Madam Satan  (1930)

Theodore Kosloff as “the Spirit of Electricity” in Cecil B. DeMille’s 1930 film “Madame Satan”.

Who wants to go to hell with Madam Satan?” A stale society marriage is jolted when a wronged wife realizes love is “a battery that needs to be recharged every day.” During a mascarade over Manhattan, Reginald Denny and Kay Johnson attend a wild costume party on board an art deco airship.

It’s officially that time of year again.

And no, that is not exactly a good thing for me.

I’ve always had this “issue” where my body, for some reason, generates it’s own abnormally high electrical charge. Most of the year, it’s not much of an issue. Everything seems to discharge, mostly unnoticed, progressively during the day.

But this time of year, the winter, when the weather gets colder and drier and the heaters make the air much drier than it really ever needs to be.

When the humidity drops to such a low level this annoying electricity building up within in has no easy way to dispel itself into the air. So, it ends up causing a very large spark whenever I touch almost anything!

It tends to be bright, loud, and sometimes quite painful for me. It’s also not a good thing when part of your job includes working with electronics. Luckily, nothing truly unfortunate has happened in that regard. Yet.