Human powers

A little sleepy dialogue in my head while playing the DmC reboot DLC:

Vergil: "I've been here before. This time it'll be different."

I'm sitting with a coffee drinking, keeping me awake.

Me: "Looking good, blazing. We kicked Hollow Vergils ass, getting you out of the underworld now, just a few more sips. Wait."

Vergil: "Okay. Go ahead on your keyboard."


Frustrated I let Vergil fall off the rocks on the last meters all the time.

Vergil: "What's wrong?!"

Me: "I think I need more power as well..."

Vergil: "Yeah... ?"

Me: "Getting some sleep."

Vergil: "... I see, human regeneration activity. Until morning?"

Me: "Yes. Good night, Verg."

Despite all it was a good day thanks to @shinygible

Mis amores @mi-corazon @c0ltraine @rituals-of-rot and @gh-0-st-ly tagged me for a selfie! Sorry I took a bit!

I'm going through a bit of a rough patch right now, I had to have a meeting that was really stressful in the morning and the panic attacks have been amping quite a bit

But despite all that I had a good day with my best friend, we ordered take out, cleaned her house, got high and played Super Mario Galaxy (it's sooo good omg, it's my first Mario game and I don't suck as much as I was fearing) I love her so much and I'm thankful for the people who are looking after me despite me being very sad and barely useful

Oh and I have some new tunnels and got some boba tea!!! So yeah, despite all, amazing day

Now I'm gonna play portal, thank you very much

This little piggy…is so cute! 🐷 It will be accompanying a Salmon Pink junimo to a new farm/home 😆 Next pic: all the junimos going to new farms this week!

I tried the pig pattern video tutorial you can find by @amiamikancl on YouTube! I love the brown stripey boar, must try it sometime 🐗💕 . . . #crochet #yarnitbunny #stardewvalley #junimoplushie #amigurumi #sgcrafter #sgcrocheter #crochetjunimo #crochetpig #giftideas #etsy #amiamikanclcrochet #kawaii #etsyshop #etsyseller #gamer #gaming


What's better then tiger bacon?!?!

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