Good Things Do Happen

Good Things Do Happen - post 15x18 fic rec list with Cas being rescued/  already back from the Empty. Hopefully way less angsty than our previous  Happiness isn’t in the Having - 15x18 coda fic rec list. We all deserve good things. <3

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ours is the fire, all the warmth we can find by xylodemon [M, 6,800 word count] Dean POV, grief, #reunion

  • Sam brings it up as they're driving back from the steakhouse in Mankato. Dean cuts him a sharp, sideways glance. "You think I should what?" "I think you should try journaling." "Why the hell would I wanna do that?"

the rhyme of salvation by LymeandCoconut [T, 6,200 word count] Dean POV, #winged!dean, #reunion

  • “Nothing human can exist in the Empty,” Jack replied, shaking his head. “It would just - spit you back out, and probably kill you in the process.” “Then -” Dean pulled in a deep breath. Made his choice. “Then make me not human.”

Enhanced Extraction Techniques by goldenraeofsun [T, 5,800 word count] Cas POV, #reunion

  • The Empty takes Meg’s shape, Samandriel’s, Duma’s, every one of the thousands of angels Cas killed up in heaven. But in the middle of lecturing Cas in the form of Balthazar, it explodes in a burst of light and sound. Dean Winchester stands in the aftermath.

For Love by Bookkbaby [T, 1,200 word count] Dean POV, #reunion

  • With Chuck no longer a threat, there's just one thing left to do: get Cas out of the Empty.

Nothing Equals the Splendor by RurouniHime [NC-17, 7,700 word count] Dean POV, #djinn dream, #wing!fic, #reunion, smut

  • Maybe it’s the cynic in him. The hunter, always under the surface of any quietude he ever found. Or maybe it’s just that he has always had trouble with blind faith. But after a while (a blink? A decade? A century?), Dean raises his eyebrows, looks around, and says— “Uh. No.” It’s so close. Just so slightly imperfect. And maybe, he analyzes, maybe that’s the final knell of this bell called contentment. Dean’s experience with happiness has always been that last rise in the road, right before it turns. Right before fate comes barreling around the corner head on. He turns in his spot on the bridge, and suddenly Sam is like a cellophane film through which he can see the light streaming, and the taste of cheap beer on his tongue is much, much older a memory than it should be. “Oh, you’re good,” he says, and means it.

Up to Date? by whelvenwings [T, 5,200 word count] Cas POV, Dean POV, texting

  • It's three months after Castiel was brought back from the Empty after confessing his love to Dean, and things are awkward between them. They haven't talked about it. Castiel can feel how much Dean wants to, but he won't let himself, and Castiel can only wait. But one night, with Castiel halfway across the world, he gets a text from Dean that might change everything - even if Dean didn't quite mean it to.

The Novel by FriendofCarlotta [NC-17, 4,600 word count] Dean POV, #domestic

  • Dean, Cas, Sam and Eileen are happily retired and living their best lives. There's just one problem: Sam has decided to commemorate the Winchester brothers' adventures by writing a novel, and it's not very good at all. AKA the episode coda where 15x20 was nothing more than Dean reading a draft of his brother's first novel and becoming increasingly appalled.

Sorry Jimmy by K_K_TiBal [T, 2,200 word count] #heaven, #trueform!cas, #humor, #jimmy, #reunion

  • Based on the tumblr textpost: jellydeans: so are cas and jimmy novak just up in heaven existing at the same time; katebushstandean: #jimmy moves to heaven timbuku so that dean stops trying to make out with him every time they run into each other at the heaven grocery store. Thanks for letting me write it, guys!

Fifty Ways to Lose Your Lover by PallasPerilous [T, 1,106 word count] #humor

  • Castiel's love confession scene is proving difficult to nail down. SURELY the characters will settle down in the next draft. SURELY.

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screencap from homeofthenutty

Little Dumpling
Hi everyone! After almost two years of just writing about Harry in my phone, I decided to share one of my pieces with the Tumblr universe! This is just a complete soft and sweet soon to be dad Harry piece. A quick thank you to @oh-honey-styles too for letting me send this to her and her kind words❤ Any love or feedback would be greatly appreciated since this is my first time posting.All my love xo.

You were curled up on the couch when you heard the beep of Harry's car being locked. You've spent most of your morning and afternoon in the exact same spot, reading one of the many pregnancy books Harry has bought and a pint of ice cream siting next to you. Most of the time when he was on set, that's how you would spend your day until he got home. It was relaxing and sometimes being pregnant wasn't the most relaxing thing there was.

Anonymous asked:

hi! not sure if you’ll be able to help but do u know of any bechloe fake dating fics? or know of anyone who would be able to point me in the right directions?! thanks in advance


by gilligankane / @piratekane (13,770 words, complete)

Summary: Chloe grabs Beca’s hands, turning them over in her own. “You just need to bring a date with a rocking hot bod and a killer voice and Jesse will be tres jealous.” “Right,” Beca agrees, playing along. “So, just someone who what? Looks like a supermodel but also has a Top 40 voice?” She rolls her eyes, swaying into Chloe for a second. “Do guys like that even exist?” “Maybe not,” Chloe allows. “But what about me?”


by lescousinsdangereux / @thecousinsdangereux (23.7k words, 5 chapters, complete)

Summary: Chloe Beale has one rule. Just one. Had she known that the odd combination of hair dye, a crappy old convertible, sixty-plus hours of driving, a mix CD, and one Beca Mitchell would lead to her breaking it, she never would have suggested going on this stupid road trip in the first place.


by KailorAurelius / @kailoraurelius (143245 words, 44 chapters, complete, rated M)

Summary: Chloe's always been able to get Beca to do things she wants. So when Chloe wants Beca to be her fake girlfriend at her best friend's wedding, Beca does it. She wasn't expecting it to be so easy. But while she's busy figuring out why that is, the bride goes missing. Looks like Beca and Chloe aren't the only ones lying.


by Abadabadoo22 / @aca-awesome (14,384 words, 8 chapters, rated M, complete)

Summary: Beca takes Chloe as her date to the Grammy's and now the world thinks they are together. 

by gilligankane / @piratekane (5,280 words, complete)

Summary: Beca isn’t sure how she got here. Well, she knows how she got here, in this house, with these girls. She knows all about the real estate process too. But she isn’t sure how she got here: Laying on her bed with her laptop in her lap and her legs bent at the knee, feet flat so Chloe can paint her toenails while she goes over the Bellas history with Legacy and answer every question about the Beca-and-Chloe (fake) dating thing. It’s this part of her life she isn’t so sure about.

by dj jiggle juice / @backtobasicbellas (31.7k words, 7 chapters, complete)

Summary: But Chloe’s giving her that giddy grin, the one that tells Beca she’s going to break her facade and burst into laughter at any moment. Beca thinks this won’t be so bad, fake dating Chloe. Not when everything with Chloe happens with ease.


by when_you_know_you_know / @asweetmelodytrickling (27k words, 27 chapters, complete)

Summary: Chloe’s invited to her cousin’s wedding and is offered a ‘plus one’ on her invite. Unfortunately there appears to have been a bit of a misunderstanding in the Beale family and as a result Chloe has something rather awkward to ask her best friend.


by sugartina (7.6k words, complete)

Summary: Chloe may have told her parents she has a girlfriend. Who better to stand in for the fictional partner than her good friend Beca? The problem is - when does fake dating stop being fake?


by fauxjuggernaut (22.4k words, 9 chapters, complete)

Summary: Beca Mitchell, as stubborn and emotionally unattached as she is, got fed up with her mother ragging on her for being single and decided that the best thing to do was to tell her mother that she in fact had a girlfriend. This led to Beca's mom insisting that her girlfriend come to the big family reunion at the lake and Chloe having to pose as the girlfriend of one very angsty brunette DJ.

by cheeky_geek_m0nkey (46994 words, 22 chapters, complete)

Summary: The Bellas always did joke about Beca and Chloe is it a moral issue if they pretend to prove them right to make some money at a certain someone's wedding?

A little edit for @jadedbirch for her fabulous Wangxian noir au,  Pearls for a Funeral. Go read now on ao3!!! Summary (best read in your favorite noir detective voice) Private investigator Wei Wuxian finds himself in a pickle when a family of rich socialites hires him to clear Lan Wangji's name after his new husband, Jin Guangshan, is found murdered during their honeymoon. Making Wei Wuxian's life more complicated is the fact that his former partner, Jiang Cheng, is the lead detective on the case. Not helping matters is the fact that it's not entirely clear that Lan Wangji did not, in fact, kill his husband. Peril is behind every corner and time is running out for our gumshoe to solve the case, save his beautiful client from death row, all while butting heads with the people closest to him.

Anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you but I found a song I hadn't heard in a while and it brought me memories of a drawing of yours where adrien and mari were laying on the floor of an acuarium I think, and I think there was a fic that someone made about it, do you remember the name of the fic?

Obsession by @kryallaorchid !!!

It's part of the Tendencies series of her

It's an amazing fic i love it with all my heart and i will always suggest it as a must read for a Marichat shipper

author rec list bc im trash and procrastinating. this list is a mess and im not gonna apologise. im avoiding doing my work what were you expecting

@iliveiloveiwrite - millie. the absolute queen of draco malfoy redemption stories. favourites include: her entire masterlist. but specifically paging healer malfoy. time heals. and accident prone.

@acciotwinz - jj. the first account i found when i reached peak weasley twins obsession. im still obsessed. favourites include: surprises. and giant.

@fallinfortom - adeline. don't think she writes anymore, could be wrong, but what she has written is v smexy indeed. 18+ only pls kiddos. favourites include: childhood bedroom. 12am. and so deep. (im a whore let me live)

@fishcustardandclintbarton - vix. one of the first accounts I found when i started liking henry cavill and her writing has kept me following her bc it's just beautiful. favourites include: hey mister, can I pet your dog real quick. and is that my shirt.

@goldenhemmings - marena. created my addiction for shawn mendes sports themed aus and nothing has sver been the same since. favourites include: stealing seconds (I've gone back to read it so many times I cant get enough). in your atmosphere. and when you love someone.

@littlefreya - freya. 18+ only pls bc the smut is unmatched. I have yet to find someone else who can consistently write smut as amazing as this woman here. favourites include: white honey. bedhead. and insta stories.

@lavenderhoneymndes - marlee. made me a whore for short shawn mendes fluff tbh. but her chris evans fics are *chefs kiss*. favourites include: kiss me. saved. and mini spoon.

@aussie-holland - amy. her tom holland aus have my whole heart. favourites include: in the summertime. bring a loved one to work day. and proud of you.

@worldoftom - b. idk how i discovered b but im so glad I did bc the writing is incredible. whenever im going through a tom holland whore phase I generally go to her masterlist. favourites include: cherry pop. bedroom shoes. and klutz your way to good luck.

@snitches-at-dawn - liz, an absolute angel. ive been following her since she posted her first story and she's only grown in talent. favourites include: draco fucking malfoy. prick. and resist

@watchmegetobsessed - dory. followed for Tom holland, stayed for shawn mendes and eventually Harry styles?. idk man I just love her writing it's amazing. favourites include: room service. empty promise. and tired

@pinkandblueblurbs - made me a whore for lucius malfoy and the mauraders tbh. favourites include: reader is remus and sirius' daughter. lingerie. and under the table.

connor mcdavid/dylan strome (hawks/oilers) | 49k | mature

Of course Dylan’s falling for Prince Connor, third in line for the Canadian throne. Of course he fucking is.

rec comments:  i’ll admit it, royalty au’s are not really my thing. BUT. this modern day royalty au was just the right combination of royalty/college au that it worked for me.  there’s angst (bc of course there is, it’s mcstrome) but there’s a happy ending. and honestly, mitch and his “friendship” with dylan was my favorite part of this fic - @pattyrosyteeks

This is a fic rec of emotional and/or sad smut as requested in this ask. You can find my other fic recs here. If you enjoy the fics, please leave kudos and comments for the writers! Happy reading!


💧 Undone, Undress, @angelichl (E, 134k, uni au, roommates, hurt/comfort, PTSD, abusive relationship, past non con, insecurity, dissociation, crying, self harm, smut)

💧 For As Long As I Can Remember (It's Been December), @greenfeelings​​ / green_feelings (E, 128k, amnesia au, friends to lovers, angst with a happy ending, car accident, character injury, injured Harry, chef Harry, lawyer Louis, jealousy, smut)

💧 The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, @kingsofeverything​ (E, 109k, cheating au, married Louis, sexuality crisis, older Larry, surfing, divorce, miscommunication, secret relationship, falling in love, smut)

💧 Heading for Limbo, @kingsofeverything​ (E, 100k, friends to lovers au, childhood friends, famous/not famous, famous Louis, fwb, sexual confusion, miscommunication, long distance relationship, smut)

💧 Nothing But You On My Mind, @absoloutenonsense​ / nonsensedarling (E, 83k, royal au, enemies to lovers, Prince Harry, PR Maven Louis, bad boy Harry, pet names, secrets, dirty jokes, smut)

💧 Follow Your Arrow, @bitter-leaf​ / bitter_leaf (E, 78k, high school au, friends to lovers, ot5 friendship, American au, American South, football, angst with a happy ending, country music, coming of age, pining, sexual tension, slow burn)

💧 If I Had Three Wishes (They'd All Be For You), @phd-mama​ / phdmama (E, 66k, strangers to friends to lovers, fwb, coming out, family drama and angst, cabaret performer Louis, Louis in makeup, Louis in drag, smut)

💧 There’s No Other Place, @nikogda​​​ (E, 51k, a/b/o, hybrid au, cat/human hybrids, hybrid Louis, alpha Harry, omega Louis, historical, 1930s, homeless Louis, outcast Louis, oblivious walnut Harry, nesting, tension, angst with a happy ending, politics, world building, roommates, bed sharing, smut)

💧 Seeing Blind, @that-idiot-overthere​ / zedi (E, 46k, a/b/o, alpha Louis, omega Harry, blind Louis, rut bar, scent marking, possessive behavior, courting rituals, ableism, hurt/comfort, smut)

💧 Looking Through You, @allwaswell16(E, 41k, friends to lovers au, famous/not famous, famous Harry, singer Harry, songwriter Louis, roommates, best friends, pining, jealousy, drunken confessions, touring, angst with a happy ending, smut)

💧 pull me back together again (the way you cut me in half), @vintageumbroshirt​​ / 28sunflowers (E, 26k, exes to lovers, past cheating, angst with a happy ending, closeted character, smut) 

💧 Love Will Light The Way, @jesapeak(E, 26k, Dead Like Me au, reapers, reaper Louis, death, accidents, doctor Harry, angst with a happy ending, alternating pov, smut)

💧 You Might Want to Marry My Husband, @all-these-larrythings​ / Rearviewdreamer (NR, 24k, friends to lovers, minor character death, widower Harry, moving on, emotional hurt/comfort, falling in love, smut)

💧 You Were Mine, @brightlyharry​ (E, 20k, established relationship au, marriage, troubled marriage, sad Louis, lonely Harry, online friendship, lack of communication, miscommunication, smut)

💧 210 Days, @cherrystreet (E, 16k, army au, soldier Harry, character injury, Louis pov, letters, smut)

💧 This Glorious Mess, @rockstarlouis​ / theweightofmywords (NR, 14k, exes to lovers, mpreg Louis, accidental pregnancy, miscommunication, child birth, smut)

💧 Fire and Ice, @louandhazaf​ / YesIsAWorld (E, 9k, five times fic, established relationship, coming at the same time, smut)

💧 Strumming My Pain, @taggiecb​ (NR, 7k, exes to lovers, angst with a happy ending, emotional hurt/comfort, heartbreak, smut)

💧 Keep on Coming Back, @ham-palpert​ / HamPalpert (E, 7k, canon divergent, exes with benefits, unresolved issues, poor communication, open relationship, Harry/omc, angst, smut, ambiguous ending)


💧 sad sex, @disgruntledkittenface (NR, 2k, fwb, angst, communication, getting together, smut)


💧 Little Lion Man, @writcraft​ / @writsgrimmyblog (E, 123k, Harry Potter au, Hogwarts, coming of age, supernatural elements, grief/mourning, hurt/comfort, first time, romance, homophobia, mental health issues, injury, injury recovery, ghosts, smut)

💧 I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark At A Crow, @magicalrocketships​ / sunsetmog (E, 122k, canon compliant, secret relationship, hate sex, love/hate, kink, watersports, angst with a happy ending, long distance)


💧 Untamed Hearts, @laynefaire​ (E, 68k, Liam/Zayn, surfing au, enemies to friends to lovers, summer, surfer Liam, artist Zayn, Lilo friendship, surfer Louis, side Larry, tension, pining, kissing, smut, angst with a happy ending)

100 followers celebration

holy shit, im beyond excited to have 100 of you following little ol’ me. im insanely grateful for everyone of you. truely.
i thought as a little celebration ill post a small rec of some fics ive really enjoyed reading by some talented peeps. of course they are all of my string bean Georgie. 
also id love to read any other fics so if you have one you want me to read, comment it or tag me in it, either words! doesnt have to be a George one too.


Ink stains - soulmate au, this is beautifully written and im a sucker for soulmate au’s so *chefs kiss* @accioxreparo

What happens to bad boys - (smut, smut, smut) no words really, just read this if you havent yet @lumosandnoxwriting

Video game lover - (another smut one) okay probs my fav one from mads, gamer!george has my heart  @lumosandnoxwriting

Mission report on love - this whole series has me hooked. DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND JUST READ IT OK??? @loony-loopy-lupinn

Wherever you stray, I follow - 5.4k words of pure brilliance @vogueweasley

Flowers and flushed cheeks - some adorable soft george for you all @feetoffthetable

Late night experiences - (more smut cos i cant control myself) this one is amazing, reader and george touch themselves in front of each other but ITS SO SWEET @mitsukui

Childish - a short and sweet one of george being an absolute cutie @lupinsclassroom

Late night drive - (one more smutty one for good luck) road head, like come on. cant go wrong with that @slytherinsunrise

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I got 2 fic recs 1: Regenerate, Fate - got me into vigilante izuku. Lot of angst and swearing but such a good read with dadzawa, Shinsou, Dadmic, and an utterly Feral izu 2: Bitch, I’m Incognito - same kind of thing, but more angst, Mai, and Confusion also Dad for One

Anonymous asked:

i just finished pottery by thatghostofadeer and i highly recommend it! its amazing and well written and i love it more than life! have you read it yet? its a sus traitor izuku au fic!

"Taking a hammer to broken pottery does nothing but make the broken pieces worse,"