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"Girl ho bisogno di Ezio che mi consoli, sto passando una giornata di merda e sono ancora le 10:20 di mattina, quindi bless me with your writing please♡ " - @fuckinherondale

First of all,translation,as always,for my non Italian buddies: "Girl I need Ezio to console/comfort me,I'm going through a shitty day and it's still 10:20 am,so bless me with your writing please"

Now.I don't know when you sent me this (most likely this morning,for the hour you have written there) but I swear I didn't see it until now that I uh...woke up from the sacrilegious and holy afternoon nap.Plus,Tumblr didn't send me any kind of notification (to be honest I am having trubles with tumblr lately,it's being a little shit,it doesn't send me even one notification :/). So I humbly beg your pardon if I am writing it just now,a bit late.

Warnings: well,no one?It's a bit emotional and way too philosophical but come on,it's Ezio,I can't always write flirty things when it's about him.

So there you go,an Ezio small,short one-shot.

Now,let's start,shall we?


"Alzati" his high,deep and authoritative tone seemed to linger for endless moments in the cold hair of that late autumn afternoon: his voice,icy as the breeze that silently moved the branches of the tall oak tree in front of them; his gaze,sharp as the blade of the sword that was pointing at it; his eyes,burning as the sun that,behind him,set the sky on fire.

The young woman slowly lifted her gaze from his hands,which held her sword's hilt weakly,to Ezio's serious and severe face; not finding the usual warm,welcoming and affectionate brown eyes in which she abandoned herself,drowning very often and willingly in those two deep wells,she set her gaze elsewhere.

Behind the tall,proud and imposing figure of the Assassin,numerous hills jagged the view,looking for the most part like green waves of a sea formed by orange leaves: finally,her tired glance lay on the village of Monteriggioni,a small glimpse of life in the midst of nature. The sun,on the edge of sunset,seemed to be a fiery sphere,painting the sky with vivid colours,clouds stained with blood.

A faint and silent sigh left the girl's lips,her e/c eyes,which were fixed on the leaves that covered the ground,now rose slowly until they met her brown eyes. The sunlight,although weak and dim,didn't allow her to see the young Auditore's face well;so she raised her hand in front of her eyes,blocking the sun's rays that blinded her.

Through her fingers,creating bundles of shadow,she was finally able to see Ezio's face: his thick eyebrows were wrinkled in an austere expression to say the least,but the invisible and gentle smile that raised his lips shamelessly betrayed the serious atmosphere that hovered around him. A few rays of sunshine fell on his tanned skin,a couple of drops of sweat slowly,almost lazily,ran down his forehead on which a couple of strands of his dark hair were stuck.

Stretching out his arm,he stretched out the weapon he was still holding and,placing the tip of his sword under the woman's chin,he gently lifted her face,the cold metal of the blade in contact with her warm skin making her shiver slightly. The Assassin leaned down over her,now permanently blocking the light,finally showing himself to her confused gaze: a small smirk formed on his scarred lips at the sight before him.

It was more than five hours that Y/n and Ezio,on top of that isolated hill,under the giant branches of that oak tree,were practicing: fighting against them with only their swords,fists and kicks. Nothing new for the young woman...but she had to believe herself again,when after a while Ezio started to be serious and to say the least ruthless with all his moves. Soon,Y/n realised that this wasn't their usual training: the young Auditore didn't utter a word,he didn't start to tease as to distract her as he always used to do.no tempting wink,no gracious touches,no phrases and malicious looks.

And,after what seemed endless hours,she threw herself on the ground,falling on her knees,her weak arms,her heavy breathing,her mind clouded,exhausted. While he watched her carefully,Y/n tried to understand the reason for such serious and solemn atmosphere on his part.

It was...unusual. And this only made her darker.

A lively spark flashed in his big eyes when,making his curious gaze wander over the body of the woman he loved,he saw that,despite all the effort,despite all the pain and all the tiredness,she still held her sword firmly in her fist in a firm and strong grip. The admiration and pride that Ezio felt for that strong woman was overwhelming.

He laid his eyes again on the woman's face,the smile that had appeared on his lips had disappeared immediately,continuing to look at her with a mixture of hidden and veiled concern,which she was partially able to recognize and grasp.

"I don't appreciate the stern look in your gaze" Y/n spoke suddenly,the words that left her mouth and that the wind quickly carried to his ears.

Ezio raised an eyebrow,perplexity and amazement that took possession of him as soon as he heard the girl uttering that phrase with what the Assassin distinguished as being... disappointment and anger.

"Rise up and fight" he answered authoritatively,still holding his weapon under her chin,his deep gaze that did nothing but observe her intensely,gazing into her very soul,making her feel almost naked: there was no armor around and inside her that Ezio couldn't bring down.

"Your enemy won't show any mercy" the Assassin continued with a thread of voice,slowly moving the sword and starting to drag it down her neck,looking at her from above.

A religious silence,to say the least,reigned supreme for a few endless moments among them,if it hadn't been for the joyful chirping of the birds and the feeble crawling of the oak leaves,which now cast strange and playful shadows on the carpet of leaves where they stood.

Ezio sighed and,with a quick gesture,he withdrew his sword in front of her,only to plant it firmly in the ground. Bringing one arm up,he wiped away the sweat with the back of his hand and,looking over his shoulder,took a quick look at what was his home: what had become his home and which he had to call that.

Sorrow and worry clouded,for a moment,his longing gaze as he walked and distractedly observed the fortified walls of Monteriggioni. Once again the whole village,including Villa Auditore,had been attacked by an unexpected and violent attack by the soldiers and mercenaries loyal to the Borgia family. Even if taken by surprise,they were able to defend the village with courage and ardour,but which had cost them many deaths.

And the harshness,seriousness with which Ezio was addressing Y/n wasn't,in fact,accidental. That endless battle between Assassins and Templars was involving,as has always happened in previous years,innocent and unsuspecting people of all that eternal and bloody struggle. Ezio saw the consequences:he saw how entire families were destroyed,falling and perishing helplessly under a single sword blow in front of his eyes.

And he feared when,on the same day of the attack in Monteriggioni,he found Y/n struggling in the arms of an enemy soldier who was holding her hostage, fear that completely attenuated her:totally defenceless if it had not been for a small but lethal dagger she had hidden under the long sleeve of her dress,sticking the weapon in the soldier's leg,running immediately,instead,between the strong and welcoming arms of Ezio.

The Assassin could not afford to risk losing a loved one...not another one. And for that very reason,he decided to train the young woman personally.

"I can't..." a faint murmur left her lips,discouragement and anguish that scratched her voice,turning her gaze away from his form for the umpteenth time,not wanting to be weak in front of her inquisitors' eyes.

Ezio didn't doubt,as he had never done before,of her strong and courageous spirit,but he had never before heard her utter such words,full of discouragement and pessimism: it was not like her,they were not sentences that he expected her to say,it was not a voice that belonged to her.

"I'm not..." before another desperate whisper could leave her lips,the young Auditore interrupted her.

"No one will help you in your hardest times,but..." he began softly,slowly taking some steps forwards towards her body; and,once he got closer,she was able to see the tears that,slowly and almost with bitter spit,were scratching her cheeks,tracing her face,bending under her chin and falling on the leaves on the ground.

"I will always be there. Per te" the Assassin continued with a low and serious voice,but full of affection,his eyes fullfilled of sincere and pure promises when she finally raised her gaze and met his one.

Stretching an arm,he opened the palm of his hand,offering it to her,at the same time giving her an inviting, erene and warm smile. Y/n looked for a few moments at his outstretched hand tiwards her direction,her sad look constantly moving from his face to his hand.

"Rise up,mia Signora" Ezio whispered in an encouraging tone,his imperceptible smile widening as soon as she placed her little hand in his; and,holding it tight,he lifted her off the ground from her knees,now standing before each other.

Continuing to smile at her,his other hand went up and,cupping her cheek,she leaned on his soft,velvety and feather-like touch,closing her eyes as he leaned in,sweetly kissing away her tears that were born from her insecurities and fears.

She opened her eyes once she felt him deteaching from her face,watching him with a gaze full of gratitude.Looking down,she noticed how their hands were still joined,him holding them in his firm grip,making her feel safe,protected and utterly loved.

"I prefer one strong and trustworthy woman,instead of thousand soldiers" Ezio murmured in a barely audible whisper that only her was able to hear. And,bringing her hands up towards his mouth and bending slightly,he left a small and chaste kiss on the back of them,still pressing his lips on her skin as he looked up at her shiny e/c eyes.

"The woman I admire and love"



"Alzati" = rise up;

"Per te" = for you;

"mia Signora" = my Lady.


This has been bothering me ever since I finished Revelations, really. I talked about it a little, but clearly I’m not done. 

The very first time we’re introduced to Altaïr, he breaks all three tenants of the Creed. He kills an innocent man for simply being in the way, he attacks Robert de Sablé outright instead of keeping to the shadows, and leads the Templars to Masyaf as well as causes Malik to lose an arm and a brother. For these failures and willful disregard of the Creed, Al Mualim “kills” him, and demotes him back to Novice. 

Altaïr is, unfortunately, too useful to completely get rid of because he has the skills of a Master Assassin, and Al Mualim intends to use him for his own ends. The implication being that Al Mualim most definitely has killed other Assassins for breaking the Creed, and this is, for better or worse, the correct way of doing things. If they do not follow the Creed, they are no better than the rabble that murder wantonly, and deserve to be put down. They have a higher purpose, and they must take their actions into account and follow a code of conduct. 

The last time we see Ezio working in an official capacity as an Assassin, in pursuit of political goals that are not personal, he breaks all three tenants of the Creed. In order to get at Manuel Palaiologos, Ezio sets fire to a gunpower cache in Cappadocia, potentially killing hundreds if not thousands; attacks Manuel in public; and unintentionally sets Ahmet on the Brotherhood, launching an all out war. 

At that point in time, there is no higher power to call Ezio out on this -- he is the Mentor of the Brotherhood, and alone in Cappadocia, with no one to answer to. Who can he answer to? What other power rests above the Mentor? Manuel attempts to call Ezio out on this, but his stance is weak and out of self interest as a Templar who only wishes to control the people that Ezio has inadvertently killed. Likewise, Ahmet does not call Ezio out for his misdeeds either, as the narrative focus shifts from political maneuvering to personal revenge. Ahmet has captured Sofia and murdered Yusuf, and so there is no room for questions of philosophy or culpability to those that Ezio murdered. 

You would think that with the fact that Revelations is Altaïr’s story as much as Ezio’s, there would be a parallel there, or that the narrative would draw attention to it. That isn’t the case. Revelations does not mention the circumstances that led to Altair’s demotion, nor does it focus on the idea that his mentorship was just as rocky as Ezio’s, instead choosing to focus on a lifetime long villain of Altair as a narrative thread. This is a larger problem that is a consequence of how little time we spent with Altaïr in Revelations, but at the very least they could have covered this idea. 

I’m just so frustrated that Revelations had the perfect set up to call Ezio out on his actions, and make his decision to give up being an Assassin more weighty, but they didn’t. There’s some serious depth there, the idea that Ezio has gotten too ruthless in his pursuit of the Templars, that he needed to set aside being an Assassin lest he became the monster he fought against for so long. Don’t get me wrong, Ezio’s decision to set aside that life for actually being happy with Sofia is good, and I think it’s lovely and poetic, but it’s not the only parallel that needs to be drawn.  


I thought of canon!Ezio seeing the reader in a tank top and short shorts (don't ask me how) and my mind is running WILD



• Ok so maybe that what you sleep in during summertime when the nights are really hot

• And one morning Ezio came in to wake you up because you had a mission to do together super early 

• And there you were in those tiny shorts and tight tank top, the blanket kicked off during sleep

• And there was just so much skin and so many curves and he felt like he could see everything compared to what you usually wore-

• He had to stop his train of thought for a moment at seeing you like this

• And take a moment to realise that perhaps he hadn’t changed much since the womanising days of his youth

• Which I suppose means this is Brotherhood Ezio?

• Either way, he didn’t really want to wake you up

• Partially because you looked so tranquil

• Mostly because of the view

• I mean, if he couldn’t see skin then he could at least see the shape of your body

• And perhaps his mind wondered so far that he ended up leaving you there and going to sort himself out instead

• However you choose to interpret that is up to you ;)


On the 17th of November, eleven years ago, Assassin's Creed II was released in North America for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The game is set during the Renaissance in Italy and follows Ezio Auditore's quest for vengeance against those who betrayed his family.

The game was a huge critical and commercial success. It is the most critically-acclaimed in the series and helped popularize the franchise. Assassin's Creed II was praised for its setting, narrative, characters, map design, visuals as well as its improvements over the original. It has sold over nine million copies.


On the 16th of November, ten years ago, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood was released in North America for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The game is set in 16th century Rome, with Assassin's Creed II protagonist Ezio continuing his fight against the Borgia family.

The game was unanimously well-received with critics praising its setting of Rome, content, gameplay improvements as well as the addition of multiplayer side mode. The story was mostly well-received as well although not as much as II's.