A really good meal for those of us that have trouble doing dishes, cooking, and just in general low energy levels:

  • (1) One can of Peas&Carrots
  • (2) Two 5oz Cans of Tuna
  • (1) One Tablespoon of Mayo [Slightly heavy, or to taste]
  • Bread [If Desired]
  • A Seal-able Container [Glass makes it easier to clean after]
  • A Spoon
  • A Can-Opener

Drain and layer items in the container of choice, then mix.

Heat for a minute and a half, then stir.

Repeat once.

Eat as is, or scoop onto bread or toast for a yummy sandwich!

Viola~! You only have the container and a spoon to clean or rinse after you’re done eating. :V


I hope it’s ok if I ask about adulting topics but can anyone tell me how to make coffee taste good and not freaking bitter? I keep trying but I absolutely hate that bitter taste. People laugh at me when I say “I don’t get how adults can drink that” (which is fine, I’m glad if I can entertain) But does anyone know what I can do? I might need the wakey potion soon...



  • when eating raw jalapeño, peppers, or other spicy things, citrus helps! it balances out the acids and your tummy doesn't die afterwards. so get a glass of orange juice
  • if something is WAY TOO sugary and sweet, put salt on it! it makes it a lot more bearable!
  • if you're eating lots and lots of cheese, get apple/lemon/prune juice or a fiber granola bar, it'll help you not get constipated

please reblog if you have more helpful food tips from experience!!


This isn’t so much a recipe as one of those “hacks” that goes around the internet. This one is adding a bit of soy sauce to your butter for popcorn. For me, a soy sauce lover, I go with 1/2 tsp of soy sauce (I prefer LaChoy low sodium) to 2 tbsp of unsalted butter. Just combine, melt and pour over your popcorn.


Because summertime brings with it an inflated price for chocolate and graham crackers, this is a friendly reminder that you don’t NEED to make s’mores in the traditional way. Marshmallows with ‘fudge stripe cookies’? totally valid s’more. Marshmallow with off-brand oreos? Also valid. 

Another tip is getting your graham crackers at the dollar store cause I can find boxes of them there, and I really can’t afford 3$ for just a single box of graham crackers at the regular stores