Koya are an Indian tribal community. Koya is a South-Central Dravidian language of the Gondi–Kui group. Koya practice marriage after maturity, and infant marriage is not practiced. The bride's maternal uncle has the deciding factor in the match, and cross-cousin marriages are permitted and common More like this

T/Aboret - Czausz - speaking of jazz from Poland, here is a group fusing jazz and folk

T/Aboret is a tale told by 4 different voices which derive from traditional, classical, jazz and world music. Originating from various musical spheres, the four express themselves in ethnojazz compositions, improvisations and rhythmical variations. Polish background still, the language is modern and industrial, as it is based on wide, encompassing access to the surrounding reality. Music that gives o a scent of timber, pieces of rediscovered meadow converted into city traffic. Four people, fourteen instruments, one tale
Natalia Czekała - piano, vocals Karolina Matuszkiewicz - strings, vocals Maciej Szczyciński - double bass Krzysztof Guzewicz - percussion and Łukasz Korybalski - trumpet (8)

Top ten songs of the week:

1.) Paper Rings by Taylor Swift (because the serotonin is astronomical)

2.) Meet Me In the Woods by Lord Huron (because the tune is really nice idk)

3.) Heat Waves by Glass Animals (because it is so pleasing to me)

4.) Levitating by Dua Lipa (because it’s THE song)

5.) End Game by Taylor Swift (because it makes me feel like a whole girlboss)

6.) Seven Wonders by Fleetwood Mac (because it reminds me of last summer)

7.) Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls (because my big sister walked down the aisle to this song at her wedding last week and I’ve never been so close to happy tears)

8.) Love Me Harder by Ariana Grande & the Weeknd (because it astral projects me back to my childhood)

9.) Safe & Sound by Capital Cities (because I have very fond memories of summer road trips to this song and I’m feeling very nostalgic)

10.) Hotel Key by Old Dominion (because it’s giving me vacation vibes and I’m also lonely lmaoo)

The Miju Mishmi are one of the three tribes of the Mishmi people of Tibet and India. Kaman is a small language long assumed to be a Sino-Tibetan language, it may be a language isolate. Thin silver forehead plates and large ear plugs are characteristic, and rich girls often wear numerous silver hoops round the neck. More like this

Bobby Lee — Shakedown in Slabtown (Cabbage Records)

Never underestimate the staying power of the guitar. Some of the music I’ve enjoyed most in the last few years has come from artists leaning into rock’s archetypal instrument, whether that be Garcia Peoples’ epic sprawl or the intricate compositions of Yasmin Williams. Bobby Lee hails from Sheffield; Shakedown in Slabtown is his debut, now getting an LP pressing via Cabbage Records. And while he can summon fiery playing with the best of them, Lee is at his best when taking a more roundabout approach, filling in the less obvious details that his peers might not emphasize.