the barricade boys and how many things i know about them

(i have performed in one production of les mis and read a good not-quite regrettable amount of fic)

Enjolras - pretty boy.... pretty boy..... - played by a very pretty boy in my production. i have a big dumb crush on him. - a slut for revolution - gets compared to apollo a lot. y’all saw one pretty blond boy and knew exactly the comparison that would make everyone go fucking buckwild.

Grantaire - literally died holding enjolras’ hand, fuck me UP - grantaire put the bottle down - is drunk like 98% of the time - is ugly - doesn’t give a shit about revolution, just thinks enjolras is pretty (he’s right)

Marius - soft boy - certified dumbass - a simp for cosette - he likes napoleon maybe and the rest of the boys are not fans of that

Gavroche - baby boy!! that’s baby.... that’s.... that’s baby..... baby boy. baby baby boy - i can’t fucking believe he died

Combeferre - oh boy here’s where i start not knowing who they are - uhhh he’s a doctor maybe?? - he has a solo right after eponine dies - he might be best friends with courfeyrac and enjolras and they might be called  “the triumvirate” but that might just be something you motherfuckers made up in like 2013 - he has glasses

Courfeyrac - gets shot in the shoulder like a dumbass - i only know that because in my production i was assigned to bandage his wounds and kid playing courfeyrac was not working with me - not to be a salty bitch but i deserved this part i think - i think people ship him with combeferre. idk but if they do it’s cause their names sound the same - he, combeferre, and enjolras are roommates in a shit-ton of modern au fics

Feuilly - has a big-ass solo in do you hear the people sing - has the best line in the entire fucking song (”the blood of the martyrs will water the meadows of france”) - has the first line in drink with me - says “SNIPERS!!” when the snipers shoot - idk my little brother played feuilly and i spent most of the time he did being a jealous little bitch

Jean Prouvaire - until like five minutes ago i thought he and jehan were different people but i was looking up the names of the barricade boys because i didn’t think i could name them all. turns out he just has two names.

Lesgles - has three lines - doesn’t do shit

Bosseut - is either named bosseut or bossuet but i don’t really care which one - has a mistress named musichetta. i only knew this because yesterday i was finally like “ok who the fuck is musichetta” and i googled her.

Joly - he might be a doctor too??? - musichetta is his mistress too and so everyone said poly rights and decided to ship bosseut/musichetta/joly

Bahorel - who the fuck is bahorel

I headcanon that all of Les Amis have a teeny tiny tattoo that spells "ABC", and Grantaire handpoked it on everyone on this miserable miserable night in which Enjolras had been officially disowned by his family.

They were all camping in Joly and Bossuet's Living room, everyone trying to console a crying Enjolras: Jehan was silently braiding his hair, Courf told jokes and so on, until Feuilly said something that made everyone else go quiet.

"I never had a family, so I can't really understand how you feel, but now I found this one and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. We may not share the same blood, but you're my brother in any way that matters, alongside everyone in this room".

And that really lit the spark. They had a family in the ABC, and Les Amis were forever. So Jehan took out a sewing needle from their purse, and Combeferre procured the ink, and Grantaire with a trembling heart but steady hands impressed the letters on their skin.

Enjolras asked for it to be above his heart.

Not one of them ever regretted it.

Can we PLEASE make it more common to leave nice and detailed comments on AO3 fics? I try to every time I read a fic that I like, and tell what I love about the fic’s portrayals, writing, etc. It may sound like a small thing to some but for those of us who write fics (especially those of us with virtually no following) it literally means the world. Additionally, it you request a fic from someone or read what they post on Tumblr, reblog it! Slap a like on it! It takes only a few moments to gift someone with a meaningful comment, and encourage them to keep writing.

les amis and their instruments

bc musician!amis is something that can be so personal

enjolras: violin. and other string instruments, but he prefers the violin. their nails are always clipped really really short.

combeferre: any brass instrument, but heavily prefers the french horn. it calms him down. he hates it when courf makes inappropriate jokes abt playing it.

courfeyrac: the saxophone. tbh he could technically play any saxophone but he plays alto sax. they know many songs. probably dozens! but all they play is careless whispers. he's memorized it. everyone sends him sheet music for other songs and pieces. he will not play anything else. help.

feuilly: clarinet. the man can also improvise like nobody's business.

grantaire: guitar, all kinds. no this isn't inspired by george blagden what are you talking about? he's got both short and long nails and it drives everyone crazy. he can also play piano (and drive marius mad with the click of his nails on the keys)

joly: he can't play anything but they can dance. they're a very skilled dancer. but no instruments.

bossuet: used to play tuba before that proved to be a dangerous decision. now plays percussion which is safer. favorite instruments are the tubular bells.

musichetta: any string instrument but has a soft spot for the viola. she's fucking amazing at it. she was made for the spotlight dammit.

jehan: flute. i mean, it's canon. also they've tried to compose things but they got distracted. alas! if you open a certain door you will be flooded with thousands of wips.

bahorel: drums. drums drums drums. the master of drum rolls and fills. he can also play the trumpet but like, badly.

marius: used to play piano, now plays cello. he was forced to play piano and only plays it if he wants to. he duets with enj, r, or chetta sometimes. like enjolras their nails are clipped short (but not as short as enj's)

cosette: she sings and plays the harp. her voice is angelic and lovely and basically what im saying is i love her. also saying this rn my voice hc for her is 1980s concept album cosette.

eponine: plays some guitar with the help of grantaire. they duet sometimes.

gavroche: one (1) very loud kazoo.

Don't forget your old shipmate...

Enjolras & Feuilly Sailor AU!

Can't believe it's taken me so long to post this STUNNING commission by @thepiecesofcait! Please, please click for full quality so you can see the beautiful detail in the stars and the fold of sails and spray of the water.

This piece is now hanging in my kitchen so I can look at it every morning. Tell me you don't get instant wanderlust gazing at this beauty.

Anonymous asked:

Do you have any Enjolras and Feuilly friendship headcanons? I love them

I have this vivid imagine of Enjolras spending his time on Feuilly's shoulders like he's his tiny backpack because Feuilly's so tall and he just- climbs him and starts shouting from his shoulders, moving left and right because he trusts him not to make him fall.

Enjolras had had all of his worst brain-freezes with Feuilly. The man has a thing for ice cream and Enjolras has a killer sweet-tooth. What did you expect.

That time Feuilly fell and crushed him and almost sent him to the hospital.

That time they got drunk and Enjolras dyed Feuilly's hair, and the next morning he was the one desperate because oh no your beautiful hair, but Feuilly quite liked them.

They have friendship bracelets and Courf pouts at them when he finds out.

It's Feuilly that gives Enjolras the chance to flirt with Grantaire the first time. Then spends half an hour laughing at him because Enjolras short-circuit the moment he sees Grantaire at the gym. He's still plotting his revenge.

That time they woke up in a barn, along with Grantaire and Bossuet, with no explanation on how they ended there. Enjolras blamed them but he has half a memory of messing with the map on his phone.