Grocery shopping - I don’t mind grocery shopping, I quite enjoy it sometimes. I know people hate it, and if you live alone, it sucks even more because it’s an extra ‘chore’ (albeit a necessary ‘chore’) that YOU HAVE to do. Here’s a few tips I hope will be useful.

- Eat before you go shopping, do not shop for food whilst hungry.

- Try and go later at night. There tends to be less customers.

- Write a list. Keep a piece of paper in your kitchen to write on when you run out/run low on something, or pop it in your phone. (There are loads of free apps for shopping lists or just use the Notes app already there). Even if you just write on the list “Stuff for dinner” that’s fine. Look around for offers and plan meals accordingly. Don’t beat yourself up about not meal planning. We can’t do everything.

- Bulk buy dry goods, canned foods and freezer foods where possible (Talking about outside of Covid-19 here). Hygiene products (toothpaste, sanitary pads etc.), pasta, soups, jars, sachets, rice. Take advantage of offers. I buy the massive 3kg bag of fusilli pasta from Tesco, which currently retails at £2.85. It lasts me months, perhaps close to a whole year. It literally costs me pennies per serving. I buy 45 x rolls of toilet paper from Amazon at a time.

- Buy frozen fruit & veg. Or, buy fresh, wash, dice/cut/chop then freeze yourself.

- Buy fresh meat, then portion and freeze. I buy big packs of chicken breasts and if I can be bothered I dice the chicken before freezing.

- Invest in decent storage boxes to refrigerate, freeze & store food. You will constantly use, wash and re-use these. I also use Tupperware to store my rice, bulgar wheat, crackers and cake.