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Hi Sarah! Can I just get some Harry fluff ☹️

Hii babes!! Oh yes of course you can get some Harry fluff!! I don’t know why but when i was writing this little thing, this picture of Harry is what I had in mind if that helps! I hope you enjoy lovey, also this is pure fluff with like no plot!!😊💖

“I’m being serious,” Harry just bit down on his bottom lip in an attempt to hold back a laugh. “I don’t think you understand how important this is to me.” You looked up at Harry as the two of you walked down the street towards your apartment.

“I understand love,” He gave your hand a little squeeze as he adjusted the strap of his crossbody with his free hand. “Ice cream is very serious business.” You rolled your eyes at how sarcastic he sounded making him just chuckle as he dropped your hand so he could place his arm over your shoulders.

“They never have this flavor Harry.” You held up the bag that held three pints of your favorite flavored ice cream. “I had to get it while I could.” Harry just nodded his head as he pulled you close into his side as the two of you were stopped at a crosswalk.

“Still say you should’ve just gotten all they had,” He mentioned as he looked down at you as you wrapped your free arm around his waist. “Since it’s so rare and all.” He gave you a playful wink and a smile as you let out a huff.

“It is rare and that’s why I didn’t want to take it all because what if it’s someone else’s favorite flavor?” You explained as the two of you started walking again. “I would feel bad for taking all of it.” Harry just smiled and nodded.

“You’re so thoughtful love,” He leaned down and placed a kiss to the top of your head as you dug your keys out of your purse. “I love you.” You looked up at Harry and gave him a smile as he leaned down to place a sweet little kiss to your lips.

“I love you too,” Harry just smiled as he lifted his arm from the top of your shoulders and reached for the bag full of your ice cream, you handed it to him so you could unlock your front door. “Now for even more serious business.” You looked over your shoulder at Harry as you placed your purse on the table by the front door. “What movie will we watch while we eat ice cream?” You laughed as Harry locked the front door and took his crossbody off and placed it next to your purse.

“Now that is a serious question.” You teased as Harry placed the bag of ice cream next to his crossbody. You looked up at him as you wrapped your arms loosely around his neck. “I think it’s my turn to pick right?” Harry let out a huff as he wrapped his arms around your neck.

“I do believe you’re correct.” You giggled as a small pout formed on Harry’s face. “You’re going to pick something scary aren’t you?” You got on your tiptoes to place a kiss to Harry’s pouty lips making a small smile form.

“It can’t be a romcom every night Harry.” You answered as you dropped your arms from around him making Harry’s fall from around you as well. You grabbed the bag of ice cream and headed towards your kitchen. “You’ll be fine. I’ll protect you.” Harry just shook his head and laughed as he slipped off his shoes and headed for the living room to get comfortable on the couch. 💖

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Can u do a preference of how they are protective of you pls. I love your work🥺❤️

Celebrity Preferences - Paparazzi Headcannons

I decided to make the preference them protecting you from paparazzi, and just paparazzi in general, hope you don’t mind. Thank you for the request!

Warnings: None

Words: 1.2k

Shawn Mendes:

• Doesn't mind them

• He knows it's part of the job

• Will have a conversation with them

• Only to be polite though

• Isn't rude but would rather just take pictures with the fans

• The two of you normally just walk side by side, smiling contently, but there have been shots of Shawn placing sweet pecks on your forehead

• Shawn has created a question limit

• He will answer 6 questions and then will politely ask them to go

• Hates confrontation so won't get physical even if they get disrespectful with you, unless it's really bad

• He knows it'll just look worse on some headline the next day

• "I'm sorry man, can you just leave us now, please?"

• Overall he's chill with the paparazzi and just does his best to enjoy his time out with you

Jake Gyllenhaal:

• Completely dislikes the paparazzi

• Thinks they're all disrespectful

• Constantly tries to avoid them

• Makes sure to know escape routes in stores and restaurants just in case they find you two

• Ignores them

• Sometimes spits snarky comments at them

• Only if they're bothering you though, other than that he isn't rude, just pays them no mind

• If they so much as step to close to you or say something disrespectful, he's not happy

• "Is there a problem here?"

• Gets in their face

• Has shoved a few away from you before who were getting to close

• Overall Jake is like your own personal body guard when it comes to you and the paparazzi and gets a little grumpy when they interrupt

Benedict Cumberbatch:

• Doesn't like them

• He won't show that though

• Benedict is a private guy

• He's completely polite and will answer some questions

• Messes with them sometimes

• You two have been spotted in disguises

• Or hiding behind objects for fun

• Photographed with his arm around your shoulder

• Kisses on your temple

• Always in deep conversation

• If they get rude Benedict will immediately stop answering questions

• Acts like they aren't there anymore

• "Are you doing okay Darling? They're not bothering you too much, right?"

• He doesn't even entertain the idea of them

• Overall Benedict's main concern is you, and he'll be a professional as long as they don't upset you

Chris Evans:

• Tries to avoid them at all costs

• But isn't rude if he runs into them

• Will talk with them, then try to go on with his day

• Normally seen with him taking Dodger on walks

• Chris lets you hold his leash in case a paparazzi get to close then Dodger will keep you safe

• Dodger has bitten a few of the paparazzo's before

• Chris couldn't hide his smile

• Chris will walk on the side closest to the paparazzi so they aren't in your face

• He came close to a fight when one came a little too close to you

• "Back off man, be respectful, give the lady some room."

• But he didn't, knowing it would upset you, and just make him look bad

• Overall Chris is out to enjoy his day with you so he does his best not letting them get to him

Tom Hiddleston:

• He doesn't have a mean bone in his body

• Thinks they can be invasive but is always kind

• Tries to charm them away by answering some questions and saying a polite goodbye

• Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't

• The two of you are often photographed on walks together

• Or sometimes coming out of restaurants

• Tom loves to take you on dates whenever your schedules allow

• So you'll go out anywhere from the fanciest restaurant in that state, or MacDonald's

• If they get rude Tom will shield you from their view and tell them it's time to go

• He manages to say it polite, but threatening enough they usually get the message

• "Come on mate, I'm asking nicely, I think it's about time you bother someone else."

• People don't know it because he's so kind, but this man has sass, and it sometimes slips when they're bothering you

• Overall Tom enjoys taking you out for cute little dates, like a normal couple, so he doesn't like when paparazzi interrupt but you love him for his kindness, so he's never rude

Timothee Chalamet:

• They stress him out

• He worries they'll disrespect you

• Gets all flustered with them around

• Grabs your hand

• The two of you are normally photographed in soft conversations, with tender touches

• You're probably more protective with the paparazzi than he is to be honest

• He just tries to mind his own business

• But will 100% defend you if he has too

• The two of you have actually been seen by fans running from the paparazzi

• You chose a finish line and race one another, away from them

• Running from them make you two laugh and calms him down from his public eye nerves

"On your mark, get set, go."

• Overall Timothee just tries to avoid them because he'd rather not deal with the stress of it, but even with them around you manage to enjoy yourselves.


• He understands a job is a job

• So he tries to answer their questions and take pictures so they don't hassle him

• If he makes their job easier, he just hopes they don't bother you

• He knows not all of them are completely horrible

• The paparazzi normally catch the two of you with your arms linked, in intense conversation

• Have been caught skipping together, because you two can't help but be silly

• You two have definitely made silly faces at the paparazzi just to mess with them

• The paparazzi can't even get a word in with all the fans that crowd you too

• You don't mind though and try to talk to as many as possible

• Overall the two of you are goofballs, who just want to spend time together and meet the fans, and refuse to let the paparazzi change that

Harry Styles:

• Is fine with them as long as they remain respectful, especially to you

• Polite of course

• Talks to them

• Tries to keep the conversation on them so they don't bother you

• Gets upset if they say anything offensive if disrespectful about your appearance or you in general

• "Come on mate, where are your manners? She's perfect, so back off."

• The two of you are often spotted wearing matching hoodies and always look comfortable together

• Photos just show you're truly the perfect match

• On a few occasions you've also had the same nail polish color

•You two are often seen running normal errands

• Food, clothes, new furniture, etc.

• He's been seen carrying his guitar around, making up songs and serenading you

• Fans think he just wants to embarrass you

• Overall Harry just loves to be around you, he doesn't care what people say or think, he's happy and he won't let anything ruin the rare thing between you two

Tom Holland:

• He honestly gets a little irritated with them

• But he tries to be polite and give them the benefit of the doubt

• After long periods of not seeing each other though, his irritation shines through

• The two of you are normally followed at the park together with Tessa

• You also frequent the pet store

• Tom comes out sad every time you leave with nothing

• But you have a lot of fish at home, that Tom often forgets to feed

• If they get pushy Tom gets annoyed but that's really it

• "Oi mate, chill out, yeah. We're just trying to enjoy ourselves."

• The two of you are just seen having a good time

• Young love

• Always smiling and giggling with each other

• Overall the two of you just enjoy the other's company too much, so not even the paparazzi can truly ruin your mood

My Sunflower

In which harry falls in love with a florist

a/n: hi everyone!! enjoy this cute lil blurb about florist!y/n and dad!harry. this makes me sooo soft!! I just love it. i'm thinking of doing a part two, so let me know what you think. please check out my other blurbs all linked in my masterlist. Also requests are always welcome. enjoy bbys <3

1.5k words

the weekend

Pairing: Harry Styles x Reader
Word Count: 5.3k
Summary: You get a lot more out of a songwriting session with Harry Styles than you ever bargained for.
Warning(s): cheating, explicit language, suggestive comments (nothing super explicit happens though), angst
A/N: this is a submission for nat’s ( @harrystylescherry​ ) song fic challenge!! this is based on “The Weekend” by SZA, so i’d recommend listening to that either before or while reading this so you get the gist of what this is about!!!
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y/n attends a funeral and feels hopeless after losing her best friend until she meets her late bsf's cousin Harry.

a/n: this is for @harrystylescherry​ Playlist Fic Challenge!!! this is inspired by the song Funeral by Phoebe Bridgers. i used the name Phoebe in the story but i wasn't picturing Phoebe Bridgers when I was writing that character, i just liked the name and decided to go with it! but, y'all can picture her however y'all like lol. i went from loving this story to hating it, but i hope y'all like it! any feedback is appreciated!! <3

**despite it being surrounded by depressing matters, it's actually a cute and fluffy story lol! just wanted to point that out because i, myself, kinda avoid reading sad stories

warnings: a LOT of talk about death and dying and funerals, mentions depression/depressive episode?, mentions drugs and alcohol, swearing. i'm ceo of rushing the ending, soz <3 (also, gave up on proofreading lmao)

word count: 8k+ (this is the longest piece i've ever written lol)

Roses and Romeo

Harry and Y/N come back to their hometown after eight years to open up a time capsule they buried ten years ago as high school sophomores. 

Word count: 20,534

A/N: Hello beautiful friends, hope you’ve been well. I’m really excited to share this story. It is a former high school sweethearts to lovers. Thank you to @havethetimeofyourstyles Jill for creating timetravelathon and allowing me to participate. I am very sorry it’s later but I finished!!! I do hope you all love it. 

Also this story is my baby, because i’ve never hit 20k before so this was new and exciting. I just had so many ideas for the story.



It's December, and all that is on her mind is how the grass would look covered in snow. The cold breeze, an extra jacket to stay warm, a blanket to bundle up with her favorite person. Safe to say, she can only imagine it because California, specifically Southern California, isn't so keen on giving her this one gift she asks for each year.

A huge smile spreads over her face as soon as she sees her house up ahead. 

It's not huge, but it is perfect for Y/N. She has the best memories growing up in a house full of love and laughter and the most gorgeous flowers. The iris and tulips bloomed extra bright this year. There is never a day her mom isn't fixing the garden. Her mother always makes sure she has fresh flowers in her room; right now, for the week, she has purple tulips. Also makes a lovely gift to take to her boyfriend. Harry always blushes when she brings him flowers. 

It also gets her extra kisses. 

Harry parks right outside but doesn't rush out to open her door like always, so she turns to look at him. He's tapping his fingers on the steering wheel; she patiently waits for him to speak up. 

She'd wait all day if she could; he has a beautiful face, one that she will never get tired of gazing at. She especially loves that curl that flops down over his forehead; as much as he pushes it away, it bounces back as if he never moved it.

"It's Friday, love." Harry begins, "I think you should consider coming with me to a party."