Eliza grinned mischievously as she crept into Alexander's office. She held in her hand a big mug that was cold to the touch. Alexander had been overworking again, but she knew exactly what to distract him with. 

Alexander didn't notice Eliza enter the room. She walked up behind him and put her free hand on his shoulder. Startled, he flinched and looked up at her. Eliza smiled down at him and handed him the mug. Alexander looked into it and furrowed his brow in confusion. 


"It's your favorite! You've been working so much, you deserve a treat." 

Before Alexander could interject, his stomach cut him off with a loud grumble. Eliza smirked and patted his soft middle. He wore a shirt that had recently grown too small, exposing a small sliver of his pudgy tummy. 

"Come on, even your stomach agrees." 

Alexander sighed and turned around to face her. "Fine, fine. I'll take a break for ice cream." 

She smiled widely and cheered. "Yes! Good boy~" 

His cheeks burned lightly with a soft pink color. He picked up the spoon that was in the mug and took a bite. Eliza took the opportunity to sit on Alex's lap, his thick, cushy thighs the perfect seat. 

He smiled and took another bite of the ice cream. 

"I can't finish it all. You filled the entire mug." 

"I don't expect you to finish it. It is a lot," Eliza replied gently. She smiled to herself and expectantly watched Alexander. She did in fact expect him to finish the whole thing. His appetite had grown recently. 

It was no doubt partly her fault, she had to admit. She's been taking advantage of the fact that she could bribe Alex with sweets. It was a recent discovery of hers, and she was proud of it. There were undoubtedly consequences to her exploits. Alex's waistline suffered because of it, but Eliza didn't mind. He'd never been thin, always a little soft, just the way she liked. This was definitely due to his insatiable sweet tooth. She couldn't believe she hadn't been using it sooner. 

Eliza was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard the mug be set down on his desk. It was completely empty. She smiled gleefully to herself. 

"You always do this," Alexander complained. 

"Only because it works," she patted his cheek. "And you finished it. I didn't make you do that," she teased. 

Alex's face burned a darker color. He put a hand on his stomach and tried to pull his shirt down, but it sprung back up seconds later. His belly had stopped complaining, to his relief. Alex squeezed the bottom part that was peeking out; it was warm and squishy. 

"I'm getting fat." 

"Just a little. But I like it. I think it suits you." 

Alex chuckled and shook his head, "If you say so, Betsy."

"I do, and I'm right!" Eliza got out of his lap and crouched down on the floor in front of him. He gave her a strange look. She smiled and lifted his shirt, exposing his overfed stomach. Before Alexander could respond, she leaned in and blew raspberries into his belly. 

He burst out laughing and leaned back in the chair. "B-betsy!" 

After a few moments Eliza stopped and instead kissed his pudgy tummy. 

"You're so weird," Alex laughed. 

"Oh hush, you like it," she murmured against his skin. She grinned and grabbed his side, squeezing the roll that formed in her hand. Eliza let go and let her eyes wander around Alex's new found softness. She spotted the button on his pants obviously struggling to stay closed.

"We really need to get you some new clothes," she hummed.

"Y-yeah...nothing really fits anymore."

"Well! Let's go then!"


"Yep! Come on, get your cute chubby butt up, we're going shopping!"


I’m so sorry you’re in that situation. Lmk if you ever need to talk about anything 💙 For a prompt, could you write something where Alexander takes care of Philip? Like he’s sick or something idk. I’ve noticed the fandom is lacking a lot of Philip.



Word count: 900

Warnings: None


 Eliza, August 1814

“Oh my word,” Dolley Madison whispered, her weight sliding against Eliza as the wheels of their coach struggled over the muddy, cannon-scarred road. The Capitol building loomed in the distance, glass blown out of the windows and once-white paint now dusty with ash and soot. The second floor appeared to have caved in from the fire, adding to it’s dilapidated, hollow air.

A message appeared to have been scrawled across the building in ash. Eliza squinted, struggling to read it through the fog. “What does that say?”

Dolley appeared to be struggling to read it as well. “I can’t quite make it out.”

Eliza looked over at her traveling companion. She’d grown used to seeing Dolley in bright clothing, all turbans and feathers and glittering jewels, always smiling, always quick with a witty retort. The woman beside her now was entirely changed. Huddled in a plain brown muslin gown, hair lank and face pale, she looked as empty and depleted as the city around them.

When their coach came to an abrupt halt, they both jerked forward in their seats, and Dolley let out a soft sound of alarm. “What is it?”

The coach jostled as their driver dismounted from the front, calling back, “An obstruction in the road, ma’am. Won’t be a moment.”


It's been a few years since John and Alex ended things, but when they meet again at a friend's wedding– for better or worse– those feelings resurface.


Chapter 1 preview:

John feels his heart thrum too loud and fast behind his ribs as he checks the seating chart for a third time– cursing Lafayette and whatever crazy line of thinking possessed him to put himself and Alex at the same table. He knows. He fucking knows their history. Knows that things ended, and maybe they never told him exactly how things ended but still. Then again… looking at the rest of the tables– their occupants written out in neat script– he supposes there aren’t a ton of options available. Theirs is clearly a table made up of Lafayette and Adrienne’s college friends, and they likely didn't want to alienate either of them by shafting them off to some table with Lafayette’s aunt or whoever. Especially since neither of them had brought a plus one– and that makes John wonder because last he was aware Alex was still dating Eliza. 


Read the rest at the link above!


On Alexander, Angelica and Eliza

Heres some long-ass personal interpretation based on the musical that nobody following this blog signed up for lol. Not gonna be touching on history coz i’m no expert and there’re ppl way more qualified for that. and it’s good to keep things separated.

there’re obviously many similarities between the two A’s. Both are witty, outspoken, center of attention, and a bit of a flirt. To me, the most interesting trait shared by both is their awareness: They know exactly where they stand socially, and subsequently, how to play by the rules to climb up. This clear awareness is where I got the idea for the staircase drawings. “i’m a girl in a world in which my only job is to marry rich/ my father has no sons so i’m the one who has to social climb for one” is a demonstration of Angelica’s awareness, just as “As a kid in the Caribbean I wished for a war/ I knew that I was poor/ I knew it was the only way to rise up” shows Alexander’s.

it’s different for Eliza - i know as the show proceeds, she gradually becomes more ambitious and active, but in Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story, what she asks, instead of how to rise up, is: “Have I done enough?” this quiet insistence is why i always see her as someone who does things because she thinks it’s a right thing to do, no matter whether that thing in question would benefit her personally or not. sure, she gives off "cinnamon roll" vibes, but girl’s no less strong or badass than Alexander or Angelica.

More under cut coz I’m incapable of being concise:


This is completely inspired by the @khris-tall 's animatic. It's really beautiful, ah <3 Actually all her animatics are very wonderful, ah.

One day I'd like to make an animatic with her advices x"d Ays.

Now I listen "This One's Mine" more often than "Helpless"(?

And well, I'm very tired (Se me cansó la mano ay Dios) but I really want to express my admiration to this artist.

Her work is amazing :Db