“The woman code”

So I was reading this book ^^ and it had a brief section explaining how your energy levels thoughout the month reflect the seasons. Listen...y’all this has changed my LIFE! Track it, try it and thank me later.

Phase 1 - Spring - Blossoming and Blooming 

  • Week after your period 
  • You feel revitalized and full of energy.
  • You want to be social and think “What can I create, start, or do?”
  • Great time to start a new kickass workout class or take a risk.

Phase 2 - Summer - Connecting

  • Ovulation (about 4 days of your cycle)
  • Hello sexual tension!!!
  • You feel like if someone doesn’t pick up the phone you’re gonna scream
  • All about expression and giving. Like all the fruits and veggies of your life are in season.
  • Great time to have important conversations, date, and go beast mode with all that tension

Phase 3 - Fall/Autum - Harvest and Store 

  • About a week and a half out of your month
  • It’s a time to celebrate all the hard work you’ve put in and all you’ve achieved. 
  • Start becoming more inwardly focused, notice you’ll start nesting and cleaning/organizing your home and your life around this time. 
  • You feel less committed to seemingly everything.
  • CRAVINGS! Both for food and for closeness of loved ones
  • Fantastic time for lighter commitments and fitness, not feeling guilty for not returning calls, and heartier food. Your body can handle a little more calories of comfort food in preparation for your period.

Phase 4 - Winter - LADY TIME

  • The week of your period
  • Do nothing, and enjoy it!
  • Just like in actual winter, hibernation is an important part of the ebb and flow of your monthly energy. Relish in the rest. Do only what you need to do.
  • Awesome time to get in tune with your gut feelings and intuition. Lots of heavy thinking and planning for what you can do next month. 

 I’ve used this to help better plan out my life around my natural energy flows. I avoid the scale in phase 3 and 4. I shop in phase 1 and 2. I clean and sort in phase 3. I reach out to my network in phase 1 and 2. It all helps me have control in my life. I hope it helps you guys! 

Monthly reblog 

anyone know what would cost less to run for hours on end, a space heater or a dehumidifier? Apparently the roommates run the space heater on for like half the day because if they don't their room gets too wet and then moldy. We did have to have maintenance come in and fix their ceiling about the mold and such and they recommended to open the window to solve the mold problem but the roomies said that didn't help. So now they run the heater to dry out the room. I rather not pay fucking $200+ if I'm not the one causing the fucking problem so any ideas on how to keep a room dry for cheap?

tip for energy workers!

sense someones energy before you talk to them! this will give you an idea as to where they stand and what u might expect in terms of response. for example, if someones energy is more fiery than usual, then that might not be the best time to talk to them.

this is exceptionally helpful for when youre talking online and can’t pick up on body language!