my witchcraft practice as a disabled witch:

  • talking to my plants and telling them how much i love them
  • kissing my crystals to charge them
  • drawing little doodles as sigils and charging them with intent
  • stirring my tea/coffee with the intent for a productive and happy day
  • grounding myself by going outside barefoot and feeling the earth beneath my toes, imagining roots coming down from my body and flowers sprouting from my head
  • charming my jewelry and skin care products
  • letting myself eat knowing that i’m nourishing my body
  • playing my favorite songs to cleanse my room of negative energy
  • putting rose quartz and amethyst in my water bottle to help cope with depression/anxiety/chronic illness
  • giving people compliments and appreciating the beauty of life

witchcraft doesn’t have to be elaborate rituals and spells everyday. you are in charge of your practice. it can be anything you want it to be. to me, that’s what makes witchcraft so beautiful.

Arcturian Tricks & Spiritual Practices


The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been witnessing such tremendous growth in those of you there on Earth who are willing to take just a little bit of your time in your day to engage in some sort of spiritual practice. We are talking about yoga, meditation, conscious breathing, and a host of other spiritual practices that you have there on Earth to keep you aligned and in tune with your bodies and your emotions.

One of our favorite spiritual practices when we were in physical form in the Arcturian star system was to count our blessings. We would feel and express genuine, sincere gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness, for everything that we could, and it is a beautiful feeling to have inside of you when you can look around and look for something that is right in your life or something that is right in the world. You automatically raise your vibration, and guess what? When you raise your vibration, you are more open to receiving more of what you will appreciate.

It takes a little bit of effort to do this because you are often striving for something that you don’t have, something that is either just out of reach or feels very far from where you currently are. And so, we invite you to employ this Arcturian trick – appreciate the fact that what you desire but do not have even exists in the first place. The fact that something or someone or some experience exists should bring you joy if it is something that you desire. If it didn’t exist, then you might really have something to grip about.

But everything exists, and everything is a part of you, and that’s the other trick you can employ at any time. Remember that if it is out there in the physical realm, where you can experience it physically, then it is also inside of you. And the best thing that you could do for yourself as a spiritual practice would be to feel around inside of your very own body, because your very own body has so much to show you and to give you.

That is why we will often stress the importance of being grounded in your body. Be grounded in your body so that you can feel what you are feeling and so you can feel for what you want to experience in the physical realm. We guarantee you that if you root around in there long enough, you will find it, and you will feel more whole and complete just as you are. Remember to include yourselves in what you are appreciating, what you are showing gratitude for, because you are infinite and eternal, and you contain everything within you. Therefore, logically, you must be worth appreciating.

Being thankful for your existence also gets you more existence; it causes you to expand, to become more of who you really are as Source Energy Beings. And that is a feeling that we believe everyone needs to be striving for a little bit more. It is the most important thing for you to desire, and we know that after getting everything that you could ever want, and then appreciating it, that would be the only thing left. And so, we recommend you employ a few more of these spiritual practices and approaches to living there on Earth because we know that they are a very well-trodden path to joy.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

this is for the one...

...who you think is the bravest person you've met.

they face several hardships and emotional stress but NOTHING can stop them from moving forward. share this message with them and let them know that you admire them for their resilience.

this is to tell them that their spirit inspires you to keep going, everyday

the baked oats trend is filling me with LIFE and topped with easter chocolate i mean really what more do you want

finished 75hard yesterday woooo so i’m having chocolate all day every day this week lolll

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1. Eat a balanced diet-  Food is essential for your body to have the necessary nutrients to exercise.The diet must be rich in fruits and vegetables (3 to 5 pieces a day) and low in fats of animal origin (whitish substance) and in pastries, sweets, ...

2. Get regular physical activity: Following the recommendations in the frequency of practice.

3. Get enough rest : During rest our body regenerates tissues and organs and promotes growth.

4. Maintain healthy habits : Tobacco, alcohol and other unhealthy habits reduce your physical condition.

5. Take care of your personal hygiene : Shower after exercise, change clothes often. Wash your hands before meals and clean your teeth after eating. This way you will have fewer illnesses.

6. Reduce stress : Try to breathe slowly and deeply to control emotional states, seeking inner peace.

7. Hydration is very important : In this way we maintain a correct functioning of the organs and avoid muscle injuries.Fruit or juice after classes help you recover better after exercise.


If you want to know more about staying healthy,, Click Here

UNUSUAL USES OF LEMON: #findingnaturalcures 1- NATURAL DEODORANT: Cut a lemon into half and rub them under your armpits; the citric acid will kill the bacteria and eliminate sweat odor. 2- MOUTH FRESHENER: Squeeze half lemon into a half full glass of water. Rinse your mouth with this mixture for 5-6 seconds. You can swallow it afterwards. İt will eliminate microbes and get rid of bad breath. 3- TEETH WHITENER: Mix baking soda with lemon juice and apply it on your teeth with q tips. Wait no more than a minute and brush your teeth immediately. Your teeth will whiten and shine. 4- SOFTEN ELBOWS: If you have rough elbows that are darkened, rub lemons to soften and whiten them. 5- NATURAL CLOTH BLEACHER: You want to bleach your white clothes, just put half a lemon juice into the softener section of your washing machine. Your white clothes will be the whitest!

Anonymous asked:


i’ve been having some problems lately. its not too bad but ive been feeling pretty down and unmotivated and i procrastinate alot. i sometimes lose interests in things i usually like. i don’t know if im kinda depressed or no. can you help me please?

hey there love! First of all I want to tell you that I'm no mental health professional. Most of the things I convey are from my personal experience with mental health and a lots of reading about them.

Here you can read about depression symptoms, diagnosis and science if you had been relapsing to this phase from time to time.

Diagnosed/Identified or not, your pain is always valid love. Maybe you can't pinpoint a solid reason behind your feelings, and that's completely okay.

I actually made a post about getting out of a rut which you can read here.

When you feel down and guilty about not being productive, you shouldn't particularly push yourself harder, because procrastination in itself is a symptom of anxiety and dread linked with handling a particular task. Yes self care looks different in different situations. Sometimes it's staying in bed and other times it's pushing yourself to get your work done. Listen to your body at all the times.

Our bodies are effective communicators. If it tells you're tired, demotivated or burnt out, its apparently telling you to wind down a little and take life step by step. If it's signs of grogginess, numb, or insignificance, then maybe it's a sign of switching things up a bit and start taking control of your life.

I know that having a mental illness makes this confusing. Again, if you feel unsure, a diagnosis will be better to know about things.

Focus on getting yourself back, healing your soul. Some ways to do that:

  • watch your comfort movie/series
  • clean a very small space of your room. If even cleaning up your table sounds challenging break down the task even more
  • drink something warm like tea
  • if you haven't showered or weren't the best at hygiene, try to change your clothes, use some dry shampoo, deo and comb your hair with fingers (if you can braid your hair, it'll make the chances of making it dirtier less)
  • take a nap
  • talk to someone (my inbox and messages are always open!!)
  • make a mood board on pinterest. It's could be for your favorite book, band, a dream board, literally anything which gives you a source of comfort

The key is to take care of yourself first and everything else will fall into place. I hope you start feeling like yourself again as soon as possible anon. I am not sure how much helpful this was. Take care love! Drink some water ♡♡

The eyes are the most important part of our body. Imagining life without eyes also causes the soul to tremble. If you have everything but no eyes, then everything is useless. Eyes only enhance the beauty of human beings. Beautiful eyes of the world cannot be seen without eyes. Therefore, it is very important to do eye care.

If you do not take proper eye care, then the eye problem goes on increasing. Because of this, the eyesight of people goes to the eyesight. Eye problems have become extremely common due to lifestyle changes.

Thanks for reading this article 😊.

stay healthy and happy 😊

Many people want to reduce during a short time. If you would like to reduce during a short time, you've got to follow some rules. ranging from eating and drinking, we've to form changes in many areas of life. There are some difficult rules to follow. Effective diet decide to lose five kg weight in three days.He has got to go consistent with plan. the simplest thanks to reduce is to gradually reduce during a healthy way.

1st DAY

The most important is that the first day. Your three day plan depends on today . Eat more fruit on the primary day. you'll eat fruit only you are feeling love it . However, you ought to not eat too many fruits directly . Eating a touch whenever is sweet for the body.Bananas shouldn't be eaten on the primary day of the diet. you'll eat any fruit except banana on the primary day. the upper the quantity of water, the higher the health of the fruit. The stomach is full tons of the time. In addition, you want to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water throughout the day. The stomach should never be left empty during the diet. Whenever you are feeling hungry, eat fruit. An egg, one slice of toast and half a bowl of vegetables for breakfast on the primary day; A coddled egg for lunch; For dinner you'll put half a cup of cucumber or carrot, half the quantity of fruit.

2nd DAY

On the second day put fruits also as vegetables on the food list. it's better to eat less fruit on today . Raw or cooked can you'll eat any vegetable of your choice. Use little or no oil when cooking vegetables. Eating more oil in cooking is more likely to cause weight gain. So you'll eat it half boiled or cooked consistent with your choice without using oil. Vegetables can include carrots, broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, lettuce, beans, etc. However, it is better to not eat potatoes for 3 days of the diet. Potatoes are high in sugar. you'll put a little amount of potatoes on the breakfast list. this may reduce calories and fat won't accumulate in various activities throughout the day. just like the first day, you've got to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water on the second day. One slice of cheese for breakfast on the second day, a little apple; An egg for lunch, a slice of toast; Have a cup of tuna or the other fish and a quantity of vegetables for dinner.

3rd DAY Put vegetables and fruits on the food list even on the Judgment Day of the diet plan. On the Judgment Day you'll eat vegetables and fruits in your stomach. it's better to not eat banana and potato. One slice of cheese, a little apple for breakfast on the last day; An egg for lunch, a slice of toast; Put a cup of tuna or a bit of other fish, vegetables carefully for dinner. At the top of three days, your weight are going to be reduced by a minimum of four to 5 kg, and at an equivalent time, eating vegetables and fruits will bring radiance to your face. By following this diet with the recommendation of nutritionists, you'll easily lose five kilograms of weight in three days. Avoid drinking artificial fruit juices and soft drinks during the diet. it's better to not eat sugar in any food. If you want to know more details, click here

preparing for Ostara  ☼

Ostara is in a month, however this winter has been a tough one so I want to propose a few ideas on how to prepare for it a bit earlier. We’ve all probably been drained of energy and now it’s time to wake up from our winter sleep. As for me, I fell out of track with all the cycles, meaning moon, nature etc. and I feel a strong need to get back. These ideas don’t require anything demanding so it will allow you to awaken and get ready for new beginnings calmly and with almost no effort. 

wake up with the sun. It’s tough for the first 2-3 days. But after that you honestly feel incredibly good. That’s the moment when you yourself are closer to the cycle, greet the sun in the morning and say goodbye in the evening. It’s also not that challenging as the sun wakes up around 6:50 am at this point. When you get into such habit it gets easier during summer when the sun wakes earlier because you’ll be following it for some time. Waking up early = more sun during the day + makes it longer. 

open your windows in the morning. When the sunshine is finally comming back to us and you can smell the amazing air scent specific for this time of the year it can give you a big energy boost since you wake up. If you’re lucky like me, sometimes you can smell your neighbours cooking delicious dinner.

stretch. I do a 5-7 minutes sun awakening and I couldn’t be grateful more for the energy flow that I have during the rest of the day (and actually helping with dealing with stress & day-to-day relations and fastidious humors of other people) and the strenght I built up thanks to practicing it each day in the morning. You can do just one which will take you something about 30 seconds to a minute (so it’s honestly something we can all do regardless of having little time in the morning), I like to do it 12 time, you’ll just feel it.

 observe. While eating breakfast I adore sitting on my table or bed and looking through the window. When the weather is still chilly I grab a blanket and just sit if front of an open window with some tea and food. And observe. Children screaming and laughing, birds singing etc.

notice. This is the moment when the world begins to wake and give birth. Noticing how hedges sprout tiny leaves, how small flowers are beginning to look upon the ground, how grass gets slightly greener is one of the most beautiful things to witness. Don’t miss that miracle. 

So these are my super simple ideas for your mornings. I believe that when you do this with intention it really helps to calm down, take a break even when it seems you don’t have enough time. You can also incorporate some meditation etc. nevertheless I think that doing those simple things is already a form of meditation. That’s why you’ll be able to naturally restore your energy with having almost none to put into at the beginning. 

I wish you all effective healing and getting into place again. May this Ostara bring some beautiful beginnings. With love, Julia ♥