Honestly he had been doing this much longer than normal, but a part of him didn't want them to leave. 

Flynn: Yeah! I think Emil would love it too. 

He looked at the little dragon, who had seemed to happily follow them for a change. While they are off, River lays back on the couch, holding a hand over his forehead. Why had he confused that kid for Rylan? It felt so real, like the dreams he often had. He sighed, shaking his head. He needed a rest, he truly needed it. This was getting out of hand. He decided mentally that he should talk with Chris and Hayle about this. He needed a true rest or he was going to lose himself at some point. Closing his eyes, he felt himself slowly drift off again. Emil looks at Flynn and the others and growls lowly, hiding inside the pocket again. They had been helpful, nothing more. A small thanks for them giving Emil food and keeping them healthy.

Meadow: And here I was sure you were a merman.

She giggles shaking her head

Meadow: And it's okay if you're just a spellcaster Flynn. I'm just a spellcaster too, and you're the most powerful spellcaster I know! And you do have a dragon parent, so you're part dragon too, even if you don't have horns, or scales.

She chuckles and smiles at Lucas.

Meadow: So, not a supernatural. Just a normal, regular, 'boring', human celebrity? Lucas: Yeah, normal boring human, is that bad? And it seems they do not seem to agree.

He chuckles at the little at the dragon hiding inside the pocket, he had seen familiars a couple of times before, but this one seemed a little grumpier than the others he had seen. Also when he thought about it, it was the first dragon.

Lucas: Either way, since I am not allowed to sing band an official songs, I'll just do a cover 

He grabs a guitar and sits on one of the speakers, starting to sing a song he knew by heart. Flynn smiles at his aunt, he knew it was a bit silly, but part of him wished he had horns, and scales.. then again, it might be just as well he didn't have it, as it would make him look more like his dad, which he knew would affect his dad, as Lucas starts to play though, he simply sits down to listen, still not sure he isn't a merman of some sort. Fannar sits down next to Meadow.

Fannar: You know.. this is almost like school. 

She wraps her arms over Flynn and Fannar's shoulder.

Meadow: So, Lucas, so we're all special. Is it true? Are you a mermaid in disguise? Lucas: We'll be back.. in a bit.

Part of him wanted to stay, but his attention was taken by Meadow and her comment, which had him laugh as they started the tour, leaving River to get some rest.

Lucas: Do I look like a mermaid? I mean...But no, in all honestly no mermaid, I'll let you throw me in water to prove it too. Flynn: Oh no, that does not work. My grandad is a merman.. of sorts, and he can control his form. So....

He chuckles, nudging his aunt's sides.

Lucas: Really? Dam, here I thought I had the fool proof plan!

He laughed again, which had a couple of people working there turn their head and lift an eyebrow. 

Lucas: But no, sorry, no mermaid. Fannar: Aww, and here I thought I'd ask you to show me your tail and I could show you mine!

He chuckled, and the perplex look he got from Lucas. 

Fannar: Oh, I have my dad's form, who he inherited from my grandad, the mentioned merman. So dragon, but so far no wings. Flynn: Just spell caster here, no dragon, which is cheating considering I could have been.

He was a little miffed with that, but no horns, no scales, nothing.

Lucas: You really are a bunch aren't you. 

He chuckles, showing them some of the other places, like the sound room, mixing room, the light people, the stage.

Lucas: How about a song, before we head back to your dad.

He got smacked over the back of the head, and made a tired laugh. The bad humor was helping him lighten up his embarrassing earlier confusion.

River: And I do need a rest. Thank you. Fannar: I do not have a fanclub Uncle!

They knew they did, but he refused to acknowledge it. He hated it with a passion, it felt so odd when they all walked after him in a break at school. 

Flynn: Yeah, you do.. they follow you around.. it used to be you and Lucas shared the fans, now they only have you. 

He chuckles, getting a glare from his brother. 

Lucas: So wait... your not brothers.. or twins? 

He looked at the two boys. They were known as the twins in school, he remembered that much, but one had called River dad, the other uncle.

Lucas: I mean.. everyone in school said you were twins? Fannar: Oh eh... yeah, now that is a long long story.

He looked over at Flynn who looked back at him, both of them smiling. 

Fannar: Lets just say I decided before he was born we were twins, and that's how it was. 

He looked at Meadow. 

Fannar: Little sister, and coolest aunt you mean Uncle River, right?

Lucas shows them to his room, much like he had said, it had everything, a changing room, clothing for quick changes, and food and drinks enough for a small town. 

Lucas: Just make yourself comfortable, while we go have a look around. River: Coolest Aunt. We all know who the coolest UNCLE is! 

He looks around the room and nods, getting several eye rolls and sighs at his own comment from the kids. 

River: Thank you…

He walked into the room and sat on the couch, with a deep sigh. He tiredly wondered why that sense of familiarity remained. Like, something felt right, like he was where he was supposed to be. His eyes fell on Lucas again, as if he was being drawn to him which was wrong in every level of his being. Stop, River, the kid is as old as your little sister! Stop! He mentally scolded himself.

Anonymous asked:

For the songs: "The Traitor" by Sea Wolf?

Veils/Candles, Veils/Emil

Did you. Expect something else.


Sometimes, you wake up to the weight of someone in your arms. You sigh, leaning down to nuzzle Candles’ neck.

Your muzzle meets only skin, sweaty and human. You recoil and Emil blinks up at you with dark eyes. He’s barely awake, confusion clear on his features. You wish he would look at you with disgust just once. You wish he would dream more often of wrapping his hands around your neck.

Sometimes, you realize you know nothing about Emil. Looking down at him in your arms, you know nothing of why he came to the Neath, of who he is. Everything you know of him is not his to begin with. 

(Does he even know himself?)

Sometimes, you feel too naked in your own skin. You hate how Emil looks at you, like you're human, like you didn’t kill Him. You remove yourself from the bed, letting the shadows of the room embrace you as you find more layers to cover yourself.

Emil rolls over and falls back asleep.