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How do you feel about the IkeRev story events? And the early clear bonuses for the collection and story events?

Early Clears are how they have always been in CYBIRD games, they are there for people who are willing to spend money to get them.

Story events in whole on the other hand…

Until this point, CYBIRD’s story events were able to be completed by 100% free players with enough strategy and smart picking of event mates. With the new way events are done in IkeRev, that is not possible anymore. It’s at a point where, if you are 100% free, you are going to have to pick and choose which events you will try to complete. Save up your items for these events…

And then it hit me. This took two story events for me to realize WHY exactly they changed the way story events worked. What is something that 100% free players have complained about in CYBIRD games that they have changed in IkeRev?

They give out free premium currency.

So, not only are they giving out stamina items, but if you strategize the way you use your free stones, you could also manage to buy sets with those stones to help you complete your events.

As someone who has no problem spending money in games that I like, I know that even I am going to have to change the way that I play.

1. There isn’t an opening or closing fever anymore. So, since mates just give you a small Love Points boost, hold off starting the event until there is a fever. That way when you start, you can use stamina items to their full potential.

2. You are going to have to decide which events you want to Full Clear and which events you would be okay with reading 1-2 premium ends. I do this in a lot of other games now. I play so many games, I just can’t really read a full event every game anymore. So, I pick out a favorite or two and then make sure to read their highest end and, if they have an After End/Episode, I will buy that and call the event done.

3. Buy TEA & CAKE SETS ONLY during fevers. These are the items you need to be buying more than anything for story events. For collection events, you want ticket sets only and then use those tickets during a story fever to get the most points out of them.

4. If you won’t be able to EC in IkeRev, hold off reading the story until you have around 7500 LP. That way you can get one ending out of the way in one go and feel more accomplished.

I keep reminding myself that not FC-ing an event is not something I need to get super upset about. If I focus on the characters I like the most, then finishing those I don’t care about doesn’t matter. 

Greetings and salutations, folks! Got some quick October advice for ya.

Yeah, I know it’s 20 or so days away, but for this particular piece of advice, time could be of the essence. In order of importance, October is up there as one of the more important events and it’s always good to prepare well in advance for those (for instance, in preparation for February, I’m EXP loading my main male. He’s already at 30k EXP, which translates into about 8-10 free bars of energy!).

One way you do this is by having one of these handy for the month:

A May Personality Changer!

Contrary to popular sentiment, May does have it’s uses and this item is the most effective in the month of October where event currency is acquired through combat. As we know, fighting on lioden lowers energy and so your currency count is going to be determined by how well you fight and how much energy you have available. The stoic personality sees you saving 30% of the energy you’d otherwise lose with other personalities, which really adds up over time!

The MPC can be acquired in May and on the off chance you missed may, it is available year round in the Gorilla Enclave. You may be able to snag a few from branches or the TC!

Like I said, October has many useful apps, breeding items, exp items, and just plain old users willing to outright buy currency, so getting in on his event is likely to turn a decent profit if you know what you’re doing!

I also recommend postponing the choice between angels and demons in October, as choosing either side will significantly lower your Blood Beetle (BB) count after the fact. Beetles can always be traded for angel or demon currency so don’t worry! If your BB hoard is impressive, you’ll still be able to get what you need to get (remember to buy what you need from Nirah first!)

This may be sent around again at the end of September or beginning of October! For now, happy jewel beetle hunting!

Hello @narekashi !

Thanks for your advice, but I have a few points to point out. First, the Tea and Cakes from set items sale and the free ones are combined, so there’s no way to recognize which is free except if you keep track of the items you have regularly. Which I usually did, but sometimes I don’t, and I always try to finish as close as I can to the deadline to minimize the usage of them. Why I bought the 18 tea and cakes set, is because I never use them outside of story event and I’ll save as much as I can to minimize purchasing set items! ^^

Second, yes, I never spend my crystal to buy potions item, in fact, I still have 11 event potions which you get from entering the event, just in case I’m unable to buy the set items someday and in need to raise my points for the bonus deadlines.

Third, I always try to get all the bonuses, which I usually able to do pretty easily because the all route early clear bonus is around 72h or 96h even, this time I just feel that it’s pretty cruel for them to force me to choose only one of them or spending a lot of items (I spent 57 Tea and Cakes, and I lost only 2-3 hours of energy overflow) for both… because the all clear bonus hairset is on 120h! So, it’s a bit…irritating for me. I did think to get only Ed’s, but again, I just feel it’s a pity because while I may pass on an avatar bonus, I always try to get the cards, especially because they may not appear in the gacha ^^

I thank you for the advices, but since I’m not a person who can spend royally at a game, I always try to find the most effective way too ^^ And yes, I aimed for Luka first, which I completed all end in 30.900 points, and then I went for Ed, resulting in points needed for all clear is 63.900… and the normal event is usually 61.200, if I’m not wrong. again, they do have slight differences, but nowadays most of story events got 61.200 as the bar.

I just feel irritated a bit, because it’s actually the first time I need to spend this much to all cleared an event… And since I wouldn’t be able to do this a lot, and I, personally feel that I don’t really want to spend half-heartedly… so if it comes to that, I’ll only spend for Birthday Stories and hopefully none for Story Event. I might spend for Collection event tho, since it’s kinda impossible to full clear without using tickets (^_^;

I hope you don’t take my explanation in the wrong way, and you gave a good advice for others who haven’t known about it, so thank you for kindly explaining it! :3

Okay, since I’ve seen people getting very frustrated with the Quidditch event and I’m already mostly done with it, I’m going to put out some of the tactics that I’ve been using. I’m not sure if playing as a Beater is any different, but I’ve only been playing as a Chaser, so keep that in mind.

First off, to get all of the rewards, you’ll need to complete a full streak 4 times, though if you’ve already got some points from previous attempts it might not take that many. But since gathering tickets is super annoying, you’ll want to do this as efficiently as possible.

Secondly, the most important thing to remember is to not get psyched out. The time limit even in the very last match is enough for you to focus on the targets’ speed. Most of them will be different speeds, though frequently the third and fourth targets will be the same speed.

When starting a maneuver, do not hesitate with the first target, whether you have a time limit or not. Immediately hit it, and you’ll likely get either a green or a yellow. As you hit it, stare at the second one to get the timing, and then hit it and try not to hesitate. For the third and fourth ones, you can watch one time to get their timing, but usually you can only watch one in and out so make sure you’re paying attention.

The first two matches are super easy, and you don’t have to try that hard, but I recommend pretending that it’s as hard as the very last one to get your technique. The third match is a bit “harder” which really only means “faster” and that you have to get a higher number of points per maneuver. All yellows should be enough for this match, so try to get at least a yellow on each target.

It’s here that I’m going to point out that sometimes if you only just pass the maneuver, the bar showing who’s winning will barely move. Do not panic. Any movement is enough.

After match three, the point requirement will stay up, though the game will slow back down a bit. Try to practice getting at least one green during maneuvers now, while still getting the rest as yellows. If you can do better, do it, but at least try and get a minimum of one green. Matches four through six are roughly the same difficulty as each other.

Match seven is the worst, and you need the most amount of points per maneuver for this. However, you don’t need to get a perfect maneuver to win. This is where getting at least one green and the rest yellows comes in. The regular check mark on this bar is very close to the perfect check mark. Again, do not panic if the score bar is barely moving. You’ll still win.

Match seven (and six, I believe) has four maneuvers per match instead of three, so don’t let your guard down after the third one and get caught off guard.

DO NOT pay attention to the timer in the corner. If you glance at it for even a second, you’ll probably end up losing your rhythm. As I said before, you should have enough time. I typically end maneuvers with three seconds left. Between each maneuver, take a second to refocus on the screen. Have your finger ready to grab the disk. Breathe evenly. Most of the difficulty comes from your own nerves.

Finally, a tip I stole from @pepperuppuffskeins : If you miss a maneuver, as soon as you realize that you missed it exit completely out of the app and reload. You should get a chance to repeat the maneuver. Note that doing this can sometimes confuse your game, so after leaving the event, reload your game again to prevent any glitches during classes.

I hope this helps some of you!

Your Event Planner - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

With event management, design, and consultation as Eventistry's specialty, prospective clients often ask "Why should I hire a planner?" Well just like I tend to answer every 'why' question, I ask "why not?" There is tremendous work behind executing a successful event; so for example, let's discuss weddings here. Every engaged couple anticipates their wedding day and the celebrations accompanied with the ceremony. Then you ask how they feel about the planning process and the responses vary greatly. Let's discuss why...and why not.

The Good

  • Your  event/wedding planner is your wing man. Imagine having a personal assistant to be there for you for whatever you need. You'll never miss a payment deadline. Your vendors, bridesmaids, and groomsmen will be informed of everything they need. You won't fight every other week because the cake is going to be strawberry flavored. We'll step in when that one cousin gets out of control in the middle of dinner. We got your back!  
  • We're businessmen, lawyers, and overprotective mothers: There are countless things to attend to in the planning process and day of. Be sure your wedding planner reviews your contracts and ensures you're getting what you've been told, what you're paying for, and the quality you expect. If your flowers arrive on site, are they fresh? Did your vendor promise you extra time during your meeting? Is it in that contract you just signed? Your planner shouldn't hesitate to do whatever it takes to make YOU happy. 
  • Vendor Ambassadors: Vendors have relationships with planners. They want to establish and maintain a relationship in hopes of receiving future jobs through the planner. You can expect quality work when referred to a vendor through your planner and more than likely exclusive discounted pricing.
  • Tips and Tricks: This is our profession and yes, we know the tips and tricks of the industry. Expect your planner to make everything easier and how you prefer whether it be unique, cultured, or just custom to your theme. What's the traditional wedding procession? How do you negotiate with a vendor? Oh, yeah, we know. 
  • We handle the little things you didn't think of doing - or wanting to: In your contract with your catering company, you're given 210 napkins, guess who is staying after your wedding ensuring that 210 napkins are returned so you're not charged for missing items? If you guessed your wedding planner, you're right. The little things that we reviewed in your contracts, we take care of everything and on the day of your wedding, the least thing you want to do is care for any of that.
  • We're all about YOU: So you've been pinning your wedding since 2012 and you already downloaded and printed all the wedding timelines and task lists, right? Those aren't custom to YOU and won't be running around on your wedding day to ensure all is perfect! Sometimes those worksheets end up more confusing and messy, too. An event planner has your timeline, your agenda, and your entire wedding down to a science - expect the most personalized service, after all it is YOUR day. 

The Bad

  • Costs. If it's somebody's profession, it's somebody's expense. Check the average costs of wedding planners in your area and schedule consultations to find the best company for you.
  • Personality. You don't want to get stuck in a contract with a planner who just doesn't get 'it' or get you. If you're hiring a planner to completely plan your wedding, you want to be sure you they understand your personality preferences. Your planner should be well-rounded because they're also working with your vendors, family and friends.
  • Consistent Communication. This is something you'll want, unless you just want to show up the day of and be surprised.Your wedding planner will need you for approval on the details or need you to be present to sign the vendor contracts. 
  • You enjoy the mayhem. So if you're that person who wants to be fully invested in the process, the wedding planner might seem as an interference to you. A sense of detachment could evolve because you're only as present as needed. However, you should communicate to your planner how involved you want to be - or what parts you want to completely address.

Naturally, we're a little biased here but the benefits outweigh the risks. Unless you enjoy being 100% involved of the process - including the stress - or are planning a very private ceremony, you might reconsider hiring a planner. 

Your wedding day isn't one you want to risk leaving it up to chance or the "it'll be better next time." Hire a professional; let us do our thing!

The Ugly

This source can not be found. Unless your DIY project off Pinterest ends up as a fail, consider this just the fun part of a catchy article title. 

We hope this helps you with not only proceeding with an event planner - but the RIGHT one. Make your masterpiece flawlessly yours.

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Hello! I’ve been playing Ikémen Sengoku for a week now. This might sound cruel but is there a way delete people from your friends list. For the new event your friends help add to your glamour points and I made the mistake of adding a friend that isn’t an active player.

Unfortunately, not with events. When you take on event friends, they and you are committing to being good event partners and supporting each other in the event.

However, some people, for whatever reason quit playing either VERY early on or once they finish the event.

Don’t stop playing the event! Do it for your event friends who might not be finished!

Also, every time you complete an ending, you can take on two new mates and there is NO CAP.