How you met.

Characters: Katsuki Bakugou, Izuku Midoriya, Shoto Todoroki, Eijirou Kirishima, and Denki Kaminari.
How you met + hanging out aftwards

Katsuki Bakugou

  • I feel like Bakugou would’ve met you at school.
  • He doesn’t seem like the type who would want to go out very often, so school is probably the main/only place where he socializes.
  • Definitely only talked to you because Mina or Kaminari forced you to eat lunch with the bakusquad.
  • Lowkey pissed at whoever invited you, but only at first.
  • If you’re the talkative type then he likes that you aren’t awkward around everyone.
  • If you’re the more quiet type then he appreciates you not being a crazy fuck like everyone else in the group.
  • He didn’t get upset when it became a regular thing for you to eat with them.
  • Wants to sit across from you so he has the best view when you’re talking <3

Izuku Midoriya

  • You met in middle school.
  • I feel like he’d be writing down all his hero stuff and muttering to himself as you walked by or something.
  • If you’re the short tempered type then you snap at him: ‘“Hey, can you be quieter,” you spat.’
  • If you’re the curious type then you’ll try to look over at what he’s doing: ‘“What’re you writing?”’
  • If you’re the quiet type then maybe he noticed you staring and apologized: ‘“S-sorry! I always zone out and never realize i’m talking outloud-“ the boy across from you stuttered out. “Don’t worry, you’re fine. What’re you doing anyways?”’
  • Then you became friends who talked about hero’s all the time <3
  • I think you’d lose contact after middle school, but he got so happy when he saw you at UA.
  • He like ran up to you and had this stupid smile on his face, then invited you to have lunch with him later that day.

Shoto Todoroki

  • For some reason i can’t stop thinking about meeting him in the hospital when he goes to visit his mom.
  • Like you’re both sitting in the waiting room together for visiting to finally open up.
  • He strikes your interest, like bro he’s fucking gorgeous.
  • You’re the only two in the waiting room and you’re only sitting two seats apart.
  • You glance over to his phone to make sure you wouldn’t be interrupting anything, he’s just playing some random mobile game.
  • You didn’t know what to say, so you just said the first thing that came to mind.
  • “I really should stop coming so early, i hate waiting,” you said with an awkward chuckle.
  • He looked up from his phone and turned to you, then turned off his phone and laid it in his lap, sitting upright.
  • “I just came here from school, we were let out early.”
  • Please his voice is so calming. “What school do you go to?” you asked.
  • “UA, you?” “Oh me too!” you smiled softly.
  • Then you talked until you were able to visit whoever you were there for.
  • Just before leaving you asked him if he’d like to meet again at school, he agreed <3
  • He was blushing the entire time, you’re really pretty <3<3

Eijirou Kirishima

  • Like Bakugou, i think you’d meet at school.
  • You’re in class 1-B so Tetsutetsu introduced you two and you quickly became friends.
  • Every time he hangs out with anyone in 1-b he’ll ask, “how’s y/n?” Or “where’s y/n?”
  • Has THE WIDEST SMILE whenever he see’s you, it’s so cute
  • If you go out together in a group and you’re walking for a while, he’ll always offer to carry you on his back
  • If you agree he’ll be a giggly, blushing mess the entire time
  • Especially if you put your chin on the top of his head, he’ll lose his mind
  • Honestly fell in love w/ you instantly, and he made it obvious because he’s so manly!

Denki ⚡️ Kaminari

  • IMAGINE MEETING HIM AT AN ARCADE<3 that’s literally all i can think about
  • Like he saw you fucking rocking at any game of your choice and used it as an excuse to talk to you
  • Would try to flirt but was honestly too impressed to say anything
  • So he just kind of watched you play and cheered you on
  • Unintentionally made it hella awkward because he barely said anything before standing right next to you
  • He finally noticed that and said something!
  • “You’re really good!”
  • You smiled and thanked him, then continued playing until you died
  • He offered to buy you a drink and you accepted<3
  • Ended up spending the rest of your time there together
  • Found out you go to the same high school!
  • Now you play video games together all the time :)
I'm fine.
Description: Imagine that Karl Heisenberg invited you to his house to have a drink and have a good time together. You could not refuse him, because he does not seem to you such a bad person, as Lady Dimitrescu says about him. And now you are reaping the fruits of your indiscretion because you are so drunk you can barely stand, and you will have to somehow get back to the castle of your beautiful vampire lady.
Pairing: Lady Dimitrescu x reader
Word count: :)

You entered the Dimitrescu Castle, slowly closing the massive oak door behind you. You did not even know how you managed to do it, because you could barely stand.

"The last shot of tequila was obviously unnecessary."

You chuckled, struggling to climb the stairs to get to the main hall, and from there to walk to your and Alcina's shared chambers, but your legs did not obey you at all. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts to climb at least one-third of the stairs, you sat down right on the steps and stretched your legs out, leaning your head against the railing. The coolness of the marble was somewhat refreshing, but it was impossible to banish the alcoholic haze. You were so drunk you couldn't even walk. There was no question of a coherent expression of thoughts. You prayed to all the gods that they would keep you from meeting Alcina at this moment. Lady Dimitrescu would not be pleased to see her lover in such a state. You were completely drunk. You felt really bad besides. And not only because you were ashamed and embarrassed about your condition, but also because you still thought it was kinda funny.

"God dammit Heisenberg! How could I ever accept his invitation?!" you asked yourself, still in the clouds, as a very silly smile bloomed on your face. "Oh I know... Sometimes he can be really... Ugh... Convincing."

Suddenly, you heard a noise that usually would make you truly happy, but not in this case. They were her heels, the sound of which seemed to resound throughout the castle. You shuddered. You tried to get up, but couldn't make a move. Then you tried to crawl away, so as not to be seen by the mistress of the castle, but your legs would not obey you. With a howl of frustration, you slumped against the stair railing, as if that would make you invisible to anyone else. Of course, it didn't work. When the sound of Alcina's heels was very close, you squeezed your eyes shut with all your might. However, the moment the footsteps in your direction stopped, you dared to open one eye and immediately gave a startled cry, instantly covering your mouth with your left hand. Lady Dimitrescu was standing right over you, looking far from happy.

"Y/N? What are you doing here?" the tall vampire lady said, looking at you excitedly. "Ah, my little dove, what happened to you?"

"Nothing... Ugh... Really... I'm fine..."

It was difficult for you to express your thoughts coherently. The words were confused in your head. Your mind was filled with recently drunk alcohol.

"May I ask, draga mea, are you drunk?" it wasn't a question, but rather a statement. The lady pursed her lips in displeasure, and although her eyes were filled with visible disappointment, they also expressed extreme concern for your condition.

"No, I'm not!" you started to protest. "I would never go outside the castle and drink tequila with Heisenberg without your permission!"

"What?! Tequila?!! HEISENBERG?!!!" Alcina frowned, clenching her fists and showing her teeth. "Well, now I see..."

"No no no!" you tried to calm Alcina down. "I'm completely fine! Really. You don't have to worry, my love!"

Somehow, you managed to get up a little and grab the vampire's arm, drawing her attention to you.

"Please, Alci... Heisenberg's done nothing wrong."

"I'll decide for myself what he has done wrong or good," Alcina looked at you sternly, but without the previous irritation. You looked at her with the most innocent and pure eyes you could muster. After a few moments, the vampire's face relaxed a little. She even managed a small smile.

"This Alcina I like more than the one who was going to tear poor Heisenberg to pieces." you nervously chuckled, gently stroking the tall lady's hand.

"Don't be ridiculous, my little flower, Karl isn't a good man at all," with her free hand, Alcina ran her fingers through your hair.

"But he doesn't deserve to be slammed into a wall only because of his will to be friends with me," you replied as seriously as you could in such a drunken state of yours.

"He's the last person you should be friends with," Lady Dimitrescu frowned slightly, but quickly regained her calm and relaxed expression. "Either way, this conversation can wait until tomorrow. We'll go to bed now."

And without further ado, she took you in her arms, despite your feeble protests, and carried you up the stairs, straight through the main hall to your shared chambers.

"Why are you so worried about me? I'm just an ordinary person. And completely unremarkable. And you are a gorgeous, beautiful woman with incredible curves..." you said it, obviously without fully realizing what you were saying. Now Alcina will have another reason to tease you later, but that's not so important right now.

"I thought it was obvious. Well, I've grown fond of you, my little one." Lady Dimitrescu put you on the bed and sat down next to you. You rested your head on her thigh, looking into the tall lady's golden eyes, in which you saw nothing but boundless tenderness and warmth.

"I love you, Alcina," you told her, slurring your words and smiling stupidly, and received an equally sincere smile in return.

Lady Dimitrescu responded by gently running her hand over your cheek, then leaning down slightly and kissing your forehead.

"I love you too, Y/N."

you never loved her like i do.

w/c: 1.2k (a short one to start but they’ll get longer)

summary: steve leaves and you struggle to cope

warnings swearing, major character death, grief, unhealthy coping mechanisms


A lump rises in your throat as you take in the sight before you. Steve - your Steve - has abandoned you for the woman he knew back in the 40s. Your eyes fill with tears but you refuse to let them fall; you won’t let him see you cry over him. That’s the last thing he deserves. After everything you’ve done for him; you went to hell and back, you stayed for him, you died for him, and at the end of the day, your efforts were fruitless. Because even the gentlest, kindest, most pure love in the world wasn’t enough for him. And at the first opportunity he got, he went running back to his past. So it was never really you, was it? It was always her.

Anonymous asked:

if requests are open, maybe a part two of “dying in their arms” where the reader comes back as a ghost? love ur writing btw, very epic and cool

𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐚𝐬 𝐚 𝐠𝐡𝐨𝐬𝐭 • 𝐜!𝐦𝐮𝐥𝐭𝐢𝐩𝐥𝐞

this is part two of dying in their arms - you don’t need to read those hcs to understand this but it would be amazing if you checked it out!!
warnings: minimal swearing, minimal crying, slightly sad :(
pronouns: they/them (gender neutral)


  • denies that you’re really there
  • he thinks his brain is tricking him
“if this is a fucking joke, it’s not funny.”
  • your death really took a toll on him
  • he began to get colder towards people without you around
  • when you explain that you’re a ghost, he warms up a bit but is still hesitant
  • plans to find some way to get the revive book off of dream


  • he was expecting your ghost to appear soon
“what took you so long, i missed you.”
  • doesn’t take too long until he revives you
  • just wants your real self back
  • he doesn’t like to admit it, but he missed you a lot
  • really happy to see you again, even if he doesn’t show it


  • lost for words when he sees you
  • rubs at his eyes a few times, and has to pass his hand through your body to check you’re real
“y/ that really you?”
  • protects your spirit with his life
  • he doesn’t want anything happening to you, not again


  • tries to play off the fact that he’s so happy to see you back
“where the fuck have you been, idiot?”
  • talks to you a lot whenever you appear, because he really missed your company
  • doesn’t have as many nightmares as he used to when you were gone
  • sometimes you watch over him at night just to make sure he’s okay


  • calls phil over when you appear infront of him
“they’re back! they’re finally back!”
  • he knows how to deal with ghosts because of ghostbur
“so much has happened since you’ve been gone, let me tell you!”
  • really happy, he’s not upset at all
  • you two spend so much time together
  • he just loves being able to see your smile again


  • when he sees your ghost, he instantly starts crying
  • thinks he’s hallucinating again, because he’s been seeing visions of you ever since you died
“go away! i want the real y/n!”
  • very upset when he tries to embrace you, but he falls right through your body
  • takes him time to accept you’re not going to be your flesh self just yet
  • still enjoys every second he gets to spend with you, ghost or not

Thinking bout an Alien!AU where Jazz is an only child and Danny is from space at 3am.

Might F around and write a full blown fic full of hijinks of a "totally human boy and not a nomadic race of alien born from condensed star energy™" who's fascinated with humans, ghosts and the concept of life after death. And is also confused as to why humans named their planet Dirt.

Includes lines like:

"Stars are burning balls of gas, how is your power Ice?"

"... I'm from the North."


"This guy is obviously an alien!"

"How dare you, I am a normal human teen. I love to eat grease burger and watch the tv box."

"That checks out."

"Sounds human to me."

-incoherent screams-


"Humans keep tiny devils with razor blade fingers and spite burning hotter than a thousand suns for pets?"

"Oh yeah, cats we love them. Check out this video."

"While this Katt playing your electronic sound board is amusing I am concerned."


"The sharp ball with the wrath of God is vibrating!"

"It's okay, it means it likes you."

"....... This is acceptable."

And more.

𝑶𝒉, 𝑭𝒊𝒆𝒓𝒄𝒆 𝑳𝒆𝒂𝒅𝒆𝒓

cc!Wilbur x gn!Sibling!Innit reader


Synopsis: Tommy makes you play Minecraft with him, Charlie and Wilbur for the first time in years. You become their leader and Wilbur decides to challenge you.

Warnings: Swearing :P

Word Count: 3191