I know it's a small thing, but I love how my co-worker keeps saying 'I know you want music on but I just don't understand how you can work like that!'

And every time I say 'It's the only way my adhd brain can focus. It's not a want.'

And then we repeat the same cycle there next time it comes up. OTL

I know I've said this a hundred times on a hundred different subjects, but words matter.

I don't want music on. I need music on.

I don't believe in evolution. I accept evolution.

I don't identify as genderfluid. I am genderfluid.

I phrase things this way for a reason. Saying I want music implies I function just as well without it when I don't. Saying I believe in evolution implies I believe it with or without evidence, putting it on the same field as religion. Saying I identify as genderfluid implies, at least to some degree, that I chose it when it's just a descriptor for who I am.

Please pay attention to your words. They make such a difference.

The central tenet of the theory of evolution as it is today, is that all life on earth descended from a common ancestor. Going by this logic, every organism is related to each other. In a way, all life belongs to one giant family tree. By this logic, the claim "Humans and chicken share a common ancestor, and thus are related" is a reasonable one.

But is there any direct evidence for this? Actually...yes. If we are asked for the biggest differences between us and chickens, laying eggs would probably come on top. Since humans give birth, it is a fact that they don't produce the building blocks of said eggs. Then, why does the human genome contain bits and pieces of such genes that code for these building blocks? The most reasonable explanation is that humans inherited these genes from an egg-laying ancestor, that also happened to be an ancestor of chickens. Otherwise, specially-created humans have no need for such broken genes.

A question might be asked : Why are these genes broken? All genes are subject to mutations at a fairly constant rate. A fact of physics and chemistry. When a gene is vital, then any mutation that makes it lose its function will be selected against. If a chicken has a mutation of the VIT2 gene, it won't be able to make the yolk. Without it, no reproduction. So the gene kept its function, because all members who had a negative (said "inactivating" or "loss-of-function") mutation, had no descends. Now imagine a human or an ape having an inactivating mutation in the VIT2 gene? Nothing happens. No natural selection stops this mutation from spreading, because the gene isn't needed, and we get a pseudogene or gene fragments.

That precious moment, of the birth of a child. From the cry of a poet. From the cry of a lover.

That precise moment, retain it in your memory and save him from oblivion.

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Ese precioso instante, del nacimiento de un niño. Del llanto de un poeta. Del clamor de un amante.

Ese preciso instante, retenlo en tu memoria y sálvalo del olvido.

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Release the stresses of the day. Become a more beautiful lovely being. Be a ball of love and light. Be careful with your heart. Take care of your body. You’re beautiful. Be kind to yourself. You’re gorgeous. You are the art you wish to admire with someone else at a museum. Nurturing yourself should be apart of your natural state. Be kind to others. Love unconditionally. Do what makes you happy. Smile more it looks good on you babe🤍


For the way you are when you are with me, for your simplicity and clarity with which you speak, for your tenderness and understanding; for your beautiful look; for your charming smile, for your love, for your trust.
I love you when you speak I love you, when you shut up; I love you when you laugh I love you when you cry I love you when you walk When you run, when you rest
If you tell me that you love me, I love you, you remember my words, I love you; if you forget them, I love you too; if you sleep and dream, I love you, if you wake up, if you get up.
I love you because you are with me I love you when you are not; I love you for being someone special; because of what you say, because of what you do and for many more things.
Anyway, I LOVE YOU, for being the way you are, and for what I am when I'm with you.

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Por tu forma de ser cuando estás conmigo, por tu sencillez y claridad con la que hablas, por tu ternura y comprensión; por tu mirada hermosa; por tu sonrisa encantadora, por tu cariño, por tu confianza.

Te amo, cuando hablas, te amo, cuando callas; te amo cuando ríes, te amo cuando lloras; te amo cuando caminas, cuando corres, cuando descansas.

Si me dices que me amas, te amo, se recuerdas mis palabras, te amo; si las olvidas, también te amo; si duermes y sueñas, te amo, si despiertas, si te levantas.

Te amo porque estás conmigo, te amo cuando no lo estas; te amo por ser alguien especial; por lo que dices, por lo que haces y por muchas cosas más.

En fin, TE AMO, por ser como eres, y por lo que soy cuando estoy contigo.

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