I believe in a world where financial freedom is not only a distant dream but a right.

I believe in a world where each person is allowed the security and support of honoring their true calling by combining their passion with valuable contribution to society.

I believe in a world where women all over step into their divine femininity, higher intuition and nurturing gifts through diverse business endeavours that further uplift others.

I believe in creating change by practicing what you preach and each day taking another step towards embodying the person you’ve always wanted to be, and achieving the life you’ve always wanted.

I believe in growth, in infinite personal and professional growth, and that as humans we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. The only limit is the one you create in your mind. As within, as outside.

I believe in a better world. I believe in more, and I don’t care if others don’t. Other people not seeing their own light doesn’t detract from me seeing mine, or me seeing theirs. I believe, and I will continue to believe, because change is created by people who never give up hoping.

15 Empowering Quotes From Strong Women To Inspire You in 2015!

Here is to the New Year and continuing to show the world just how powerful you are! Post, share, and enjoy these 15 empowering quotes from empowering women!