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When to Seek Professional Help for Fertility Concerns

A leader in the field of fertility, Dr. Sami David operates his clinic, Fifth Avenue Fertility, in New York City. At the clinic, he works with couples to systematically determine the underlying causes of infertility and to explore potential solutions.  Dr. Sami David points out that couples may disagree on when to seek help from a fertility specialist. The stress of this decision puts additional pressure on the relationship and may actually decrease the chances of conceiving. In general, couples that are unaware of any potential problems should try for 6 months before contacting a professional. Couples should learn about the woman's cycle and how to time intercourse correctly to optimize the chances of conceiving. Other issues should prompt an appointment with a specialist sooner than one year. If men experience problems achieving an erection or ejaculating, they should consult with a professional. Men who have undergone surgery in the groin area, have a family history of reproduction problems, or experience swelling or pain in the testicles should meet with a fertility expert prior to trying to conceive. Women with irregular menstrual cycles or a history of family reproduction issues should also consult with a professional prior to trying to conceive. Older women may want to seek assistance sooner than 6 months.