Hi, I'm somewhat of a new follower. I really want to find a website that will pay me for my writing, do you have any recommendations? I found one that I'd heard about through Instagram but I can't remember the name of it. You basically write about whatever you want and then get paid based off of the amount of people who read it.



I think I know the exact Instagram ad you’re talking about and it’s frustrating me because I can’t remember the website now.

This site has a fantastic list of places where you can get paid for articles you’ve written. It’s separated into sections by topic so you can pick things that interest you and find places to pitch. 

Here is a post from this year with 53 websites that will pay you to write. If you have a browse through you should be able to find at least one that takes your fancy.

Similarly, this post has 67 writing jobs you can do from home. See if any of these sound up your street.

If you do a google search for something like “get paid to write what you want” you can find hundreds of these things. I’d recommend doing some research into them before you sign up - see what other writers are saying and make sure its legit first. 

Personally, I use UpWork to earn a lot of my money. It’s a site where employers can post ads for jobs they need doing and you can aply as you see fit. I’ve done all sorts through there - resumes and cover letters for people pay well, but you can also do short stories, ghostwrite novels, try film reviews, anything you want! Apply to the jobs that interest you and if you get chosen, start writing and earn some bucks. I’ve talked in a lot more details about this, how it works, what the pros and cons are before so browse the UpWork tag on my blog to find out more.

Hope this helps!


The Songbirds are all the rage among Eorzea’s young girls and their fathers with questionable motivations, and as the unofficial mascots of the annual Little Ladies’ Day festivities in Ul’dah their legion of fans, the Birdwatchers, are out in full force to try and glimpse their prepubescent songstress idols.

“She’s like thirteen and I have a gun,” one woman was overheard saying to a collection of middle-aged Birdwatchers during the festivities. But is that woman correct? Not about the gun, this reporter saw the weapon. About the Songbirds’ ages.

The Crucible has discovered that the Songbirds, far from being cute, young, well-under-the-age-of-consent-you-sick-freak girls are in truth men in their mid-to-late seventies.

 Given all the other shocking revelations that have come out about the idol troupe in recent days, the discovery that they are not, in fact, young girls with wicked and terrifying ambitions at all but old men with wicked and terrifying ambitions seems to almost be small news. Still, in due diligence as a reporter, we sought out an expert in advanced magical theory to explain how such a complete charade is even possible!

“Advanced glamouring magic can do all sorts of things,” said Iris Blanchimont, an advanced aetheric researcher at Equinox. “I helped design arcane geometries to provide a sylph with a persistent and tangible glamour resistant to scalebomb dissolution and she’s gone on to be a renown chef. The rumors of the powers of the illegal potion Fantasia are similarly astounding. I am absolutely sure that an elderly Elezen fellow could convince the world he was a prepubescent Raen.” She added “I’m not sure why he would.”

What possible motivation could these men have? Could they be trying to lure the Songbirds into illegal activities and turn them over to the Brass Blades for prosecution?

That’s the theory put forth by investigator Crysole Handsun, who encouraged this reporter to have a seat in a fake kitchen he had constructed in a disused warehouse near Vesper Bay. “There is a high rate of perversion in our society directed toward underage girls, I hope the Songbirds are a trap for these sick men, much like the trap I operate here.”

The alternative theory is that these strange men are attempting to earn the fame and celebrity through glamouring magic that they could not earn in their normal, mundane lives.

The much-safer-to-fantasize-about idol sensation WYNG had thoughts on the subject, though seemed deeply surprised by the revelation about their fellow performers.

Wenn, the W of WYNG, smiled brightly at the accusation against the Songbirds, commenting “If I were an old guy, I hope I’d be that cute!”

“I’m more impressed with their voices, if it’s true,” added the G of WYNG, Gwen.

Whatever the motivations, this scandal is likely to shake the idol group to their very core! Their seneschal refused to comment on the story, likely out of fear for how the revelation of this secret will affect the legions of Birdwatchers who come out during this season!

What other possible explanation could there be!

It is the opinion of the Crucible that a more wholesome and less dishonest idol group is WYNG, and this author encourages readers to consider them the new face of Little Ladies’ Day, as they are in actual fact, little ladies.

Written by freelance correspondent Maxe Sahashin who is absolutely not just a WYNG fangirl trying to poach fans for her preferred idol group but a serious reporter who reports actual facts. 

Anonymous asked:

How did you get into freelance writing? What do you write? (Real question from someone who would like to get into it @.@)

Hi there!

Well basically, I started working for a lifestyle magazine. I mainly handled everything to do with beauty, fashion and wellness for our print magazine, online website and social media accounts. I also went to a lot of events where I networked with people in PR, other media outlets and any and everyone I can. 

After I quit, I stayed on really good terms with my previous editor and since he’s a finicky person and doesn’t hire just anyone, I’m still doing my columns for them on a freelance basis. I also got lucky that the media company that owns my magazine bought another media publication while I was there and I made friends with the editor. She doesn’t really have a reliable person for beauty and fashion content so she asked me to freelance for them as well. 

I’m also good friends with a writer for another magazine, whose editor knows me, so I told her to offer me as a freelancer. I don’t know if that’ll pan out yet but hey ho, why not? XD

Aside from that, I’ve also been contacting all the PR people I met from my old job and letting them know where I’m freelancing now and that I’m offering my services as a writer/copywriter if any of their clients are looking for someone. I still go to events as well just to show my face, keep my name relevant and network. Also, I get free goodies at these events ;D 

What it comes down to is networking and getting your work out there. People are willing to hire me as a freelancer because they know my work from my old magazine. It’s also a lot of sucking up to PR people because they’re the ones you want to be best friends with. I always showed the big PR companies love by featuring their clients in either our print, online or social media stuff. And when you go to these events and network, you also meet other editors and writers from other media publications, which is good. You’ll want their contact details so you can also go to them. All media outlets use freelancers for one thing or another. You also have to be really proactive in finding stories to pitch to editors. It’s not simply about contacting them and being like ‘hey I’m here’, which sometimes work too.  

Most freelancers I know have worked full-time for a media publication for at least a year before they venture out on their own. If not, they have well-known blogs, etc. Editors won’t risk hiring a freelancer if they don’t know their work. As with all writing, you just have to get your stuff out there.

I really hope that helps. I’m honestly figuring things out as I go along as well, so I’m sure more experienced people will have other things to add. And for me, this is just temporary. It’s just a way to make money while I apply for other jobs. 

Tips for getting PAID freelance writing gigs from actual freelance writers???

Is anyone out there actually a REAL freelance writer who has any LEGIT tips on getting PAID writing gigs???

Hook me up

So sick of all of the advertisements and spam courses pretending to have some magical potion for getting you tons of money for writing...I quit my job for that sh*t. Does anyone have any real advice?

Editing and Writing Services

Hey, ya’ll! With the new school year coming up, there’s a lot of stress involving papers. This year, my financial aid package was very good, so I thought I would offer my services in order to make some extra cash! 

Editing Services:

  • School Papers
  • Research Papers 
  • Fan fictions 
  • First Chapters
  • Manuscripts 


Editing ONLY Grammar (spelling errors, syntax, etc)- Half a cent per word

  • 1,000 words: $5
  • 2,000 words: $10
  • 5,000 words: $25

Editing ONLY Content (overall concepts, themes, etc)- Penny per word

  • 1,000 words: $10
  • 2,000 words: $20
  • 5,000 words: $50

Writing Services:

  • School Papers 
  • Research Papers 
  • Fan fictions 


If I go over your requested word count, you will NOT be charged. Time for completion depends on length and depth of request.

Writing- Two cents per word

  • 1,000 words: $20 
  • 2,000 words: $40
  • 5,000 words: $100 

Requests can be made to my email sking6401@gmail.com. Any signal boosting is appreciated! I can also show samples beforehand if interested. All payments must be made to my Paypal. Thank you!

Life as a freelance writer

Write article. Submit to 1,000 websites/magazines.

Drink some coffee, realize you are drinking coffee to stay up at 1am.

Write article. Submit to 1,000 websites/magazines.

Keep in touch with publicists who like your work and send you press releases/guest list passes for shows. Love them.

Write article. Submit to 1,000 websites/magazines.

Write articles for the websites who feature your content most of the time. Be loyal to them.

Rack your brain for more ideas.

Drink some coffee, realize you are drinking coffee to stay up at 2am.

Eyelids feel heavy, start to close, and you smack yourself and think "SLEEPING DOESN'T PAY YOUR WRITING."

Drink some coffee, realize you are drinking coffee to stay up at 3am.

Job hunt on every website that has any sort of relevency to your impending career.

Write articles for the websites who feature your content most of the time. Be loyal to them.

Rack your brain for more ideas.

Pass out. Wake up in 5 hours to work a job that actually pays, and start process all over.

Do what you love, work hard at it, and then give yourself a damn break. No one works well when they are 95% fried.

Work with what you’ve got.

I clearly can’t maintain a full-time job outside the home until I get some mental stuff in check. So. I’m looking for online jobs. I’d love several part-time jobs that I can piece together. I’m into freelance writing gigs, virtual assistant type things, data entry, filling out forms and shit- pretty much creative stuff or busywork that I can do here at home, or anywhere, that doesn’t require me to be at my best and leave the house in full professional wear at a set time. 

If you know of any online jobs I could apply for, lemme know!! <3