after reblogging that last post I had to look it up cos it got me curious and yeah corypheus does have less health than the ogre alpha which isn't even the main boss of the descent asjdfjfkldls

I get it, its probably cos this is dlc meant for people who'd already finished the base game but thats still so funny. ogre alpha could snap corypheus like a twig.


I want to give the Dragon Age fandom a reminder from an ace person that Cole getting a girlfriend don't make him less ace. It's kind of offensive to say ace people in relationships are no longer valid. It's called the ace spectrum for a reason. I'm getting really sick of seeing people act like Cole getting a girlfriend makes him less ace because that's just not how it works.

Inner Circle reacts to artist!Inquisitor giving them a drawing of them

Based off of this post I made

Blackwall: Will be a little surprised, and very touched. Will literally cherish it forever, and while the loft in the barn isn't the best place for it, he does his best to preserve it.

Cassandra: Actually caught just a little bit off guard, and doesn't quite know how to react. Incredibly flattered even if she doesn't quite show it. She'll have a stronger reaction if she's romanced.

Cole: If he has become more human, he'll like it, but he won't understand why you chose him. He'll be a little freaked out if he hasn't, since he likes to be forgotten.

Cullen: Really, really flustered if he's not romanced, and it's even worse if it's after the ball. Far less flustered if romanced and incredibly flattered.

Dorian: On the outside he seems to take it with his normal bravado, and tells them something along the lines of them choosing a great subject. On the inside he's like a pile of mush.

The Iron Bull: It makes him super happy, but it's not super obvious how mushy it makes him. Shows off the drawing to at least Krem.

Josephine: Thinks it's the sweetest thing. Jokingly asks if they can give lessons to Yvette. Immediately frames it and puts it on her desk.

Leliana: She knew about their talents, and had even seen it, but seeing the drawing of her was something else. It takes a lot to surprise her, but they succeeded. She doesn't really show it though. Wants to know how they drew it without her noticing.

Sera: Has the most visible reaction. Practically tackles them when they give it to her. When she calms down, she sheepishly asks if they could give her lessons.

Solas: After all of the depictions of Fen'Harel (God I hope I spelled that right) the drawing gets to him more than he would admit. Leaves it behind when he leaves.

Varric: Quite surprised. He's not usually the person to be the subject of art. Asks if they'd like to draw the cover for his next book.

Vivienne: She has multiple portraits of herself, but the personalness of the sketch makes it all the better. Asks if they're any good at painting. Has several high paying nobles in mind.