⎡ the memories he kept ⎦gojo s. 

summary: in which we talk about how Gojo Satoru messages you and all the things he wanted but could never have.

。·:*:·゚★,。·:*:·゚☆   。·:*:·゚★,。·:*:·゚☆

notable pairing: gojo satoru & reader / gojo satoru & nanami kento ➵ word count: 2.5k words ➵ genre: angst ➵ main ideas: introspection, purple prose, gojo satoru-centric, angst and feels ➵ author’s notes: special thanks to two companions, @ryoskuna​ and @look-at-all-these-imagines​ who accompanied me in my early angst talks in discord and spilled some of their ideas as well. I just carried out the deed for them.  also! content warning: manga spoilers 

tuesday truth

Asking someone to put 2 eye drops, twice a day for a week, in the eyes of a three year old (both of them) is basically on par with the following activities:

• training pigeons to perform scenes from Sixteen Candles • retrieving the Golden Fleece • surviving an alligator’s death roll • juggling hypodermic needles full of infectious bacteria • putting a onesie on a Polar Bear

In related news, Adelaide has pink eye.