Golf is a sport that can teach you a lot about things. It teaches patience. It teaches hand eye co-ordination. It teaches you to gauge distances effectively. It teaches you to to think strategically and forces you to think a few steps ahead of where you currently are. With all that in mind, I can show you a trick that will help improve your golf game.

I'ma start smth. It's kinda short but whatever

accoustic or electric // cassette or vynil // pins or patches // leather or denim // boots or converse // smudged or pristine // sharpie or spray paint // stickers or posters // colored hair or natural color // frogs or birds // earbuds or headphones // wall of death or mosh pit // dear maria count me in or check yes juliet // lots of accessories or plain and simple // eyeliner or lipstick // nose piercing or lip piercing // skirts or pants // t-shirts or tank tops // long hair or short hair // guitar or drums