Team Two at Easter

Yes I know Easter was a few days ago but I only just thought up this idea. Two is the Easter Bunny and is obviously not happy about it. Jamie is loving it as it was his idea (the Doctor made him be the Easter Bunny last year, so it was only fair). Zoe is supposed to be rolling her eyes... Not sure if I’ve pulled that off. This was done with simple pencils and then colored with graphics software (sorry about the smudges - I’m left-handed, d’oh!). I’ve always been really into drawing but haven’t done much of it in recent years, so I’m a bit rusty. Two came pretty easily, though, and Jamie wasn’t too hard to draw either. I’m not entirely pleased with Zoe and I know everyone’s placement/scaling is a bit off, but, there you have it.

(and yes, I am thinking of drawing a “prequel” pic to this with EasterBunny!Jamie XD)

I fucking love Jamie McCrimmon, man

He was so far out of his depth in every single episode that he just rolled with absolutely anything. He was an illiterate piper from the 1700s Scottish Highlands who just stepped on board a time machine with some weird dude in a bow tie and his friends and took absolutely everything in stride in the funniest way possible. I mean this guy had never even seen a car before and then he was in the Tardis, so he had absolutely NO perspective on anything and it was amazing. The wildest things would happen and terrify everybody, including the Doctor, meanwhile Jamie was over here rolling up his sleeves mumbling “same bullshit as always.”

Some giant robot would walk up and say “I am going to steal your thoughts and reprogram you into insects” and James Robert McCrimmon, icon that he is, would just go “Look matey, I just got back from someplace called ‘Heath-Row’ with dozens of giant flying metal beasties full of people, and had to operate a wee little arch that sends your voice anywhere in the world and then throws one back. You don’t scare me you mad fucking pile a' bolts,” and then just charge at it with a crow bar. Jamie never once knew what the hell was going on and he never once gave a fuck

I was watching this serial with my mom some time ago (she was recovering from surgery and to pass the time I watched Classic Who with her). Jamie and Zoe are sipping drinks, and Jamie’s kind of bouncing a bit in his seat, looking down at his drink... My mom asked “Why is he rocking?” I wasn’t sure what to say.. LOL. What was Jamie doing? Was he just being fidgety because he wasn’t too interested in their conversation, or maybe because the Doctor was outside taking samples of the foam? 

Anyone got any ideas? Ever since she said this I can’t stop thinking about it... lol

Just A Scratch

Jamie's feeling down due to an injury he got fighting the Cybermen, so the Doctor and Zoe find an easy way to cheer him up.


"I did tell you not to move," the Doctor huffed, tugging aggressively at Jamie's hair with a comb.

Jamie couldn't sit still despite the Doctor's words; he never knew having your hair brushed could be so painful, "Aye well if yer' keep tugging at it so hard I'm gonnae flinch! Ouch!"

The Doctor tugged at a knot in Jamie's curly wisps, shaking his head at the boy's childishness, "Maybe if you hadn't been so thoughtless..."

"Hey now just a minute, I saved yer' life!" Jamie retorted, feeling somewhat betrayed, "If it were nae for me you'd be just a few wee ashes right now, floating 'round Cyberman territory," he pulled his head back away from the Doctor, pouting like a duck.

The Doctor shook his head again and leant down next to Jamie's ear, "You know very well I had it all under control."