What Might Have Been - Chapter 14: Want

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💚   Side B Chapter   💚

Continues immediately from the end of Chapter 13: Love ...

CW / Content Warning: Implied past self harm, minor burn, shouting Songs for This Chapter: Save Me by Queen Love of My Life by Queen [I'll] love you 'til I die Save me, save me, save me I can't face this life alone -----

As Remus stepped down the staircase, he could hear quiet murmuring in the kitchen. He tried not to listen, but Janus' voice rumbling, "Are you sure about this, my dear? We don't have to -" cut right through. As Remus approached the entrance to the kitchen, he cleared his throat so he wouldn't sneak up on them or overhear anything else not meant for his ears.

When Remus entered, Janus stood with his back to the doorway, head bent down and resting on Roman's shoulder. Their arms were wrapped around each other. Roman's eyes were squeezed shut. "Um, hey ...," Remus began, voice unsteady. He had been to hospitals with a more light-hearted energy. Fuck, I've been to funerals that didn't feel this dark. "Are you two ok? Did something happen?"

Janus shook his head as he broke away from Roman's embrace. "No, nothing has happened, Remus. We're -" Janus took a deep breath, met Roman's eyes and nodded. "We're fine." Roman nodded back, and Janus passed Remus as he left the room. He gripped his shoulder as he did, giving Remus a tiny, tight smile. "I ... I've got to get ready," before scurrying out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

"What's up with him?," Remus asked Roman, walking toward the coffee maker to pour a cup. Unable to ignore the silent, Roman-shaped elephant in the room any longer, he added "And what's up with you?"

"Why don't you sit down, Re?" Remus felt his stomach sink. There's no way this was going to be a good conversation.

Here's charles, with and without the scars. While drawing this, maybe the headphones doesn't make any sense if he's a mermaid. So I just thought he just found it but has no idea what is it, but he loves it. Also rupert's there too, but I might change the color of him. Anyway, here's this merboy

Six Sentence Sunday

From the (sigh) Joewhora ficlet I'm hoping to throw in for the rare pair challenge.

A'Whora eyed the crowd gathered in line in front of the club with utter disgust.

“Thanks a lot, Tia,” he sneered. Now he had to stand on the pavement in those bloody heels for who knew how long, and they’d probably end up catching the show from the back of the room. If he wasn’t so afraid to mess up his nails, he could strangle her.

“How’s that my fault?” Tia asked, unbothered.

“Took you a fuckin’ hour to get ready.” He gave Tia a stern once over before adding snidely, “And you still managed to look like this.”

A’Whora, on the other end, had picked the dark suit he was wearing weeks ago, and gone on two separate shopping sprees scouring for the right court shoes to match it, which ended up costing half of his food budget for the rest of the month. Then there were the many evenings he’d spent practicing the understated makeup that complimented his already enhanced features. It wasn’t every day one got to meet a proper icon.

“Well,” Tia smirked, “it’s a lot harder when your face can actually move.”

Turning to Tayce, who was pointedly ignoring their argument as per usual, A'Whora stage-whispered, “Why is she here again?”

Tia merely rolled her eyes. “You want the free ticket or not?”

Chapters: 3/? Fandom: 빈센조 | Vincenzo (TV) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Jang Han Seo & Jang Joon Woo | Jang Han Seok, Jang Han Seo/ Original Female Character(s) Characters: Jang Han Seo, Jang Joon Woo | Jang Han Seok, Hong Cha Young, Han Seung Hyuk, Vincenzo Cassano | Park Joo Hyeong Additional Tags: Angst with a Happy Ending, Hurt/Comfort, Brothers, mentions of torture but nothing explicit, Past Abuse, Past Drug Use, Fluff and Angst


There were a lot of things Han Seo still couldn’t get right. He didn’t always know what to say to people he was meeting for the first time or just how to say it. He didn’t always know how to be sure that someone wasn’t playing him. He couldn’t use a fax machine to save his life. There were actually many more things that came hard to him than things that came easy, but there was one thing that he never had to work at. Han Seo was always on time. If Han Seo had been a little late, though, if he’d arrived at work just 10 minutes later, he would’ve been too busy to take the call, and on his darkest bitterest nights, he sometimes still wishes he had.

Note: Thank you so much to everyone who’s encouraged me to write this. This is the first fandom I’ve ever felt comfortable enough to actually engage in, let alone write fanfics for, so thank you all for being the absolute most emotionally generous group of people I’ve ever seen in one place. 

Special thanks to @mangacat201 whose poignant replies have really helped me crystalize a lot of the ideas I had in mind.

Also, I have to tell you guys that my brother is a literal saint who watched Vincenzo for my sake (even though he doesn’t like Kdramas), beta read all 20k+ words of this thing so far (even though he’s not a big reader) and somehow didn’t disown me for getting him hooked on an airing drama just before it went on a hiatus. 

Thank you and hope you enjoy the story! Any feedback would be extremely appreciated!!

Punch Off Spin-Off: The NCT Intervention Prologue

Summary: They say, it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it takes the whole of NCT to get Taeyong to finally get your attention and ask you out. 

Or, here are the 22 ways Taeyong fails and the 1 time he doesn’t. 

Warning/Notes: This is a spin-off from THIS DRABBLE.  What was supposed to be a spin-off turned into a whole-ass idea for Mr. Frowny Face up there.  Y/N is a different person from the previous work! In this case, she’s THE person to call to fix/repair/upcycle stuff in campus and Taeyong’s a dork. 

Word Count: 752 words

“I hope you don’t expect me to fix that.”

Johnny looks up at you staring at what was their coffee table and laughs, “No, no, don’t worry. It’s actually up here.”

He leads you up the stairs, tiptoeing around the remains of last night’s Punch Off. A funny, maybe slightly immature way of settlings things that work, so who were you to judge really.

Heaving up your tool box, you look over your shoulder and raise your eyebrow at the broken chair by the equally bereaved coffee table. Entering a familiar room, you ask, “Mind telling me what happened downstairs?”

A frazzled Taeyong stands in the middle of the room turns to you and laughs. The type of crazed, manic laugh that says - “I’m barely hanging on to my sanity” kind of thing.

“Uh, yeah… we had a situation.”

six sentence sunday

i continue work on my modern/farmer codywan au! Here is a little snippet for the weekend:

Ben blinked, feeling a flush creeping up his cheeks beneath his beard as he took the flower, which looked slightly wilted. “Ah,” he said, brushing a touch across one of the plush petals, clearing his throat. “Your brother?”
“Cody,” Boba specified, grinning at him widely. “Do you like it?”
“It’s lovely,” Ben said, automatically, his ears burning as well.