Time: Lost track of time, but roughly 6 hours

Materials: Watercolors and ink


The Twilight Forest!! One of my favorite mods >w<

Especially the dungeon system!!! 

I used to play a lot of Yogbox back when it was a big thing, and it had these dungeon like towers. MAN!!! Those were hard to get through, but were really satisfying to complete XD

Too bad Yogbox doesn't work anymore :'3 Maybe because it's a really OLD MODPACK!!! It was one of my most favorite modpacks :'3 

The closest that comes to that is Hexxit, WHICH IS WAY BETTER!! That's were I got introduced to the Twilight forest >w<


Did you know?

Some Canopy trees have crown shyness! and What's that? 

Well... it's when trees are aware that there are other trees around them, so their leaves leave a small space between them when they grow! Now that's what I call courtesy!!!


Not bad for improvised perspective!!! (I didn't have a ruler... so I used my senses to draw the lines ;u; )

I haven't perfected my improvised perspective yet. I have yet to practice more!

What biome / dimension should I draw next?