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2020 holiday gifts ideas

1. Book 2. Tennis / squash / badminton/ rackets 3. Sunglasses 4. Vinyl record 5. Tie or bow tie 6. Gift card for Spotify / Netflix / etc 7. Scented candle 8. Cozy pajamas  9. Indoor plant 10. Sheet masks 11. Vase  12. Perfume 13. Coffee  14. Big towel 15. Leather belt 16. Pocket square 17. Laptop case 18. Air Humidifier 19. Daily planner 20. Cufflinks 21. Silver necklace 22. Poker set 23. Headphones 24. Homemade cookies 25. Water bottle 26. Make up: eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, etc 27. Watch 28. Silver tie clip 29. Phone case 30. Mug 31. Suitcase 32. Umbrella 33. A pair of mittens or gloves 34. Winter hat 35. Wall map 36. Subscription for The Economist / The New York Times / Bloomberg / etc 37. Checkers 38. Webcam 39. Pearl necklace 40. Sweater 41. Scarf 42. Chemex 43. Globe 44. Custom monogram ring (make sure you know the right size) 45. Coffee grinder 46. Paperweight 47. Board game 48. Suspenders 49. Manicure kit 50. Bottle of wine

~$5 and Under Gift Ideas (And Places To Find Them)

Since Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Yule and Christmas are coming up, here’s some inspo for small, cheap gifts that are still fun to receive for things like Secret Snowflake/Santa, stocking stuffers, little add-ons, etc. — Feel free to reblog and add your own ideas!!:)

(I’ll probably be making a second post with ideas for quick and easy homemade gifts. Posting some places to find these kinds of things under the cut.)

Storebought Gifts

- Lil pins or iron-on patches

- Scented candle(s)

- Pack o’ gum

- Their fav candy (if you don’t know their preferences/allergies maybe skip this one)

- Snacks (Their fav chips, a funky bottled drink, etc.)

- Cute stickers:•)

- Lil $5 gift card from their favorite cafe

- Jewelry

- Lip balm (normal, unique, 2-pack, fancy, whatever)

- Bath bomb

- Bath salts

- Bottle(s) of essential oil

- Scarf

- Cool book from a Little Free Library

- Nail polish in a unique color, a color you think would suit them, their favorite color, or a color you think would work well with their fashion sense

- Gloves

- A pretty mug

- Travel-size or mini versions of their favorite beauty/self-care products (Body wash, rollerball versions of their favorite perfume, hair products, etc.)

- Cheap(!!) T-shirt

- Fun socks

- Charging cable extensions or other cheap phone accessories

- Fun/cute USB drives

- Poster or print

- Little storage containers/organizational things

- Pretty soap

- Pretty tube of hand lotion

- Goofy lil prank/gag gift (yknow like the kind the sell in those little niche gift stores? that like always seem to have yellow cardboard pacakaging for some reason? yknow where its like. candy that tastes like soap or little fake gum packets that zap ya. you should probably be fairly close to someone if u wanna give them something like this tho) (mostly including this on here in honor of my dad’s family tradition of exchanging gag gifts during hannukah. ex: my goofy great grandfather giving my very prim and proper great grandmother a ‘gas-powered’ electric tooth brush) (...and ya ‘gas’ as in ‘gastrointestinal’) ( it had like a vacuum tube coming out the bottom to ‘attach’ to the ‘power source’ and everything lmao)

- An affordable/cheap lipstick, highlighter, palette, gloss

- Cool temporary tattoos

- Cool old postcards to decorate their walls with (or actually send lol)

- Bandana, scrunchies, barrettes, headband, or other hair accessories

- Pretty, mini notebook or journal

- Stationery/Art supplies (Gel pens, rubber stamp/s, ink pad, stencils, a cute Japanese eraser, etc.)

- A box/tin of their favorite tea🍵

🎀Self-care themed gift ideas!🎀

For many the holidays are coming up! Maybe you’re looking to get your friends or family some self-care typed gifts, or maybe you’re looking to treating yourself!! Either way, the key is to treat them or yourself to something that they might not normally get themselves, but that they’ll definitely enjoy and use for self care. 

Personal Hygiene 🧼

  • Lotions or lip balm
  • Bath bombs or shower fizzers
  • Pedicure set
  • Cleansers for skin, face masks, hair masks etc
  • Nail polish

Stationary/Paper/Art type things 📝

  • Book about self care, or about “self help” or “self improvement” 
  • Journal or planner
  • Wellness journal with prompts and stuff
  • Nice stationary
  • Art with affirming messages on it

Household goods 🏠

  • Diffuser with essential oils
  • Incense or candles
  • Little plants to purify the air
  • Fidget toys or stress relief toys 
  • Soft towels or pillow cases
  • Soft blanket

Food and Drink 🍵

  • Coffee or tea 
  • Candies
  • Reusable Water bottle
  • Honestly any nice ingredient they like that they wouldn’t buy themselves! 

DIY  🎨

  • Spa or pedicure kit
  • Hot cocoa kit
  • Art set/or journaling kit
  • Painting with affirmation on it
  • Self care ideas jar (like adate ideas jar)

Subscriptions 🎀

  • Subscription to a fitness/yoga thing
  • Subscription to meditation
  • Subscription to get personal hygiene products and makeup

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Just in time for the holiday shopping season, some fun new tech products printed with my original designs are now available in my Society6 shop!

They include (clockwise from top left) Apple Watch bands, wallet cases for Apple & Android phones, iPad folio cases, and card cases for Apple and Android phones that feature a cool sliding compartment for stashing credit cards or bills.

As always, thank you for your business and your support!  Stay safe and be well this holiday season.

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