Birthday gifts for boyfriend

I found a blog post listing 100 gift ideas for a man and I found it very useful...

1. A car (yes, very good for a man without a license)

23. A card made by children (Yes, it really didn’t specify which children, so...)

27. Money (So personal and romantic yes)

29. A shotgun

34. A riffle

35. Car gear (Oh, yes, when I buy him a car, he needs the gear too)

41. fatigues (yes, I guess you need those after 29 and 34)

73. Koskenkorva (...)

77. A lottery coupon/win (Dear Santa, I want a win)

86. A video projector

94. Erotics (Yes, no better than watching a movie with your new projector)

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Minimalist Gifts For Him

Surprise him with a simple, grand-scale gift that he'll love

Holiday gift giving is all about showing your love for someone, so why not pick a nice, classic item that he'll really appreciate and actually use. Whether you're shopping for the perfect gift for your dad or a special something for your guy, we hand-selected a number of great options for you to choose from. From affordable to luxury items, shop our top minimal picks for him below.