reviewsium I’ve been pretty busy with work last week, I took the train to go to a nearby city but I could travel together with Goethe and Kafka’s short stories I’m really enjoying. Next weeks I’m gonna place the next bookmail order and I was thinking of getting another classic, of course, maybe Mrs Dalloway, a new notebook for writing purpose, and a nonfiction also. @bloomsburypublishing has kindly gifted me a copy of Louise Kennedy’s debut collection of Irish short stories, The End of The World is a Cul De Sac, I totally recommend !

are you normal or do you constant think about the scene where kaz is changing his shirt in front of Inej. this is a boy who refuses to take his gloves off in front of people and he is changing! his! shirt! in! front! of! her! and he was being so normal about it!

it is also very much the scene where we remember he is a teenager. it is the equivalent of a teenage boy trying to show off his abs to his crush.

also, inej really thought that if she took of her shirt and started washing herself kaz would probably tell her not to drip on the desk. like this man would either faint, run away, or stutter something about investments.

The Warrior's Return (Pt. 10)

The story of "Eindred and the Witch" continues!

In which an argument is had.



By the time gray light slipped through the cave’s narrow entrance, the sounds of searching warriors had long since silenced. The forest had been quiet for at least three hours, by Eindred’s estimation. He hadn’t slept.

The practical choice would have been to take turns keeping watch. In his previous life, Eindred had spent plenty of nights trading watch in three-hour intervals.

But this was different.

Severin slept, his head pillowed in Eindred’s lap. In the tentative morning light, Eindred could just make out black hair curling around Severin’s ears, his lashes, dark smudges on his cheeks, and his parted lips - still a shade paler than normal.

Severin needed rest more than Eindred needed a night of sleep. And as for Sying - well. Eindred knew very little about Sying, though so far she seemed likeable enough. But she and her bear, Jun, who might be her brother, Jun, were too new to be entirely trusted. Eindred would not have been able to sleep knowing that a sun bear’s deadly claws and teeth rested mere inches from his and Severin’s faces.

Eindred watched the sliver of gray light shift to dull purple, and then soft pink. As he was thinking of rousing his companions, he felt a light touch against the underside of his arm.

Severin’s eyes were open, a deep copper color in the dim light, and his expression was one of quiet devastation. Fear rose in Eindred’s throat, as he wondered what could have happened to Severin when he was here, resting upon his thigh. And then Eindred’s arm stung where Severin’s fingers brushed it.

Eindred twisted his palm up, revealing the torn portion of his sleeve, and beneath it - the shallow gash in his forearm from his fight with the ax-wielding warrior.

Severin’s fingers curled around Eindred’s wrist. “It’s not keeping you safe.”

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Daddy’s little girl

prompt: DAD!Bucky and his little girl bake a pizza for you + quarantine together.

notes: this fic was originally posted as a request here. I'm sharing it here as well 'cause I'm trying to find a place to feel comfortable writing/posting.



pairing: non!idol hoseok, black fem reader
genre: established relationship, fluff
warnings: cursing
summary: Saturday mornings were always comfortable for you, being laid up with your man while your cat lays on top of your legs. Peace and comfort was the definition of Hoseok, and anywhere he was located you would be clung around his body. Cause you were that comfortable.
  • song: why i love you so much by monica

Lashes casting small shadows on your skin, Hoseok stirs a little getting closer to you as you instinctively wrap your body on his. He feels your legs cross with him, while your smalls breaths hit his warm bare chest. Your lips ghost on his skin, making him blush. You were truly tantalizing in his eyes, a beautiful canvas that should be placed in the best museum. A couple of your curls dropped out of your bonnet, resting on your face as you slept peacefully in Hoseok’s arms. You were subconsciously blessed that it was a Saturday. Something you never took for granted was the weekend, especially when your boyfriend tends to spoil you any chance he got during the weekends.

His lips curve into a small smile as your cat purrs. Her tailed swayed side to side as she pushed the door open with her paws. Hoseok hears the soft taps of your cat’s pads hitting the wooden floor made him move his feet a little. He watched the feline jump on the bed, finding a place to get comfortable, somewhere close to you as much as possible.

She purrs staring at your sleeping body, licking her fur as she does so, Hoseok sighs looking back and forth at his two favorite girls. Feeling the urge to cook something nice for you, he stretches his right arm, wrapping it around your body.

Planting soft kisses against your skin, his fingers find a way to put your loose hair in your bonnet knowing how annoyed you get when your bonnet falls off of you. When he stops his actions, he kisses your cheek once more. If it was possible, Hoseok would waste the whole year in your arms, laying in the warm bed as he watched you sleep peacefully. He thought it was silent bonding with you.

Coming home from work and smelling your fragrance made his stressed mood soothe out for the rest of the day. Hearing you talk to your cat as you cooked whatever you craved for made him feel so blessed to be living with you.

To him, you were a cold tasty drink in the summertime, something refreshing and peaceful. You were like the wind scraping against the trees and flowers while bees moved from plant to plant for nectar.

Everything about you, made him go crazy. To your voice, to your hair, to your smile, to your lips, to your body, and your personality. His favorite thing about you was your personality and how you loved him unapologetically.

He had some insecurities like you but your loved reassured him every time. Sometimes he was so sure he didn’t deserve you, you were too kind to him. You always thought that was the other way around. One thing about Hoseok, that man would spoil you till your body was dressed in jewelry and nothing but jewelry. His kisses were your jewelry, however, when it came to be materialistic he had a good sense of it.

Hoseok pushes out of the duvets, making sure to not lay them on top of your cat. Stretching his arms out, he looks down at you, smiling to himself.

Sauntering to the bathroom, he rubs his stomach as he opens the door for himself. Yawning a bit, he lets the door close behind him as he takes the time to do his routine.

You kept sleeping, too deep in your slumber. You subconsciously knew Hoseok left the bed but that didn’t bother you, secretly you loved having the bed to yourself. Pushing your legs out on his side while your cat curled up in a ball by your stomach. You loved it, it felt like heaven, and truth be told it actually was, your conception of heaven was sleeping on Hoseok’s side of the bed. It smelt like him, his scent was extremely welcoming to you.

Hoseok took a small shower, feeling the need to be more relaxed on the weekends. He brushed his teeth, humming random tunes to himself as he played with your ring that rested on the bathroom counter. After brushing his teeth and washing his face, Hoseok walks downstairs to cook something for you two.

Checking the fridge, he brings out the carton of eggs, raw bacon, and the pancake mix out of the pantry. Dragging his hair up with a black hairband, he turns on the black mini radio that he bought.

Hearing Young Nation by Aaliyah play. He turns the volume up, letting the beat take over his body, he sways side to side letting his slides make soft noises. Turning the stove on, he lets the cooking oil spill out from the bottle just as much as needed. He waits for a couple of seconds for the oil to heat up as he takes care of the pancake mix.

Feeling a tail hit his ankle, he looks down seeing your cat, Champagne. He smiles, cooing at the pet.

“Dad is almost done, I’ll make you breakfast too.” He murmurs at Champagne, taking the cup that’s now filled with a liquid consistency. Pouring the pancake mix in the pan, he washes his hands taking the cat bowl up to fill it with water and food.

He doesn’t realize that you're in his presence now, staring at him with dewy eyes. Hoseok pours the bag of dry cat food for Champagne as she meows in excitement.

You smile, walking around the island that’s in your kitchen, washing your hands Hoseok looks up at you now realizing you’re awake. Letting the cat eat, he closes the bag, staring at you with love in his eyes. His heart thumped rapidly, feeling the same way when he first met you.

You were too indulged by the pancake that was close to burning if you didn’t flip it. Hoseok, blushes, while you glance at your boyfriend.

Watching him wash his hands, and drying them with cloth, you feel his hands wrap around your waist while he nuzzles his face in your neck, pressing wet kisses against your warm skin.

You two weren’t sure if it was possible to fall deeper in love with someone, you weren’t sure if that could be logical real. But feeling the same way you felt when you first spoke to him, you had a realization that logic was quite real.

Listening to You by Lloyd play through the radio, Hoseok takes the time time to flip the pancake with your hand guiding his movements. His left hand rested on your stomach, letting it slip under your shirt to feel your skin. Everything he did drove you crazy, his lips, his words, his smile, everything about him made your heart pull on every string as bells strung in your ears loudly like wedding bells.

“A nice way to start the morning, hm?” You mutter, he hums, pressing more kisses on your shoulder and neck. Feeling the need to give you a small hickey, you bite your lip hoping his teasing wouldn’t get the best of you.

The song slowly ends, playing Human Nature ring in your ears By Michael Jackson, Hoseok turns the stove off, pulling your hands away from the spatula. Before you can protest, he presses his soft lips against yours, letting your hands wrap on top of his shoulders as his hands guide your hips with his rhythm.

“Hm, any time New Edition or Aaliyah plays you make me dance with you. Now it’s my turn.” You can’t blame your boyfriend, the words that left his mouth are a little too true for your liking.

“Yes, baby you’re right but we’re-” “ah, is that a complaint I hear, jagi?” You playfully roll your eyes, shaking your head as Hoseok pulls you closer. His hand snakes down to your ass, smacking it a bit as you gasp.

“What? Just cause I see it doesn’t mean I can’t touch it.” You smile, “I thought it was just cause you see it doesn’t mean you can touch it? Anyway, next song we’re going back to cooking, no if’s and’s or buts, I am extremely hungry right now.” He nods, twirling you around and pulling you back in his arms.

“Hm, seems like, Hobi has competition.” You say, pointing at yourself as he chuckles. “Hm, thought my baby was my partner. I see how it is.” You laugh as he attacks your face with kisses.

Hoseok, let’s you go from his grip, turning the stove back on as you place the pancake on a plate with a paper towel on top.

You walk over to your cat, seeing her nap away in her bowel full of food. You stifled a laugh, picking her up from the bowel and placing her on her cat bed to be more comfortable.

Washing your hands once again, you wipe it off with the same cloth Hoseok used. Craving for some tea, you pour out the old water from the kettle replacing it with new water. Letting the kettle heat up, you watched Hoseok make another pancake, humming to himself as his small dimples pop out.

You waited for the kettle, playing with a small pack of mint tea in your fingers. “Jagi?” You hum, looking up from your hands.

“You know how I gave you that promise ring?” You nod, glancing down at your ring with a small smile. “And I promised that I would change it into an engagement ring. We both joked and at the time I was half-joking but at the same time I was serious.” He looks up, seeing your brows crease wondering what he was going on about.

“I realized last week, that those words. The speech I made to you. I was never joking. I mean it when I say I am changing your last name time mine. I mean it when I say when I will give you the world. Whatever you want, you will receive. I have never been so sure about something until I gave you that promise ring. So if you can hold on for just a little while, I will make that promise ring turn into an engagement ring. With beautiful jewels to let you show off.” You weren’t much of an emotional person, but when those words left his lips you couldn’t help but tear up.

Hoseok placed the pancake on the plate, now giving his full attention to you. You unconsciously played with the promise ring, not realizing you placed it on your ring finger. Normally it was always on your pinky but today it was on your ring finger.

“I love you more than I can explain. You know that, right baby?” You nod, pulling him closer to you as you let your lips wrap onto his. Running your fingers through his hair, your heart weakens as for his.

The kiss wasn’t fast like normally, it was slow, more genuine than the others. “I love you too.” You mutter in the kiss, feeling yourself lean in more the kiss as he holds you steady. “Hm, not as much as I do.” He says, you shrug, not sure if it’s true. You could never tell if you loved him more than he loved you. But you knew you wanted him more than anyone in this world.

Your heart was in his, and his heart was in yours. If he wanted to marry you, you wouldn’t stop him. Not even in a blink of an eye.

You love Hoseok, you cherished him. If it wasn’t for him maybe you would still have more hard times in your life than you know. And for that, you adorn your boyfriend like there was no tomorrow.