Even more deleted dialog from Far Cry 5’s files!

I found a very convenient document that lists all sound files and organizes them by scene. What’s interesting is that all the deleted audio files are listed too. I wanted to know how many lines of dialog each Seed sibling had in total in this document and how many had been eventually cut. Here’s what I found:

  • Joseph: 372 files (73 in Arcade, 229 for the game, 70 deleted)
  • John: 415 files (239 in Arcade, 168 for the game, 8 deleted)
  • Jacob: 562 files (244 in Arcade, 191 for the game, 127 deleted)
  • Faith: 323 files (244 for the game, 79 deleted)

I was about to stop there but I realized each line of dialog was potentially linked to a “text string” (in-game text, such as subtitles). If you want to take a look at the text strings (“Oasisstrings”) they are on text.farcry.info, a website created by a modder known as Steve Botter (Steve64).

It turns out the transcription of many deleted sound files remains in “Oasisstrings”! It means we can no longer listen to them but we can still read them!

So here are all the deleted lines of dialog I found for the Seeds:


Far Cry 5 fans, I have a question for you. 🤔

Why does the Deputy back way from Faith when she reaches out to them (her final scene), but the Deputy doesn't do the same with the other Seeds?

Like John harshly grabs the Deputy but they don't back away, Jacob summons them closer and they walk towards him, and then he holds them close. Joseph's response depends on the ending you pick.... But Faith, you back away from.... Am I missing something?

Anonymous asked:

wait, whats the thing with henbane?

It’s a plant! Not just any plant though, “Hyoscyamus niger”, aka henbane, black henbane or stinking nightshade. 

While it can be used (and has, for centuries) medicinally it’s poisonous in the wrong dose. It’s also very psychoactive (to be point it may have been used by Viking berserkers) and was therefore used for witchcraft as the hallucinations made it feel like you really were flying/summoning demons. It also has been/can be used as an aphrodisiac. 

So yeah a pretty looking but very dangerous flower that has mind altering properties is the *most* Faith Seed thing I can think of. And that’s cool. 


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Oh, I think I'm okay without one but thank you for the offer. I'm sure your request is innocent but others might not see it that way and I need to set an example for my brothers and sisters.

- Faith