Hermione Granger is Black, always?

So, Hermione Granger is black, and, maybe she was always supposed to be, that's what JK Rowling says.

Cool things happen to those who wanna make some money, I guess. Personally, as a puritan of the books who hates the films, I'm good with that for a number of reasons, even if it is a gimmick just so the theatrical play will have the sjw and the general minorities seal of approval. It wouldn’t be the first time JK does this anyway.

Just a few years back she did came out and pronounce that Albus Dumbledore is a homosexual, but did so outside the main material, just so she would only later incorporate it as a faint hint in the books that played little to no role on his actions and choices, or his personality.

 JK seems to be treating her Material more like an advertising campaign than an actual mythos, especially now that it seems to slowly but surely fading off as a source of great wealth. But, it is hers to do with as she pleases after all, so, who’s to say to her how it should be?

I just hope that Hermione was black back when I first reading the books, but, I guess JK Rowling was to scared of something as simple. She had to make money in any way... Which sounds stupid, but it is what it was.