I’m watching S3E01 of the OG SKAM and these are my thoughts. Note: I saw wtfock first so that’s why I sometimes make comparisons. !! Don’t spoil anything for me in dm for example, thank you.

  • 15 seconds in and Chris is already iconic
  • okay Eva, damn girl
  • ahh the guys of wtfock were also sitting in the bathtub! I loved that
  • oh wow the girl that enters the bathroom with the short hair damn
  • ew isak being mean to her and then complimenting her
  • oh wow now they're kisssing lmao okay so Emma = Noor I get it
  • oh no Isak leaving the stash in the vase
  • so emma saves his ass like noor did but we don't get no scene after? lame
  • oh he already lives at noora's
  • oh right noora's in london, i forgot?? hope she comes back tho
  • ahaa there he iiiiiiiis, Even!!
  • sana has the stash, iconic
  • sana and yasmina are so different
  • even's and isak's first convo is weird af hahaha
  • this love triangle haha emma, even and isak

Okay so I liked this episode! Love how wtfock did it tho, they really built up suspense for us meeting Sander!!