My damn phone is broken, currently can’t make digital art anymore

So I go traditional

And accidentally create a new “testing” cover after crop and add texts to the 2nd pic

Caligo Otos (last: Caligo, first: Otos) is my new designed OC, I have him long time ago but didn't designed him.

Yeah but still haven't properly designed him yet

“Caligo" is an English name meaning “darkness", “mist", “mystic", or “black". And “Otos" is Greek meaning “horned owl". Caligo Otos did live to the name and his mascot is a black great horned owl with a actually pair of horns.

According to the history in my Twelve Elements world, the current 2nd Lieutenant in World War 4 now, Otos is the first one to be able to shoot down Grand General Gilivan and survive back in World War 3 when they are still enemies, after that he got the scars on his face. But then in WW4, which happened about 10 years later from WW3, those two became allies and companies in many missions together

And since then they became BFF :))


Lately I’ve been REALLY wanting to work with a great horned owl, like I keep seeing GHOW ambassadors on my social media feeds and I get so like... not sad exactly, and not agitated, maybe wistful? Except in a stronger “I need to be doing THAT” way.

And I don’t think it’s even really about missing Athena. I think it’s about missing training. Right now I’m really only training one bird, and he’s one I’ve worked with for 10 years and even though I am doing some new behaviors with him, it’s all pretty much husbandry and enrichment stuff because he’s now 18 years old and retired. So it’s a very different training experience. And he’s a tiny little barn owl - absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I really miss working with a Big Owl. And I miss the challenge of training new behaviors with a newer bird. I miss having a team of trainers to troubleshoot with, work through problems, develop training plans and discuss behaviors, etc. I miss the intellectual aspect of avian training. I miss the satisfaction of watching a bird learn something new and gain confidence.

I’ve been helping out with other stuff where I’m needed (pandemic has been ROUGH), but it’s very draining, and I really miss being able to do more of the things that actually make me happy. I obviously always enjoy working with the barn owl, but I really miss having a gigantic Bubo on my glove. 💜