Top 5 Multi-Use Makeup Products For Your Lips & Cheeks To Shop Now – 2021 Guide

All makeup products are and can be multi-purpose – and professional makeup artists often create a wholly natural look with just a few products. If you aspire to a simple, shiny look – you can also use a cream blush on your cheeks, eyelids, and lips. Don’t let product labels get in the way and use them in many different ways to achieve the perfect look. Get more info here : Top 5 Multi-Use Makeup Products on MIRA

Eye-shape overlays

Hello! Today I have some eye-shape overlays, so that you can change the eye-shape and eyelid of any skin (⁀ᗢ⁀)

  • All ages & genders
  • Works with any skin color
  • Compatible with all overlay skins, as long as they are not edited specifically to go on top of all skin details
  • Custom thumbnails

Early Access on Patreon until November 15 ~

Links on my page & in my bio, or remove brackets: 🌙miikocc.tumblr[.]com/mycc

a thought/writing prompt i had about when you rub your eyes.

imagine that everyone is born with an image drawn on their eyelids. the image is under a thicc layer of protective material to not damage it throughout life, but still there.

the thing you see when you tub your eyes for a bit is the material but, if you rub your eyes long enough, you start to see things through the material.

now imagine if everyone had a part of the same image. the same drawing, scattered across billions and trillions of parts in people's eyelids. some people get more, some people get less. someone may get a meter of drawing, someone may get one pixel. someone may get a recognisable image, someone may get an abstract one.

but everyone has one.

now imagine, one night you go to bed and rub your eyelids. you rub them for a long time, trying to find the image. you accidentally rub of the entire protective layer. now, when you close your eyes, you see your entire image.

the image is enourmous, it fills up your entire view with things and colors. you find that the drawing is tailored to your life. whenever you need help, you can close your eyes and look around. there is always a subtle answer for your problems. however, the drawing doesn't actually change, you just notice the things you need. this means that you could, perhaps, predict your future.

whenever you open your eyes, you close them.