I still think that the best character development for Rachel would have been getting Fanny at the end of glee. (Aka my new ending where her last scene ever in glee is the opening night and curtains are about to open.)

Just her, in NYC (whether she gets into NYADA the first time or second) having to face people who are exactly like her in every way, but possibly have more experience and opportunities than she ever did.

A couple of rejections, both hard ones and ones she knew were coming, getting close to a role but not getting it, not being the usual favorite in classes because someone else is, etc.

It would have mirrored how a lot of the GC felt about her in high school, and it would have finally made her realize that always being picked or not really having to fight for things left her unable to actually work really hard for musical/performance related work.

Then, in NYC, she decides to finally learn. She takes the hits, she learns it isn’t personal and keeps growing. She learns how to take criticism and make it work for her, how to pick herself up again after losses and keep trying.

She starts learning that things like extra dance/acting/vocal classes aren’t meant to hurt her but to help her grow, that taking small roles or ensemble roles doesn’t mean she isn’t worth it, that she will always have a “small role” but that small roles are important too, that they help her gain experience and appreciation for the things she tended to neglect others too or not quite appreciate.

Rachel could be really sweet and give good advice, she could be a good shoulder to lean on, and this would have been so great to show off those qualities!

GLEE MEME , eight characters.

kurt hummel what do you think it's like to fly for the first time? i mean, here you are up in this nest, which is the only home you've ever known, and even though your dna and millions of years of evolution are telling you that if you jump, you won't hit the ground like a stone, you can never really know. 

Reminder that loving a character or a ship can be something that’s very personal to people and less to do with the canon of it all.

Same with disliking characters. Sometimes characters will just remind you of that one awful interaction you had with someone, an old friend turned enemy, an embarrassing incident.

Fandom tries to justify every little thing with receipts and canon scenarios, which is fine, as long as you’re not actively harming people who like said character/ship. You’re allowed to dislike something. Just remember there are people behind those simple preferences towards a different ship/character.

I know your instinct is probably to defend your preferred whatever it is. But unless you’re out for an actual discussion and curiosity, consider just not interacting with things you might not like.