I feel good with my husband: I like his warmth and his bigness and his being-there and his making and his jokes and stories and what he reads and how he likes fishing and walks and pigs and foxes and little animals and is honest and not vain or fame-crazy and how he shows his gladness for what I cook him and joy for when I make him something, a poem or a cake, and how he is troubled when I am unhappy and wants to do anything so I can fight out my soul-battles and grow up with courage and a philosophical ease. I love his good smell and his body that fits with mine as if they were made in the same body-shop to do just that. What is only pieces, doled out here and there to this boy and that boy, that made me like pieces of them, is all jammed together in my husband. So I don’t want to look around any more: I don’t need to look around for anything.

Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

All Our Yesterdays: Day 181

20.01.20. The Independent:

“UK government plan to ditch EU regulations means British firms could be locked out of Europe..."

Needless to say, Johnson’s government refused to listen and promised us that trade would continue as normal.

But wait, what about the firms who have halted trade between the UK and the EU because of increased border controls and tariffs? What about the ‘catastrophic’ effect of the increased bureaucracy  on the fishing industry? What about the empty food shelves in Northern Ireland?

All easily explained.

The delay experienced at by hauliers at EU ports is due to "bungling officials".

The Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, is 'not convinced' the collapse of UK fishing businesses is due to Brexit.

And only yesterday this was the excuse for food shortages in Northern Ireland.

19.01.21. Independent:

“Chaos spreads to meat industry as government blames empty shelves on Covid.”

I am surprised it has taken 20 days before Johnson’s government decided they could blame the deficiencies of his Brexit Deal on Covid. I wonder what other Brexit disasters they will pin on Covid?