition to decluttering, using a vacuum and steam mop to clean your floors will ensure that your floors are sanitized and dirt-free.

Prepare for strong winds

Spring is usually the start of storm season for some areas in the United States, with torrential rains and strong winds often making occasional visits across the Midwest and south. If you live along these areas, it would be wise to prepare your home before the storms arrive.

Adding storm shutters to your windows and checking the braces of your roof will ensure that you’ll somehow be protected from high winds in case they come knocking. It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all.

Prepare the humidifier

Spring time weather can be very unpredictable: sometimes it’s really wet and humid, and another time it’s dry and sunny. This two extremes can be troubling for people with allergies or sensitive skin, making it hard to manage symptoms and irritations.

One solution to this problem is to have a humidifier at home to regulate the humidity inside your home when the air is dry. Dry air leads to discomfort and chapped lips, and having a humidifier around can help keep the air humid to avoid these. When the air is full of humidity, turning up the air-conditioning will help reduce the humidity and moisture.

Prepare your home for pet shedding

If you have a dog with a huge coat of hair during the winter, you’re most likely going to face a shedding problem when spring time comes.

Many dogs have seasonal coats that thicken during the winter and shed during springtime when the weather starts getting warm. This natural cycle often becomes increasingly irritating since the shedding is much more excessive than usual and can get on all the furniture and even your clothes.

Preparing your home for this bothersome event can help ease the troubles you’ll go through when your canine best friend starts shedding. Invest on good pet combs and a pet brush attachment for your vacuum cleaner to help you clean up the mess.


Strategies To Help You On Your Quest To Finding Good Investment Property

Practically everyone will buy at least one piece of investment property once in their lives. Always know important details to avoid being scammed. This is where you really want to invest time and research on how real estate buying works.

The following techniques can help you to get a great deal on your real estate purchase and avoid scams.

1. It’s important to discover what the closing costs will probably be when you purchase your house. Ensure to scope out how much you’ll pay in advance to sell your investment property. They include title and settlement fees, taxes and origination fees charged by the loan company. Check out an annual closing cost survey for properties in your location to get an idea of what the average is.

2. An investment property appraisal will probably be required by the loan company. That’s because that’s how the bank determines the true value of the property. You should also hire a property inspector before purchasing. This report will focus on repairs, potential costs and issues you may have as the homeowner so you are informed before purchasing the property.

3. If you make an investment property purchase based purely on emotion, it may break your heart in the future. Just because you may fall in love with a certain property may mean that you’re making a horrible financial decision, so it’s necessary to not just jump right into anything. Know the difference between your emotions and instincts....


Decoration with color

Choose the color of the furniture should be the furniture color’s hue, lightness, and kitchen furniture, the environment, the use of object families population, members of the structure, and cultural qualities, and so few to consider. The furniture color hue and lightness can influence appetite and mood, object and therefore should be carefully selected furniture color.The following summarizes the furniture colors principle:

Can achieve vibrant red, which is why the subject the room more vibrant necessary to select the red reasons. Easy together with with red color pale, black and white with matching but exceptionally brilliant.

Brown is the original color of the timber and land, it makes people feel safe, friendly, able to achieve a comfortable, moderate effect. Room stocked with brown furniture makes it easier to appreciate the genuineness of the feeling of home. The ideal color brown or floor because brown people feel smooth.

Gray is black and white mixed color, the use of gray tone is determined by its emphasis on more emphasis on some or black is white. Gray not easy integration of its own characteristics, and the surrounding environment.

Green is the quiet colors, especially suitable for the bedroom; quietest pure green, light blue, green cold, but very fresh.

Purple is the excessive color, wherein that covering the opposing sides, because it is representative of a mixture of active and passive red blue color. The purple expressed internal calm and unbalanced, it is both mysterious and fascinating features.



Weird looking ceiling is caused by water leaks.  To repair, you will need:

  1. Sturdily put the ladder up under the ceiling spot and have the children hold it while you climb up it.  Once at the top, tell them to keep holding the ladder until you are done, and thank them if you feel like it.*Note: Do not take the magazines up the ladder with you.  This will be explained later on.
  2. Have the children give you the magazines.

10 Tips to help keep your home safe from burglary

With Labour weekend fast approaching, now is a great time to start planning for it. If you’re thinking of going away for the long-weekend, here are some tips on how you can help keep your home safe from burglaries. 

  1. Install sensor lights.  Thieves are less likely to choose your house if you’ve got sensor lights installed around the property as it makes it more likely that someone will spot them and call the police.
  2. Keep expensive items out of sight.  When you’re heading out for the day or evening, have a quick look around to see if any valuables are visible from windows or doors. If they are, move them out of sight so it’s not such a welcome view for those pesky thieves.
  3. Invest in a safe.  Have expensive jewelry or other valuables? The best way to make sure they’re protected when you’re not home is to keep them locked in a fixed safe. Here are four things to remember when you're home safe shopping. 
  4. Don’t hide spare keys outside – even if you think you’ve got a pretty good hiding spot!  Even though it can be convenient to hide a spare key outside in case you ever get locked out, think again. It just makes it easier for thieves to get into your house. Give one to a trusted neighbor or friend for safe-keeping. Or you can purchase a Yale Smart Lock which is compatible with your More-pork system. This means you can lock and unlock your door straight from your More-pork app and web portal. Find out more about the smart lock here.
  5. Invest in automatic light timers.  When you’re away you can set your lights to turn on / off automatically to make it look like someone’s at home.  If burglars think you’re home, they’re less likely to come and have a nosey.
  6. Close and lock all windows when you’re leaving – even on 2nd / 3rd stories.  It’s nice to get fresh air throughout the house if you’re out all day, especially in the warmer months, but it does make it a lot easier for thieves to get in.
  7. Use a wooden rod in the track of sliding doors.  This will help prevent them from sliding right open if someone was able to jimmy the lock open.
  8. Get to know your neighbors.  If you’re away for long periods, ask them to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. You could even set up or join a neighborhood watch group to help keep everyone safe – sign up to Neighborly to get updates from your community.
  9. Keep trees and shrubs trimmed.  Trees and shrubs give thieves places to hide, get them trimmed on the regular so there’s nowhere to hide.
  10. Consider investing in smart security - insure your home with AMI and you’ll get the first 6 months of your 12-month More-pork Home Security plan free. Plus you’ll get a free More-pork home security Starter Kit and smoke alarm worth $628.

Free of charge Home Decorating Ideas

Everyone appreciates home decorating suggestions when planning to create enhancements to their home. You may have visions of your own about how your brand-new house décor would look yet it’s always nice to be able to have an alternative strategy. There’s definitely home beautifying ideas which you haven’t discovered. There are constantly adjustments being made regarding developments in home decorating. Looking at out new home decorating ideas may give birth to a new house decorating arrange for your room. Being able to find home decorating ideas is a treat but having access to free decorating ideas is a real gift. Very good news, there are usually free home decorating suggestions available to you. Often when you get the magazine, perhaps while waiting at the doctor’s workplace, something in the home decorating section catches your own eye. Relaying tips and techniques for home improvements, this magazine is providing you free home decorating ideas. Another great way to obtain information regarding home decorating scheme and decorating is a catalog from major shops for example Sears, Zellers or Ikea. Advertising their goods, they use illustrations associated with fully decorated rooms. Surfing around catalogs such as these you’ll find many free decorating ideas. 


My tutorial for how to clean your favorite mugs from those coffee/tea rings that won't come off.

Step 1: pour some vinegar into the cup

Step 2: pour HOT water into the mug

Step 3: let sit until water has cooled to a safe temperature that you can touch it but it still warm (the stains should have started to lift by this point)

Step 4: clean with kitchen rag/sponge

Step 5: Tada! Your mug should be stain free

Bonus tip, vinegar is great for cleaning literally and metaphysically. You can ask the water and vinegar to remove lingering stale energy.


More On The Best Interior Design Singapore

If you are looking for the best interior design singapore, there are loads of options, available here. From retro to contemporary, you have various results, near your hand.

Designing a house can prove to be a daunting task and you need to take help of professionals, before a final say. After you have visited your friend’s house, and was quite mesmerized with the designs, you might think of changing the design, too. With the advance of modern technologies, you are about to come in touch with various types of designs. Thus, you do not have to follow your friend’s footstep, and go for the same décor. You never know, but you might end up with a design, which is even more beautiful than the one you saw, over there.